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Jun 17, 2019

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Joined: Jun 17, 2019
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Sfayte · Author · Apr 26, 2023

New chapter for Rebirth Online out now.

Sfayte · Author · Apr 27, 2023

I had made a post in discord explaining the absence.

Maddhawk · Apr 27, 2023

Oh, I'm not in discord lol.

Sfayte · Author · Apr 27, 2023

It's fine. If ot was a super important announcement, I would have made here too.

Maddhawk · May 18, 2023

IRL still giving you an ass kicking? Hope it relents soon and bows in submission.

Maddhawk · Apr 25, 2023

Everything alright? Or has life been conspiring to throw a wrench into your writing time/efforts?

Johnwolfie435 · Apr 9, 2023

Was just informed! A site called Definovel . com has STOLEN stories from Scribblehub!

Sfayte · Author · Apr 10, 2023

doesn't surprise me honestly. I found my novel on several other sites.

Johnwolfie435 · Apr 11, 2023

Well thats just depressing .  

Maddhawk · Apr 25, 2023

This is quite common. Positive thing is though, copyright laws are one of the most universal laws and accords adopted by all nations. By international treaty, simply by having written their stories, Sfayte has automatic copyright. Registration is only advised and encouraged in case you have to litigate to protect your works from others profiting from it.

Sfayte · Author · Apr 5, 2023

Got a new chapter out for everyone to enjoy.

Roonmahro · Apr 2, 2023

Welcome back!!! 

Did you try ChatGPT and GPT4 to write and rewrite the story? And how about using midjoreny V5 for characters? 

Sfayte · Author · Apr 2, 2023

No, I don't use those.

Sfayte · Author · Apr 1, 2023

New chapter 62 is out now. Enjoy!

Sfayte · Author · Mar 31, 2023

New chapter is out now. Sorry for the delay. Had a bit of writer's block on an early chapter and was trying to focus on getting that one finished.

Sfayte · Author · Mar 25, 2023

New chapter for Rebirth Online is out now.

PandaMan56 · Mar 17, 2023

Who are you and what have you done with our author? Some of us are used to waiting for your chapters and now this. Not saying that it isn't nice to see the chapters but man. I am now addicted again to this story. 

Sfayte · Author · Mar 17, 2023

Glad you are enjoying the chapters. I just felt like I needed to go onto a schedule to help motivate me actually getting them done. Plus, I have nothing but time now due to losing a job and then getting a part time job.

Sfayte · Author · Mar 17, 2023

Chapter 59 has been posted for everyone.

Sfayte · Author · Mar 17, 2023

Chapter 60 of rebirth online is available to my patreons. Chapter 58 is still scheduled for Friday.

Sfayte · Author · Mar 13, 2023

Chapter 57 of Rebirth Online is posted.

MrX · Oct 22, 2022

Here, have some 🤍🖤🤎💜💙💚💛🧡❤️ everyone needs them sometime ☺️

The_Autistic_Gamer · Oct 16, 2022

Are you still working on rebirth online? Because it has been awhile since the last post

Sfayte · Author · Oct 17, 2022

Yes I am I was in the middle of jobs and I've been trying to get to it.

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