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Dec 31, 2022

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Well-Known Author
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Joined: Dec 31, 2022
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I build satellites for a living, and I love sci-fi to death.

I write A Black Market LitRPG

RugelynLovesColorBlack Jul 21, 2024

So.... did I just touch grass too hard to forgot about this 馃槶? Sorry if I was ever cringe. Let just say my choices of words is interesting...

WolvzUnion Jun 28, 2024

So, is it just going to be Patreon only now?

WolvzUnion May 25, 2024

what's going on with the series dawg?

Starsign May 10, 2024

Hey there, am an aspiring writer and i wanted to ask if it is a good thing if your writing feels chaotic, as if you don't know what's going to happen next in your own story? Or if there is too much to process for a reader?

M.G.Driver Author May 10, 2024

you mean my book's writing feels chaotic?

Starsign May 10, 2024

Nope, am asking if when you are writing have you ever felt that your writing is a bit chaotic?聽 And if you have, is it a good thing? Cause am currently struggling with that problem right now

M.G.Driver Author May 2, 2024

sorry about txt version delay, working on cleaning up some of the system messages thanks to input from my editors. Hopefully the text version's stats will be less intrusive.

the_onez3 May 2, 2024


M.G.Driver Author May 2, 2024

looking at my schedule, i think i can only implement text version changes on saturday sunday.

the_onez3 May 4, 2024

Don't push yourself, take ur time to make sure it's quality text :)

the_onez3 Jun 19, 2024

btw, I'm not insinuating that your writing's bad or anything, just to let you know

Karnax116 Apr 3, 2024

How soon until we get back to book 3 territory, and how much changed in the intro the would warrant me to re read? Just wondering if I'm going to be missing anything that's plot heavy later

M.G.Driver Author Apr 3, 2024

Chapter 61 onwards is completely new. Chapter 1-61 is the same.

Chapter 61-101 is completely brand new words, 160k words of new plot, new character, new additional miniarc, new engravings, new skills, new titles.

Chaoticmike Apr 21, 2024

When you mean new do you mean the old vision you had for the old version endings is going to be different? Or is the ending going to be the same but the process to get there is so different that it made you rewrite how the ending would look like?

M.G.Driver Author Apr 22, 2024

@Chaoticmike the ending is similar, but yes, the process in which Kyle gets to that ending is far more different and more practical/measured as well. I believe the selling point of Black Market is competent gang leadership - so I intend to make that the core aspect of every chapter that I write.

M.G.Driver Author Mar 31, 2024

All current chapters for Book 1 and Book 2 have been uploaded to Patreon, Book 1 is currently free to read on Patreon with updated tables.

M.G.Driver Author Feb 20, 2024

Been a long while since the last update, so here goes.

聽聽聽 Amazon Cover for book 1 has been completed.
聽聽聽 Two editing runs for book 1 have been completed.
聽聽聽 Book 2 Rewrite is 50% completed (currently approximately pegged to be about 300k words in total, which means about 120 chapters more than the original Versia Arc) (yes i've been writing in the dark)
聽聽聽 Sasha Character Sheet in progress (see in discord)
聽聽聽 Audiobook for book 1 in negotiations currently.

Haylock Mar 14, 2024

Feet pics when?

M.G.Driver Author Mar 14, 2024

@Haylock tmr i'll send them to you

the_onez3 Mar 16, 2024


Haylock Mar 27, 2024


M.G.Driver Author Feb 20, 2024

If you see this, All chapters from 168 - 177 is being uploaded intermittently over the next 24 hours.

Sorry for not uploading chapters, but it felt bad to upload something I knew I was going to rewrite. I do think it would be better to end off the old version with a proper ending. The previous chapter was the planned ending for book 3, but since book 2 will be rewritten, naturally, book 3 will be as well as per my previous update.

M.G.Driver Author Oct 16, 2023

Other things in the work:

1. Author Website

2. More art for Black Market

3. Physical Limited Edition Sets for Black Market Book 1/Book 2/Book 3, handcrafted (we'll see if I even have the time to do this properly, got a year to work on it.)

4. Edit Book 3: Chapter 120-180

BananaDragon Oct 17, 2023


M.G.Driver Author Oct 16, 2023

Hiatus is over.

Black Market chapters will resume today.

New Schedule: Four times a week (Mon, Tue, Thurs, Sat) until writing pacing picks back up to previous levels and patreons get higher number of advanced chapters. I need some time to re-acclimatize to writing two chapters a day, and the extra days to clean up book 2. Thank you all for your patience.

LlazyLlamaGW Oct 16, 2023


M.G.Driver Author Sep 15, 2023

Hiatus from today to 16th october 2023.

I'm getting married on 22nd September, honeymoon after.

BananaDragon Sep 20, 2023

CONGRATULATIONS YEYE!!!!!!!!!聽clear.png

Polvane_the_Eraser Sep 20, 2023

Congratulations and much good fortune to you.

RugelynLovesColorBlack Oct 1, 2023

Congratulations and good fortune be with you and your romantic partner.

melchi Oct 27, 2023


Kismet Aug 29, 2023


M.G.Driver Author Aug 29, 2023

who u

Kismet Aug 29, 2023


M.G.Driver Author Aug 27, 2023

BlackMarket is resuming uploads again.

Katsurandom Aug 27, 2023


the_onez3 Aug 27, 2023


Kismet Aug 22, 2023

Why angry聽clear.png

M.G.Driver Author Aug 22, 2023

why reply separate chain nubclear.png

Kismet Aug 22, 2023

Cause I can聽clear.png

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    I build satellites for a living, and I love sci-fi to death.

    I write A Black Market LitRPG

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