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Rising Author
Dec 23, 2018

Rising Author
Joined: Dec 23, 2018
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I'm your local magical girl of love and justice~

AliceShiki · Author · Apr 16, 2021

On some good news, after months without writing anything, I was able to get back to writing yesterday because I was on a forced break on work because my boss had some ad problems.

On some better news, my boss fixed his ad problems, which means I can get back to work and earning money to pay my bills.

On some bad news, I now have less time to write, even though it took me 2 weeks to defeat my procrastination and get back to writing while I was in a forced break... >.>

AliceShiki · Author · Apr 16, 2021

So uhn... Yeah... My writing prospects aren't looking that great right now... I'm still working on a new series though! It will be released... Someday!

(if anyone is curious, it has 15 chapters written, though I'm rewriting it rn because I changed the premise twice midway through those 15 chapters... It currently has 3 chapters rewritten, and I plan to actually release it once I have rewritten all 15.
... Hopefully this happens some time this year.)

GonZ555 · Apr 16, 2021

*pat pat*

Ophious · Apr 16, 2021

Good luck~

GonZ555 · Nov 3, 2020

Aww... the max is 100...clear.png

*pokes @tony repeatedly*

Yairy · Jun 10, 2020

Have you read Zero no Maria?

AliceShiki · Author · Jun 23, 2020

I haven't! >.<

It's on my list of stuff I should read eventually though... >.>

Ah, sorry for taking this long to reply, I don't log-in to the main site too often... >.>

Yairy · Jun 23, 2020

I figured as much!

You did a [Game of Idleness] - Kingdom Royale mafia game and never read Zero no Maria? That's hilarious. It's a wild series if you decide to read it. clear.png

AliceShiki · Author · Jun 24, 2020

Well, Kingdom Royale was based on volumes 3 and 4 of Zero no Maria, but the creators of the game are DCLXVI and A5G_Reaper... So... I didn't need to read it because they read it and made the game first! xD

I should read it one day, just uhn... Well, the list of stuff I should read is big! >.<

Das · Feb 12, 2020


AliceShiki · Author · Feb 13, 2020


BB_Tensei · Dec 19, 2019

So I heard you migrated here. clear.png

AliceShiki · Author · Dec 19, 2019

More or less, I didn't abandon NUF, but I'm trying to use Scribbly to work, so I'm being a bit more active here.

I'll be back to NUF once I get reliable in organizing my work schedule... Until then, I'll have to stay away from it.

BB_Tensei · Dec 20, 2019

We're kinda migrating the RPs to another place right now, btw. Discord roleplays, but a slower format.

AliceShiki · Author · Dec 20, 2019

Well, I haven't RPed in a while... And discord RP is not my thing, I like forum format... >.>

BB_Tensei · Dec 20, 2019

Ok, cool. :D

AliceShiki · Author · Feb 14, 2019

I'm the member #100, yanno? You're kinda late on that~

Hopetoread · Feb 14, 2019

Yes, but it is never too late to welcome someone.

Enigma · Jan 7, 2019

Currently no like limit on the forum~~~

AliceShiki · Author · Feb 14, 2019


Skullie · Jan 5, 2019


AliceShiki · Author · Feb 14, 2019


Skullie · Feb 20, 2019


iampsyx · Jan 5, 2019

Ah Liiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii *glomps*

AliceShiki · Author · Feb 14, 2019

*glomps back* Psyx-chan! You're alive!!!

Osamaru · Jan 2, 2019

Is that the one you've been working on?

AliceShiki · Author · Jan 2, 2019

Kinda, I was working on it, but I didn't like the way it was going, so I scrapped and started again... But like, I started again just now, so I'll be going with the flow~

Osamaru · Jan 2, 2019

\o\ Good luck!

BB_Tensei · Jan 2, 2019

The whole damn NUF is here, eh? :D Let's get along!

Exitiumm · Jan 2, 2019

*sips tea*

Lonelycity · Jan 2, 2019

Everyone joined as quickly as possible huh~~

Exitiumm · Jan 3, 2019

I'm still salty @Lonelycity

Lonelycity · Jan 3, 2019

About what ? XD
Ohh right !! Too bad you didn’t check back then XXD

Das · Jan 1, 2019


AliceShiki · Author · Jan 1, 2019


Exitiumm · Dec 27, 2018

I spot an Alice~

AliceShiki · Author · Jan 1, 2019

I spot an Exita-chan~

Ophious · Dec 27, 2018

*pushes you off cliff*

AliceShiki · Author · Jan 1, 2019

*holds your hand and falls together*
*throws a volcano below us*
*prepares to swim in lava*

Ophious · Jan 1, 2019


AliceShiki · Author · Jan 2, 2019

Don't underestimate me! xD

*falls into the laugh and laughs while Ophi-kun burns to death*
*casually swims around*

AhoDesuGa · Dec 25, 2018



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