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Oct 24, 2022

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Well-Known Author
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Joined: Oct 24, 2022
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lamymamasteponme · May 10, 2023

Wooo trending again on the front page :D MUST BE BECAUSE OF CUTE INFESTORS clear.pngclear.pngclear.png

MemeDarg · Apr 26, 2023

loving the rewrite :)

feels more like Athena is doing more stuff through her own power rather than a system or AI or something doing it for her (am on chap 4)

TheAthenaInstitute · Author · Apr 27, 2023

Thanks! Glad you enjoy!

MemeDarg · Apr 27, 2023

just got to the most recent chap, gonna leave it there for now, story is flowing WAY better than before, great work :)

travisswan86 · Apr 23, 2023

good job on the starcraft work. please don't just have only SC2 stuff, we need all of them from every reference available in the lore.

TheAthenaInstitute · Author · Apr 23, 2023

Thanks! I will include co-op commanders and maybe SC1 units in the future. 

travisswan86 · Apr 25, 2023

I am tempted to do the same with C&C. but first, got to check if there is anyone who beat me to the punch or not.

Wolfmaster · Apr 23, 2023

I'll be honest. I'm loving your StarCraft story rewrite. It's kinda making me wana write a fantasy story with a Warcraft system

Overdrive2800 · Feb 24, 2023

Why doesn't the imperium use robots and AI similar to how we use ROVs?

SorrowGrim · Mar 8, 2023

Maybe it's too expensive or it has a high chance of getting hack by the enemy force?clear.png

SorrowGrim · Mar 8, 2023

Btw author‐san what's the update schedule of the rewrite version?

ScubaBlackbelt · Mar 10, 2023

At the bottom of the novel description it says 

Upload Schedule: Monday, Wednesday, Friday

Click to expand...

shenshan · Jan 21, 2023

Loved your Starcraft work. Glad you are back.

BEETLESME · Dec 20, 2022

Hi, it's beetlesme, read all your work, love them, and the new one too, can I get your guidance even if it's little, thanks 

And can I get your discord sincei'm not very active here ... Thanks 
Overdrive2800 · Dec 16, 2022

Does the imperium and republic have dyson spheres? Are they are type 1 or type 2 civilization?clear.png

Overdrive2800 · Dec 11, 2022

I love your Storyclear.png

TheAthenaInstitute · Author · Dec 11, 2022

Thanks! I do my best

Overdrive2800 · Dec 11, 2022

Does the imperium and republic have dyson spheres?

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