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Well-Known Author
Jan 4, 2019

Well-Known Author
Joined: Jan 4, 2019
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They/them, forty-something, southeastern U.S.

I've been writing since I was a child and posting stories on various free fiction websites since 2007. Since 2013, I've been selling ebooks at Smashwords and Amazon; Smashwords pays its authors better than Amazon.


My other free stories can be found at:


TrismegistusShandy · Author · Feb 11, 2023

My new novel, "The Translator in Spite of Themself," is available in epub format from Smashwords and in epub, mobi, and pdf formats from

keywords: portal fantasy, first contact, refugees, diplomacy, gender bender, nonhuman protagonist 

TrismegistusShandy · Author · Feb 11, 2023

You can read an excerpt from the novel at my BigCloset blog:

TrismegistusShandy · Author · Feb 12, 2023

I just realized I messed up somehow with the release; I know I uploaded the files, but somehow they weren't there and I got an email from itch saying "your project has no files", and I uploaded them again.  Hopefully they'll stick this time.

JessicaRae · Jan 14, 2023

Thanks for the follow Tris!

TrismegistusShandy · Author · Jan 2, 2023

I have a story, "A Post-Scarcity Christmas", in the new ebook bundle "Santa's Secret Transfic Stash Vol. 3". There are 21 stories totaling over 180,000 words.

TrismegistusShandy · Author · Nov 4, 2022

My new 22k-word novella, "Smart House AI in Another World", is available now as epub and pdf from  It will appear on Scribblehub in a few months; I'm not sure when yet.

TrismegistusShandy · Author · Oct 1, 2022

I have a spooky new novelette, "A Girl, a House and a Secret", available in epub and pdf formats from You can buy it by itself, but you'd get more value for your money by buying it as part of the Secret Transfic Autumn Anthology ebook bundle.

TrismegistusShandy · Author · Oct 1, 2022

Chapters of "Misteleported," a science fiction novelette, have been scheduled on Tuesday evenings (EDT) from October 4 to November 8.  Chapters of "Wings" will continue to appear on Friday evenings.

Rellawing · Sep 19, 2022

Thanks for following, Trissy! <3 *hugs*

TrismegistusShandy · Author · Sep 14, 2022

I'm doing well now, but I had a health scare last week and it led me to push hard to get all the chapters scheduled.

Irlina · Sep 14, 2022

Good luck! Hope it is just a scare and doesn't become a real concern!

AlinaRin · Sep 15, 2022

Hope the scare remains in the past. Take care of yourself.

FriendlyPastoralist · Sep 15, 2022

glad you're okay!

TrismegistusShandy · Author · Sep 13, 2022

I've scheduled all the remaining chapters of "Wings" to appear weekly over the next year-plus.  The epilogue will appear on September 21, 2023.  So if anything happens to me before then, you can still finish reading.

gothicshark · Sep 13, 2022

What's wrong? you ok? 

Echimera · Sep 13, 2022

The lack of further elaboration or a reply has me worried. Please pull through whatever has you this concerned.

TrismegistusShandy · Author · Sep 4, 2022

I've scheduled chapters of "Wings" to appear on Friday evenings until Christmas.  By a fortunate coincidence, the chapter that takes place around Christmas will appear just before Christmas.  The chapters for the weeks of Christmas and New Year's Eve will appear on Thursdays to avoid landing on a holiday when people are busy with celebrations. 

TrismegistusShandy · Author · Jul 22, 2022

Chapters of "You Could Go Home Again" are scheduled on Monday evenings through early September.  My new novel "Wings" will start serializing tomorrow evening and continue posting weekly, at least until after "You Could Go Home Again" is finished; after that, I may increase the frequency of posting for "Wings" if I've gotten enough comments on it.

TrismegistusShandy · Author · Mar 13, 2022

I've scheduled more short stories to appear in "False Positives and Other Stories" through mid-April, and then chapters of "Nora and the Nomads" to appear from late April to mid-May.  Chapters will appear at midnight UTC on Tuesdays (8pm Eastern Daylight Time on Mondays).

CL · Mar 13, 2022

Thank you for the update. clear.png

TrismegistusShandy · Author · Jun 11, 2021

I just finished the second draft of Wings, the sequel to Pioneers, and I'm hoping to get feedback from beta readers before starting the third draft in about two months.  It's set in dkfenger's Trust Machines universe, but it should stand alone whether or not you've read any other Trust Machines stories, or even Pioneers.  It's 188,000 words.

Contact me via direct message if you're interested.

CL · Jun 13, 2021

Trust machines? I haven't found dkfenger on this website, but I do know who you are talking about. Would you be willing to provide us with a link to their stories? This way, if there are those who become interested, we all may have an opportunity to see what these trust machines are about before proceeding onto Wings. clear.png

TrismegistusShandy · Author · Jun 13, 2021

Sure.  dkfenger's Trust Machines stories can be found here:

and Trust Machines stories by various people  here:

But as I said, "Wings" should stand alone without reading other Trust Machines stories.  "Should" being the operative word; if you could read it before you read the others, it would help me figure out if it really stands alone as well as I think.

CL · Jun 14, 2021

Thank you and I will let you know. clear.png

TrismegistusShandy · Author · Jan 18, 2021

I have a short secondary-world fantasy story, "Armored," in a new trans fiction bundle on  The bundle is available for $5 and contains trans stories in various genres by twenty-five authors. "Armored" will eventually appear on Scribblehub, though I'm not sure when, so if you'd like to read it sooner rather than later, check out the bundle (and the many other good stories in it).

CL · Sep 19, 2020

Now following you too (also not in a creepy way).  clear.png

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    They/them, forty-something, southeastern U.S.

    I've been writing since I was a child and posting stories on various free fiction websites since 2007. Since 2013, I've been selling ebooks at Smashwords and Amazon; Smashwords pays its authors better than Amazon.


    My other free stories can be found at:


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