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Nov 29, 2022

Joined: Nov 29, 2022
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WeebWrites96 · Author · Mar 22, 2023

New Chapter for Born into Another World as a Fairy? will be released tomorrow. Sorry for the delay, got a series contracted at webnovel and I am wanting to insure this series is a quality read as well.

WeebWrites96 · Author · Mar 19, 2023

There will be another chapter update for Born into Another World as a Fairy? today I might post chapters as I finish editing them until I reach 10 and then I will start posting 1 chapter every 2 or 3 days.

WeebWrites96 · Author · Mar 19, 2023

I was informed that I can post my two series that I am looking to get contracted, here as well, if it does get contracted I can't post the locked chapters so I will post the first 20 chapters for The Witch and Her 7 Brides and the First 25 Chapters of The Fluffy Adventures of the Reincarnated Vampire. I will post the first 5 chapters each the first day and the 1 chapter a day until they reach their chapter goal I set.

Aiyoki · Mar 18, 2023

Fairies! I was thinking of writing a reborn as fairy story myself, but I've resolved to complete my current work first before I commit to writing anything else. clear.png

I'll stick around here and see what's up with Born into Another World as a Fairy. clear.png

WeebWrites96 · Author · Mar 18, 2023

Thank you for your support, I currently have 4 writing projects going including this one going so I understand.

WeebWrites96 · Author · Mar 18, 2023

Born into Another World as a Fairy? has a new chapter released. Reborn as the Void Hero edited is now live on the website. Please check out both.

WeebWrites96 · Author · Mar 18, 2023

One series is already live and another is uploaded please let me know which one you want to be a scribblehub exclusive and I will post a chapter update at least twice a week for the one you pick.

WeebWrites96 · Author · Mar 15, 2023

Had to delete series off of here, might be getting a exclusive contract offer for both  the Witch and Vampire series. Thank you all for your continued support. I will create and edit more chapters for reborn as a void hero and make it an exclusive to scribblehub soon

WeebWrites96 · Author · Feb 27, 2023

I will be going on a a hiatus for about 3 weeks, to deal with some personal matters and while I am away I will try to get some chapters pre-written for all 3 series when I have time. Thank you all for your continued support and see you soon.

WeebWrites96 · Author · Feb 27, 2023

My witching dream became a reality!!! will get a chapter update today it will just will be a little later in the day. I am wanting to finish editing the other chapters first. As for the side series the Hero of the void I am creating I see the poll results and I will due a few more chapters leading to them becoming adult age instead of doing a time skip.

WeebWrites96 · Author · Feb 26, 2023

Found a editing software so I am re-editing the series, I am starting with My Witching Dream and I am changing my writing just a little to make it more professional looking as well. I will make a announcement when I move onto The Vampire

WeebWrites96 · Author · Feb 23, 2023

Chapter 11 of witching dream will be uploaded Saturday at the latest, Adventures of the Reincarnated Vampire chapter 24 has been uploaded.

WeebWrites96 · Author · Feb 21, 2023

Reincarnated Vampire is  fully updated with its webnovel counterpart, and will be updated as it is written, and so will Witching Dream. I am thinking 2 chapters a week for both, and they will be released on the 1 chapter for each will be released on the same day as each other. Then a few days later 1 chapter of each will be released again. 

WeebWrites96 · Author · Feb 20, 2023

I added the newer characters to The Adventures of the Reincarnated Vampire glossary, and uploaded another pre-written chapter. My Witching Dream will have a chapter update by Tuesday at the latest. 

WeebWrites96 · Author · Feb 18, 2023

Taking a break for today will post a chapter updater for My Witching Dream tomorrow and I will post the last 2 chapters of the first arc for the adventures of the reincarnated vampire soon.

WeebWrites96 · Author · Feb 17, 2023

Running on three hours of sleep from yesterday to today, so no second chapter update the My Witching Dream Became a Reality. I want to make sure it is a good chapter and not thrown together in a sleepy rush.

WeebWrites96 · Author · Feb 17, 2023

Scam calls keep waking me up, I hate this time of year.

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