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Well-Known Author
Jun 17, 2019

Well-Known Author
Joined: Jun 17, 2019
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Sfayte · Author · Jul 13, 2020

New chapter for Cursed Reincarnation is out!

Nimitz · Jul 12, 2020

I been wait and hoping, but give up. Staring on your new novel today.

Sfayte · Author · Jul 12, 2020

I'll be continuing my original novel. Especially now I am working from home and finally got settled in and close to breaking out of my writers block.

Sfayte · Author · Jul 9, 2020

New chapters of my new novel are out now.

Oswald · Jul 9, 2020

Will you release any new chapters of Cursed Reincarnation? It’s really good, and just thought that because you’re back, maybe new chapters will come?

Btw, your new novel is also really good. Keep it up!

Sfayte · Author · Jul 9, 2020

@Oswald yes I am working on that novel as well. Part way through the next chapter.

Gin0001 · Jun 28, 2020

I noticed that you haven't updated in in a while. What happened? Are you alright? Whatever problems you are experiencing, I wish you health and luck.

Gin0001 · Jun 30, 2020

Of the 17 characters that seemed to be part of the main cast and were around the Mc, only 3 or 4 gained enough development for me to have an idea of what they thought of the MC.

Gin0001 · Jun 30, 2020

Even if you update your story slowly, when I compare it to "Living as I please, As a loli Demon King" it is obvious that it is much more worked.

Gin0001 · Jun 30, 2020

Or maybe it was me who got really picky after reading so much Death Mage, Kuro no Maou, etc...

Sfayte · Author · Jun 30, 2020

I am glad you are enjoying it. I dont plan on any harems, one romantic interest. 

I may lack in the character development area, but like I said I am slowly improving my writing. 

Gin0001 · Jun 6, 2020

You didn't cancel the novel [Cursed Reincarnation], right?

Nimitz · Mar 28, 2020

Will there be any new chapters? 

Sfayte · Author · Apr 12, 2020

Yes been busy but have been working on chapters. Hoping to release soon.

Fimamen · Mar 3, 2020

When news chapter will show up?!clear.pngclear.pngTodqy,tomorrow

Sfayte · Author · Feb 4, 2020

New chapter has been posted guys! Please look forward to more coming soon!

Psytric · Feb 6, 2020


Nimitz · Jan 19, 2020

I'll be looking forward to moreclear.png

joary · Jan 11, 2020

come back please!

Sfayte · Author · Jan 12, 2020

I do apologize I was planning a mass release around Christmas or new years. Stuff happened and I wasn't able to post. Good news though, got a new laptop that has the sole purpose of writing novels.

DierBloodRose · Jan 10, 2020

Are you coming back??

Nimitz · Oct 19, 2019

Have you stop writing?

Sfayte · Author · Oct 23, 2019

No I have not I got busy with my day job unfortunately and it left me with little free time at the moment. I plan to continue here shortly.

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