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Oct 24, 2022

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Joined: Oct 24, 2022
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AstronautDancer · Jun 28, 2023

I’ve invested too much time, attention, and anticipation to this series for it to just cease to exist

jaws189 · Jun 28, 2023


travisswan86 · Jun 28, 2023

what is the cause for the delete? is it a hack?

YungSanguis · Jun 28, 2023

What happened to your SC wn?

coldpyr0 · Jun 28, 2023

What happened to the story and your Patr eon? 

LabradorSea · Jun 28, 2023

It's too odd. When the author wants to change the storyline at least the author provides information first about the rewrite. This is too sudden to delete the novel. if the writer is no longer interested in the story, why not just drop it like the other writers? why should it be deleted?

SorrowGrim · Jun 29, 2023

It's either a irl problem or someone hack the acc and deleted the series

Coda · Jun 28, 2023

I have to say im sad the starcraft novel is removed, i just had found it and it was exactly what i was looking for lately. Cool universe with interesting powers and systems. Hopefully it comes back at some point, but dont stop writing! Its rare to read something i enjoyed reading so much, and look forward to anything else you post. Hope your doing well 🙂

coldpyr0 · Jun 28, 2023

@YungSanguis Doubtful, unless a copyright strike also got their Royal Road comment history, all 350 to earn the associated badge. 

YungSanguis · Jun 28, 2023

@coldpyr0 Is their discord gone too? The link is saying it's either invalid or expired, if so it's probably either a hack or they just decided to stop writing possibly from stress, etc

SorrowGrim · Jun 29, 2023

Wait They? Is there other person who has access to our lovely author acc? clear.png

YungSanguis · Jun 29, 2023

@sorrowGrim Idk, maybe, but I meant they singular not plural · Jun 27, 2023

why delete the novel?

SorrowGrim · Jun 29, 2023

Asking the same question my guy

YourLocalChairCultist · Jun 9, 2023

Give us da new StarCraft chapter!!!clear.pngclear.pngclear.png

lamymamasteponme · May 10, 2023

Wooo trending again on the front page :D MUST BE BECAUSE OF CUTE INFESTORS clear.pngclear.pngclear.png

MemeDarg · Apr 26, 2023

loving the rewrite :)

feels more like Athena is doing more stuff through her own power rather than a system or AI or something doing it for her (am on chap 4)

TheAthenaInstitute · Author · Apr 27, 2023

Thanks! Glad you enjoy!

MemeDarg · Apr 27, 2023

just got to the most recent chap, gonna leave it there for now, story is flowing WAY better than before, great work :)

travisswan86 · Apr 23, 2023

good job on the starcraft work. please don't just have only SC2 stuff, we need all of them from every reference available in the lore.

TheAthenaInstitute · Author · Apr 23, 2023

Thanks! I will include co-op commanders and maybe SC1 units in the future. 

travisswan86 · Apr 25, 2023

I am tempted to do the same with C&C. but first, got to check if there is anyone who beat me to the punch or not.

Wolfmaster · Apr 23, 2023

I'll be honest. I'm loving your StarCraft story rewrite. It's kinda making me wana write a fantasy story with a Warcraft system

Overdrive2800 · Feb 24, 2023

Why doesn't the imperium use robots and AI similar to how we use ROVs?

SorrowGrim · Mar 8, 2023

Maybe it's too expensive or it has a high chance of getting hack by the enemy force?clear.png

SorrowGrim · Mar 8, 2023

Btw author‐san what's the update schedule of the rewrite version?

ScubaBlackbelt · Mar 10, 2023

At the bottom of the novel description it says 

Upload Schedule: Monday, Wednesday, Friday

Click to expand...

shenshan · Jan 21, 2023

Loved your Starcraft work. Glad you are back.

BEETLESME · Dec 20, 2022

Hi, it's beetlesme, read all your work, love them, and the new one too, can I get your guidance even if it's little, thanks 

And can I get your discord sincei'm not very active here ... Thanks 
Overdrive2800 · Dec 16, 2022

Does the imperium and republic have dyson spheres? Are they are type 1 or type 2 civilization?clear.png

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