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Jun 6, 2019

Joined: Jun 6, 2019
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overfrenzy · Sep 5, 2019

Hey, getting kinda tired waiting for updates for so long and then having the novels deleted. Get your stuff together and I hope you'll continue without these issues sometime in the future

Mappleleaf · Aug 6, 2019

I've been reading you're novels
Monarch of Shadows
-I like about it is the Battle Part but it will gets boring if too much fighting part w/o romance imo. FCOL i was hoping kinda a Yandere part like mc meets a beautiful female lead(yandere w/ a twist)
Mob character
-i think the storyline of mc is more like he easily gets what he wants without a problems that makes the story more boring &plz put yandere stuffs.
I'll keep reading you're novel because I'm you're number one fan :)

Lycan · Aug 7, 2019

Well, I am currently giving a break to Monarch of shadows and in the Mob character, if you think that the mc got the things easily than you are going to mistaken as it will be really tough for the mc when the plot will start. By the way, mob character is not a fast paced story. So, you could find some chapters boring.

overfrenzy · Aug 5, 2019

Hey, is the new novel actually in the same universe as the old one? You know, the same name of the novel [The Immortal Cultivator], the same boy finds a ring, First High School, Liankou city. The only thing is that GOD007 apparently stole the guys novel and renamed himself to GX07 or maybe parallel universe Ren gets transmigrated to novels universe

overfrenzy · Jul 13, 2019

Then again maybe you can add ridiculous system's missions or requirements like Harold's sharp tongue from "My Death Flags Show No Sign of Ending" to add up to the misunderstandings. I personally adore two type of novels: novels with a lot of misunderstandings and transmigration into novels, games etc with some knowledge. (novels mentioned above, overlord, the legendary mechanic and night ranger), wish you all the best! (P.S had to split the post into two because of max of 500 characters -_-)

overfrenzy · Jul 13, 2019

Hey I'm hooked on to your new novel, found it by chance while trying to find similar novels to your last novel or "Novel's extra" and the like. It's quite satisfying read but maybe you can spice it up by adding more misunderstandings? It's always hilarious when something like that is in the story or at least the story has a character like Yoo Yeonha from "Novel's extra" who always misunderstands and creates funny theories or does something "helpful"

Lycan · Aug 6, 2019

Sure, just wait till the quest tab got unlocked and more characters will introduced later when the first arc will start. So, you should look forward to it.

Crusher · Jul 3, 2019

I hope you continue your series and avoid deleting it half way. I do love your story but I feel disappointed when you deleted it because i am anticipating the next chapter

Lycan · Jul 3, 2019

I am not deleting this series, you don't have to worry about it. Although the chapters should be little late. Thanks for reading.

Lycan · Jun 23, 2019

Hello guys, I am really sorry that I have deleted "Transmigration into a mob character".
I wanted to say sorry for all of those who were waiting for the next update.
I am really sorry. I have done this because I didn't feel my story was good. I noticed some plot holes and many chapters were rough and I had also missed various crucial points.
I will say sorry for the last time and I will promise to write a story better than ever. I will post my new series starting in July.

Frantel · Jun 26, 2019

You always delete your stories... Not good at all...

Tsuru · Jun 11, 2019

Interested in your series (didn't read yet) but should i expect a "cliche" go back to past 2nd life story ? Why the tragedy tag though ? (that stop me from reading it) Because in previous life MC lost a friend or lover ? I wonder if in this case the tag should be here or not...

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