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/ Fandom / Spider-Man
672.7k Views 20714 Favorites 364 Chapters 6 Chapters/Week 1753 Readers 9 Reviews 860.3k Words Jul 1, 2022 Malisson
What if Peter Parker was infected with a symbiote the same day he was bitten by the spider?
What if, tired of the bullies, Peter embraced his darker side and became Venom and not Spider-man.... more>>
67.5k Views 3359 Favorites 39 Chapters 9 Chapters/Week 607 Readers 1 Reviews 119.7k Words 10 hours ago Bokuboy
What would happen if you woke up in the body of someone else? What would you do? What if you had powers? What if all you had to work with were your own memories to get through a life you can't remember?... more>>
57.5k Views 1225 Favorites 31 Chapters 1 Chapters/Week 423 Readers 0 Reviews 36.7k Words Jun 10, 2022 caracco
A Pokémon fan dies and got reincarnated without his memories in the MCU as a humanoid Mew.
follow his journey as he falls in love and wreck chaos.... more>>
40.8k Views 783 Favorites 24 Chapters 0 Chapters/Week 308 Readers 1 Reviews 63.2k Words Feb 22, 2022 Bobisekaibulshitto
I wanted my CHA attribute to be my main stat, but to do so I must turn all three of my physical attribute into a dump stats to max it. ... more>>
9.3k Views 117 Favorites 18 Chapters 0 Chapters/Week 86 Readers 1 Reviews 21.9k Words Mar 26, 2021 Liampark
A dying Otto Octavius aka Dr Octopus, swapped bodies with Peter Parker aka Spider-Man, leaving Peter's mind to die with Octavius' body. ... more>>
172 Views 0 Favorites 1 Chapters 0 Chapters/Week 2 Readers 0 Reviews 1.3k Words Jan 21, 2020 iAmApiano
Desperate to find answers surrounding the vague account of his sister's death, Simon Stacy breaks into the local police station.
140 Views 0 Favorites 2 Chapters 1 Chapters/Week 5 Readers 0 Reviews 4.2k Words 15 hours ago Liampark
These are the events after One More Day, where Spider-Man aka Peter Parker, together with Mary Jane made a deal with Mephisto to save Aunt May's life, all at the expense of their marriage! The effects of this would be that everyone would have forgotten Spider-man's secret identity too... more>>