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Jun 8, 2019

Joined: Jun 8, 2019
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CatMeme6 · Author · May 19, 2022

Good day to all my followers and I hope everyone is in good health.  I've put up a new story 'Desperate Pretense At Being Poor' with the first chapter available for reading.  There are about 92 chapters in total and I'll try to update with new chapters every alternate day or whenever I can.

CatMeme6 · Author · Feb 15, 2022

Hello everyone, the author of Dragon Flies and Phoenix Dances updated the story with eight more chapters and the first translated chapter is now available for reading on Foxa.  

PetiteFly · Jan 23, 2022

Hi! I registered because I found dragon flies phoenix dances but I can't access to it because it asks for a password... Can you please explain to me?clear.png


CatMeme6 · Author · Jan 24, 2022

Hi there!  Once you have registered click on Discord (at the top of the page) and search for the novel.  The password is shown there.  So sorry you couldn't access it but this is to protect our works from being stolen.  If you encounter any further problems please update me so that I know what is happening on the pages.

Fallenblossoms · Dec 31, 2021

Hi! Thank you for translating "Dragon Flies Phoenix Dances'" at the speed of light. Would you consider translating "In search of love" by the same author? 

CatMeme6 · Author · Jan 2, 2022

If I like the story, I might.  Let me take a look first and thanks for reading my translation.

CatMeme6 · Author · Jan 2, 2022

I checked and found that the story is currently being translated.  I'm sorry, I can't pick up the story at this time.  

CatMeme6 · Author · Oct 8, 2021

Good day to everyone!  I hope everyone is doing fine during these stressful times.  Just to let everyone know that I've picked up an old translation 'Dragon Flies Phoenix Dances'.  I have a few more chaps to go before the story is completed and as usual, the first chapter is posted here.  

CatMeme6 · Author · Apr 17, 2021

Hi everyone!  I have just posted the first chapter of Book 4  which is the last book of the series the Four Great Female Constables.  There are a total of 53 chapters.  

CatMeme6 · Author · Feb 27, 2021

Hello to everyone!  Just to inform you that Book 2 of the series the Four Great Female Constables has ended and the first chapter of Book 3 under the title 'The Unhappy Clingy Man' is already posted up for viewing.

CatMeme6 · Author · Jan 10, 2021

Hello to my followers!  Book 1 on the Four Great Female Constables had ended and the story will continue on Book 2.  The first chapter is already up for viewing, so take your time to enjoy the story.

CatMeme6 · Author · Nov 22, 2020

Hello to everyone!  I have published a new translation 'Wangye, this concubine is busy' and the first chapter is on SH while the rest is on Foxa.  This is the first book in the series 'The Four Female Constables' which consist of four books.  I am currently translating the third book but I will be slowly posting the chapters to buy me some time to finish the fourth book.  My apologies, my performance is bad when I am pressured for updates.  clear.png

en_en · Oct 30, 2020

Hi! I haven't been to SH for a while, so didn't see your updates. 

But I just finished don't be unruly a week ago and didn't realise it was translated by you! 

Thank you so much for the translation, it was great as always! 

And now that I see there is another completed novel too, will read it soon! 

Hope all is well with you! And thanks again!! ❤️

CatMeme6 · Author · Nov 4, 2020

Hi En En, nice to hear from you, and thanks for your appreciation.  It's never too late to read since the translations are always there.

Best wishes to you, stay safe and stay healthy!

Tuli · Jul 9, 2020

Hi CatMeme6 

I really thank you for your Translation.If it's in your convenience, please translate the novel "Addicted to boundlessly pamper you".The translator seems like dropped the translation.I would be very glad if you do it?.Looking forward to your next translation.

Have a good day.

CatMeme6 · Author · Jul 11, 2020

You're welcome and thank you.  I will take a look at it later and decide.  

CatMeme6 · Author · Jun 30, 2020

Hi everyone, I've posted the first chapter of 'Hey. don't be unruly' on Foxaholic.  I will update as I edit the story.  There are a total of 65 chapters.

Lovestoread · Jun 20, 2020

Hi Catmeme6,

Just finish reading Futile Calculation, thank you for the translation, one of the best stories I have been enjoying so far. Thanks much and look forward to your next work ?

CatMeme6 · Author · Jun 21, 2020

You're welcome.  Glad you enjoyed it as much as I did in translating it.clear.png

CatMeme6 · Author · May 4, 2020

For my followers and readers who are reading my translation in Foxaholic, please take note that I will be managing all comments here in SH.  If you have any questions to ask me, please send it to me in SH and if I don't reply, it doesn't mean you are not important.  It only means I have overlooked or missed it, so please accept my apologies.  clear.png

usag1 · Apr 17, 2020

Hi Catmeme, really happy to find your over here as it has been a while that you translate anything, love your translation and your choose of novel are my cup of tea... I was so sad when I could not access your translation in wattpad as your account has been inactive and even I tried to contact you clear.pngclear.png .. I am one of your follower ... 

but lucky I came a cross your over here...thank you

CatMeme6 · Author · Apr 17, 2020

Hi there, very happy to hear from you!  Sorry to have suddenly disappeared.  I miss all my followers and the lively chats in WP but anyway, SH is now my base.  As long as SH doesn't close my account, my translations will remain here for you.   

usag1 · Apr 17, 2020

Please stay healthy and safe during this chaotic time... and take care...

Really happy to know that you are well and have a new project... Jiayou clear.pngclear.pngclear.png

ps: reread the union of enemy and being honest I prefer your translation compare to  trungtnguyen123.. probably because he/she got the raw from vietnamese site..  anyways thank you

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