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Well-Known Author
Jan 5, 2019

Well-Known Author
Joined: Jan 5, 2019
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I don't say much.

JayDirex · Author · Jun 22, 2022

Hi, the next chapter of the Krieger sisters will be posted no later than Sunday this week. I finished the first scene I'm working on the second one. clear.png

JayDirex · Author · May 8, 2022

Hi, the Kriegers chapter 20 will be up sometime next week clear.png sorry for the delay. I had a really busy week clear.png clear.png

JayDirex · Author · Apr 2, 2022

Hi seriko clear.pngclear.png

JayDirex · Author · Mar 20, 2022

I'm writing a new story that I will post by April 1st, 2022. I hope you guys like All Girls High School action, Girls Love, plus Magic Battles and fighting (you know the stuff I write) clear.png


here's the link to the summary:

JayDirex · Author · Mar 19, 2022


JayDirex · Author · Jan 28, 2022

For those reading "They Feed At Night" hang in there. Chapter 37 will be up this weekend. clear.png Sorry for being late. 

Xeno_King · Jan 28, 2022

It's fine take ur timeclear.png

Novellover · Mar 17, 2021

Happy Belated welcome to Scribble hub!

Aaky · Dec 24, 2020

clear.png I've found you

JayDirex · Author · Dec 24, 2020


Kekw · Jul 27, 2020

i like turtles clear.png

Mia-Aim · Dec 3, 2020

To play with or to eat?

JayDirex · Author · Jul 10, 2020

you spell organized with an "s"

maybe you're a Canuck! 

Assurbanipal_II · Jul 10, 2020

clear.png Not a Canuck. European.

But it is true, I use s and write armour armour and valour valour.

Assurbanipal_II · Jul 10, 2020

clear.png I have to thank you. Thank you, for what you have done for me so far. I really think I improved, or rather I will improve through you as an author.

Critical voices like you are surprisingly rare on all sites, and feedback is scare.

Assurbanipal_II · Jul 10, 2020

clear.png You are kidding, right?

JayDirex · Author · Jul 10, 2020

I'm not kidding go read it. and that story is well over a year old. even though I put it on hiatus at chapter 12. I was changing job locations and I had a little bit of a hiccup in the plot that I wasn't sure how to proceed with.

JayDirex · Author · Jul 10, 2020

it just goes to show there's nothing new under the sun. all of us authors are anime fans and we mix and match things we. "von" is pretty common in stories of noble girls :)

Assurbanipal_II · Jul 10, 2020

Of course, it is. Japanese authors love their Germanic names and what is nobility without "of"?clear.png

Assurbanipal_II · Jul 10, 2020

Uhhhhh, you have a new avi. Like it.clear.pngEnjoy your lolipop.

JayDirex · Author · Jul 10, 2020

That's Sis ^_^  clear.pngclear.png 

illustrated by rei reverie

Assurbanipal_II · Jul 10, 2020

clear.png Sis looks sexually interested while Bro ... meh.

Assurbanipal_II · Jul 9, 2020

clear.png As said, from now I try to follow your school and declutter.

Assurbanipal_II · Jul 9, 2020

clear.png Anyway, I will try to follow your advice and break down further.

JayDirex · Author · Jul 9, 2020

clear.pngclear.png you'll be making a great story that much better. 

Assurbanipal_II · Jul 9, 2020

If you want to test out. I reformed the first chapter of If you desire peace, prepare for war.

Very short now. I tried to follow your advice when editing. clear.png

Assurbanipal_II · Jul 9, 2020

*killing adverbs*clear.pngSo many of them.

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