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Sep 22, 2022

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Well-Known Author
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Joined: Sep 22, 2022
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Pokemonking0924 · Apr 19, 2024

You know I’ve been rewatching some Digimon episodes I haven’t seen in years recently. The episodes where the Digimon Emperor aka Ken was creating Kimeramon, I couldn’t help but think of Mad Rat.

Pokemonking0924 · Mar 21, 2024

Hey I have a few ideas and questions for you? 

1. For the Savage Horde (goblins) I was wondering what sort of non humanoid monsters that have in this faction? I imagine giant Boars for one and maybe wolves for goblin riders. 

2. For his dungeon invasion force maybe Mad Rat could create something for him to ride on. Maybe a Basic Chimera using a low ranking Pegasus.

Pokemonking0924 · Mar 21, 2024

3. Any plans on including a secret exit from Mad Rats Lab? Any evil or Mad scientist has a secret exit or getaway vehicle, just look at Dr Eggman from Sonic the Hedgehog. 

4. I was wondering if there where any other kinds of special events besides fighting tournaments for DMA players? Like maybe a time attack trial with the quickest time beating a dungeon gets better rewards at the end of the event or events made to help gather rare resources in dungeons made by the games creators. 
Radosh · Author · Mar 22, 2024

1. Those for sure. As for the others... I haven't gone into it too deeply.

2. Hard to implement due to AI (in theory). Maybe in higher levels I'll decide there'll be mounts, but don't count on it.

3. Didn't think about it. Maybe there could be one in the future.

4. There will be more but I haven't planned them yet. Don't mind if I steal your ideas. clear.png

Pokemonking0924 · Mar 22, 2024

Glad you answered my questions and liked my ideas, feel free to use them.

Pokemonking0924 · Jan 22, 2024

No update today?

Pokemonking0924 · Dec 31, 2023

Hello, I am here to wish you a happy New Year and give you a few ideas I hope you’ll consider. 

1. I know the Freezer in Mad Rats lab is optional now but to draw players into it maybe there could be a hidden path to the failed experiment area. 

2. If Mad Rat adds any more monsters to the freezer area maybe it could use an ice elemental from the Primordials. They could not be affected by the cold and you could say that they are the cause of it. 

Pokemonking0924 · Dec 24, 2023

Merry Christmas clear.pngclear.pngclear.png

Radosh · Author · Dec 24, 2023

Thanks clear.png Merry Christmas for you too! clear.pngclear.png

Pokemonking0924 · Nov 17, 2023

No update for Mad Rat’s Lab today? clear.png

Radosh · Author · Nov 18, 2023

I'm sorry but no. Stuff came up and I couldn't. But I'll tomorrow instead. clear.png

the_onez3 · Nov 14, 2023

are you, the noble Radish, and @probablyaturnip related?

Pokemonking0924 · Oct 22, 2023

When can we expect the first chapter of the new story you’re planning on writing ? clear.png

Radosh · Author · Oct 22, 2023

I'm on it, I already have a part. I take it that you want to be an alpha reader then? clear.png

Pokemonking0924 · Jun 14, 2023

 Hey I just wanted to add more details to one of my ideas I submitted in chapter 89. Let me know what you think.

The Cat beastkin and elf (I’m thinking a female demon like a succubus could also be used) hybrid could be Mad Rats mad scientist nurse assistant who heals him and his units during dungeon invasions. Could offer various support skills like healing magic.
X_termox · Aug 12, 2023

Cool idea. Maybe autor will use it but in diffrent chapter.

Readerofharemandsmut · Apr 14, 2023

Excuse me but did you get inspiration for this story from warhammer?cause the is guy reminds me a lot of throt the unclean from clan moulder, he’s a big ass skaven which are basically ratmen 

Radosh · Author · Apr 15, 2023

I know skaven and warhammer, but not that particular character. I got inspiration from the skaven when imagining the looks of the mc (mixed with D&D wererat), but that's all.

The whole create monsters by mixing units was a crazy idea I got when imagining a game where you can create dungeons, and level up the characters without any skill trees or classes. 

Readerofharemandsmut · Apr 15, 2023

Oh that’s cool

Readerofharemandsmut · Apr 15, 2023

Throt is also basically like this guy, he creates monsters and abominations in vats using different creatures.

Starlight_of_Life · Apr 3, 2023

Just asking, but whats your upload schedule? Honestly one of the most fun stories on this site.

Radosh · Author · Apr 3, 2023

It's below the description, but I upload a chapter each Monday and Friday.

Pokemonking0924 · Jan 9, 2023

Just out of curiosity did Mad Rat ever get the Mutation vat. I hope to see it in action at some point alongside the Fleshlings.

Radosh · Author · Jan 9, 2023

Not yet. I plan to, but always find something else I want to write first xd

aidan_lo · Feb 2, 2023

Considering it’s got a really low chance of success Iirc, it’s frankly not worth the gamble unless the mutations are like stupid strong and he gets the blueprint to make the mutated creature. Like if he tosses in a succubus, an imp, and a monster train all at once to get an imp with massive charm staff but also massive reproduction capabilities, which means that mc could theoretically use it as a body farm. 

Pokemonking0924 · Jan 7, 2023

Hey I had some thoughts about your story again and wanted to share them 

1. Siamese with one part werebeast could result in two headed animal form

2. Succubus used for innate skill for a new kidnapping unit, maybe use magic similar to mad rat 

3.Succubus and werebeast hybrid to make animal girls with ears and tails

Radosh · Author · Jan 7, 2023

Hey there. For the 1, it's a nice idea but I don't know if I'll use it. 2 is incredibly nasty, I also have an upgrade for the Kidnapper planned but is different. 3 is very good and funny but doesn't fit MC's dungeon. But for another dungeon... Hahaha.

aidan_lo · Feb 2, 2023

The third one could since a mad scientist is going to need multiple … unwilling and semi-useless employees to keep the place working. The lab assistant gets some coworkers! Specifically, these aren’t natural looking ears and tails - they’re clearly artificially stitched together horrendously. Well either that or they’re released, failed experiments. 

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