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Jun 19, 2019

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Joined: Jun 19, 2019
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Avid reader, reluctant writer.

Pheonix099 · May 31, 2023

are you ever coming back to this platform? I've had to keep up to date on Royal Road but those prudes just make me tired love your work on both books.

22ratsydna · Oct 12, 2022

I think the nuclear option was the hiatus…. Well played. clear.png Have a cookie :)

Jampdarkness · Sep 29, 2022

Alguien sabe si seguirá con animecon?

Alontheus · Sep 21, 2022

I was a long time reader of your stuff on Lit. It was a shame what happened. As someone who "Scribbles" on occasion, I strongly dislike anyone who sabotages a writer.

Arkzenn · Aug 16, 2022

Will you post the rest of the AnimeCon chapters here after you're done with it?

Pheonix099 · Jul 19, 2022

Just noticed new updates on Re: and had to finish binge re reading it and all it confirms is that I'm an addict.

On a secondary note is there a chance on an update for AnimeCon Harem or is Re: taking all of your focus at the moment?

Thanks for being awesome.

TheSadisticVegan · Jan 12, 2022

I was wondering, is there was a place to buy AnimeCon Harem as a book?

SISUANA_4 · Dec 13, 2021

Re: made me cry 🙃that how it’s good 👍 I really hope we quickly and efficiently get rid of the druggie because I don’t want her to get into any more harm

SoNooneKnows55 · Nov 9, 2021

Hi! Love your work, is AnimeCon Harem still ongoing? One more, How does Kelly value Brian in comparison to Stephanie? I Imagine Stephanie loves them both the same considering her character. 

You write good stuff! I hope all is well in your personal life.

FortySixtyFour · Author · Nov 10, 2021

Yep, you can read 17 chapters ahead in the main story at the moment for $1 on Patreon + read 24 more chapters of sidestory shenanigans that are sprinkled throughout Saturday afternoon and Saturday night of the convention. Just make sure to unpledge before the first of December or you'll get charged another $1, lol.

marter · Nov 5, 2021

Great update!

Pheonix099 · Aug 1, 2021

Love both of your works just finished binge reading them hope to see more in the future.

shmie11 · Jul 25, 2021

Love the new cover art . Does this mean there will be new update soon?

Foxxy · Jun 1, 2021

A new update?!?!?! I will read it when I have some time later today...

FortySixtyFour · Author · Jun 1, 2021


Gidean · Nov 1, 2020

Is the Re:Trailertrash series still updating?

FortySixtyFour · Author · Nov 2, 2020

Yes, but it'll be a little while. Bunch of IRL crisis have me way behind.

Sabruness · Nov 7, 2020

I can wait for that. It's a real slow-burn feeling story. What i'm hoping for is more Animecon Harem. the cravings for more chaps are hard.

Help · Aug 23, 2020

How is the release date on AnimeCon Harem? Is it finished or...?

FortySixtyFour · Author · Aug 24, 2020

It's ongoing, I'll be posting the nine chapters of Part 8 here throughout September or you can read some forty chapters more on Patreon.

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