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Famous Author
Dec 4, 2022

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Famous Author
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Joined: Dec 4, 2022
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Arthur Von Inverse Magnus#1271 - Discord Contact

[email protected] - for any business inquires.

Aegis_Of_The_Void · Nov 20, 2023

Just caught up with Dual Class, thank you for that masterpiece clear.png I hope you aren't overworking yourself and get proper rest. Writing is taxing (at least to me) and a break is needed now and then. Good luck with future chapters and thank you in advance for future chapters. clear.png

Arthur_Inverse · Author · Nov 20, 2023

I appreciate the kind words! I'm doing my best to increase the chapters, I always feel bad not being able to release daily while working. And I just got to take a week long break so I should be recharged for a good while! clear.png Glad you like the series I hope it will only get better going into the future volumes!

DeadPhoenix · Oct 31, 2023

Hey, what happened to “Dual Class” on Royal Road? Just remembered that it hasn’t updated in a while and noticed it wasn’t there anymore.

Arthur_Inverse · Author · Oct 31, 2023

i was banned from RR theres an explanation about it on chapter 163 or something of Dual Class here

Hanne · Jul 5, 2023

wow new series, much love!  clear.png

MemeDarg · Jul 5, 2023

just got pinged about a 'new novel' but i don't see anything here, whats up with that?

Arthur_Inverse · Author · Jul 5, 2023

There should be a new novel. I had to reupload it because of a bad timing on launch on my part. So I think it's just being approved again.

Here's the direct link tho.

nvm apparently it got flagged for spam because of chapter dump, going to reupload it again later

CosmicDragonS · Jul 2, 2023

Your first in trending clear.pngclear.pngclear.pngclear.png

Arthur_Inverse · Author · May 24, 2023


KinAkira1996 · Apr 15, 2023

Thanks for reading my story!

Arthur_Inverse · Author · Apr 15, 2023

fuck you you arnt welcome i hope you have a fucking wonderful day damn it clear.png

KinAkira1996 · Apr 15, 2023


M.G.Driver · Apr 14, 2023


Arthur_Inverse · Author · Apr 14, 2023

I swear to Allah

Potatome · Mar 27, 2023


Arthur_Inverse · Author · Mar 27, 2023

My discord is in my profile.

Potatome · Mar 27, 2023

Hi, let be friends

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    Arthur Von Inverse Magnus#1271 - Discord Contact

    [email protected] - for any business inquires.

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