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Sep 20, 2022

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Well-Known Author
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Joined: Sep 20, 2022
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Pokemonking0924 · Mar 20, 2024

Hey I had just bought another book of Bonded Summoner off Amazon when I noticed the over art of book one is different from the one I originally got from Amazon. Is there any differences besides the covers?

Pokemonking0924 · Mar 20, 2024

Actually the cover art for the paperback books and the kindle unlimited versions of all the books are different. Any reason why?

jjbookerson · Author · Mar 22, 2024

I had originally made the Amazon covers with the anime style on the books, up to Book 4 before I created the new style which was more like a higher-budget anime style. Many people bought the original paperbacks, and so I continued up to Book 5 with the same style without switching them to the new one -- I hated the idea that someone would get a bookshelf with books that didn't match! 

jjbookerson · Author · Mar 22, 2024

After Book 5 though, I think I will in fact switch them out for the new style, as I think that's a good place to cut them off. Odds are, I will eventually make some kind of boxset for 1-5 with the new art, and in the future, 5-10. We'll see!

Pokemonking0924 · Mar 9, 2024

Now that Soul Knight book 1 has been Stubbed, what’s next?

jjbookerson · Author · Mar 9, 2024

haha, I got SK2 and BS6 in the works on patreon. Once I have enough of each for their benefits, I'll be posting alternating on SH (Approx 5 chapters of each). At 3 chapters/week, that'll be in about 2 weeks here. Small break. I'll be posting preorder for B1 soon for amazon.

Pokemonking0924 · Mar 9, 2024

Exciting to hear and looking forward to it. Enjoy your break.

Pokemonking0924 · Feb 24, 2024

What do you mean by stubbing both Bonded Summoner and Soul Knight?

Pokemonking0924 · Feb 24, 2024


jjbookerson · Author · Feb 24, 2024

Lol, hadn't seen this. 

It's a term Royalroad usually uses. But it just means to remove most of the chapters off of the platform, for release on Amazon -- often times, this means that the first few chapters are kept as a sort of teaser, along with a link to Amazon for the rest of the book. 

Amazon kindle unlimited requires exclusivity. I am shooting for a 3/12-3/14 release date or so, so I will need to remove the chapters from here aside from the last ~10% or so.

jjbookerson · Author · Feb 24, 2024

For Bonded Summoner 5, I chose to leave the last few chapters up, since I hadn't given much time for folks to read them after release. I also enabled readers to pick up the RR/Scribblehub version in my discord. For those that keep themselves up to date, this matters very little - as they will have already read the book for free. Like you!

Pokemonking0924 · Jan 1, 2024

Happy New Year clear.png

jjbookerson · Author · Jan 1, 2024

Thanks man! Happy new year to you too. 

Pokemonking0924 · Dec 25, 2023

Merry Christmas clear.pngclear.pngclear.png

jjbookerson · Author · Dec 25, 2023

Haha, thanks, Merry Christmas to you too.

IGLXenix · Sep 21, 2023

Hey, too soon, I'm not done catching up yet!!! I thought I'd have at least three more days before I'd run out of time reading the rest of the chapters of book four! I just finished reading chapter 19, and I was reading as fast as I could.

I don't want to drop this story... but I can't buy the book yet, and I'd have to start from scratch if I do since you've edited it, right? I'm sad now.
jjbookerson · Author · Sep 22, 2023

I should be able to provide you with the rr/scribblehub version if you come there, my friend.

Pokemonking0924 · May 13, 2023

Just bought book one off Amazon. Looking forward to seeing the differences between the book and this site. Not to mention the bonus chapters that aren’t online.

Pokemonking0924 · May 13, 2023

Although that might be hard since book 1 isn’t on this site anymore. clear.png

jjbookerson · Author · May 13, 2023

Haha, thanks for picking it up. There are a number of differences, even early on (You should have seen pretty drastic differences even in chapter 1! Prologue was hardly changed, though). But the bonuses are clear. If you come to my discord I can give you the old royalroad/scribblehub version on pdf for you to compare if you like. The discord link is on the series page.

jjbookerson · Author · Nov 15, 2022

300 readers! Thank you for reading, everyone. I hope you all enjoy the novel, and I appreciate all the feedback I've received.

Fheimeowshi · Sep 23, 2022

Can't wait for the next chapter! I'm liking the story so far. 

werewolf1987 · Sep 22, 2022

need 23234234 more chapters its cool and interesting so far thank you for the work you put in it :)

jjbookerson · Author · Sep 22, 2022

Thank you for the feedback! I hadn't gotten any comments on the story, so I wasn't sure how well it was being received. I will give an opportunity on Friday for people to get an extra chapter, if people give some feedback. I posted the story on here mainly for feedback on it, though also to see the popularity. I have the entirety of book 1, 110,000 words and 37 chapters completed, and 6000 words into book 2 written now.

werewolf1987 · Sep 22, 2022

well not sure how other view stuff but probably 30-40% of ppl here only stars stories up if they have 20-30++ chapters cuz sometimes even 100+ chapters stories goes hiatus sadly which is not many but yea happens once there is more chapters ppl gonna pick it up so dont worry about it and thank you again

jjbookerson · Author · Sep 21, 2022

Hi there. I know the story starts quite slow, but are you enjoying it so far?

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