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Jan 5, 2019

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Famous Author
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Joined: Jan 5, 2019
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Writing is my escapism from the daily stress and my imaginative self.

I'm very busy and very lazy always

Facebook: Vanessa Nicole - Writes
IG: vanessanicole_writes

MyLadyQueen · Author · Apr 17, 2021

My Dawn Within the Gloom [BL] is complete for the second Spring cleaning session.

Paint Me In Your Shade will be uploaded once we get a cover done for it clear.png

Enjoy the read if you do decide to pick up one of the two stories mentioned above.


MyLadyQueen · Author · Apr 4, 2021

April is here! So it's spring overseas while its Autumn here.

Anyways, I'm doing Spring cleaning and the story crossed off my list first is 'Out of the Closet [BL]' - it's now complete, finally clear.png

MyLadyQueen · Author · Feb 12, 2021

Hey all, just wanted to let you know that my Ko-fi account is active again. You can now view all the covers I have gotten made for my stories for free. clear.png

MyLadyQueen · Author · Feb 4, 2021

No One But You [BL] is now complete!!! clear.png

lesson101 · Jan 7, 2021

Hi, thanks you so much. I'm very flattered that such great author followed me back. clear.png

MyLadyQueen · Author · Jan 7, 2021


Dragjan · Dec 24, 2020

How can a single person write so much! I ‘m in awe of your imagination.

MyLadyQueen · Author · Dec 25, 2020

I am grateful that I can share my stories with readers all across the world clear.png

MyLadyQueen · Author · Dec 8, 2020

So I have been inactive on Scribblehub for so long but still working hard on creating many, many BL's.

Next year I will be introducing an Intersexual's story and a Transgender's story to you all and I am so excited.

An extension to A Cup of Poisoned Tea is on its way next year as wellclear.png

And for what I have written, but is not on most sites and exclusively to another (All BL's): Loyal to Wrath, For Their Sake, Honey and Mate, 8th Sin book 1 & Pride's Lonely Road.

MyLadyQueen · Author · Dec 8, 2020

If you are interested in reading these let me know, but for now, stay safe and Merry Christmasclear.png

Nahrenne · Dec 8, 2020

Hope you have a Merry Christmas, too!


MyLadyQueen · Author · Nov 5, 2020

Monster in My Heart [BL] is complete 。^‿^。

Gidae [BL] & My first ever Halloween special 'Club ANTI as well. clear.png

MyLadyQueen · Author · Oct 22, 2020

Taylum and His Innocence [BL] is complete!!! clear.png

Justyourtypicalreader · Oct 13, 2020

Author sama.. Reading this " Living a Profoundly Unconcerned Life After Being Wronged! " Lot of my brain cells died.. Haha.. 

MyLadyQueen · Author · Oct 13, 2020


MyLadyQueen · Author · Aug 2, 2020

Since March 15th the following stories have been completed.

Living a Profoundly Unconcerned Life After Being Wronged!

Social Desire: The Writers Choice of Words [BL]

Rhegal of the Night [BL]

My Mischievous Mate – Ethan [BL]

Longing Desire [BL]

A Cup of Poisoned Tea [BL]

Book 2 – My Mischievous Mate – Wolfram [BL]

Mr Night [BL]

MyLadyQueen · Author · Jul 31, 2020

After a year of thinking about it I finally did it, I'm on IG now under the handle vanessanicole_writes - only book related shit will be posted , maybe some other things clear.png

MyLadyQueen · Author · Jul 23, 2020

BL Oneshot's

1. King's Lover

2. The Prince and His Prisoner

3. A Scorching Cup of Wine

4. Your Lies and Secrets

5. Find You

6. Leaving My Mark In You

7. Just Maybe

SaddyStorm · Jul 23, 2020

Just keep them coming...

Wait... I didn't mean---

Nahrenne · Jul 23, 2020

*doesn't get Saddy's comment*

Keep up the good work, mlq!



MyLadyQueen · Author · Jul 24, 2020

Oh I'll keep them coming SaddyStorm clear.png.

Thanks Nahrenne <3

MyLadyQueen · Author · Jul 23, 2020

My Straight Oneshot's

1. Finding Love

2. If Only For Her Wish 

3. She Made His Wish Come True

Alverost · Jun 10, 2020

I think you current have the most series on SH (could be wrong).

MyLadyQueen · Author · Jun 10, 2020

So there is definitely something wrong with me. clear.png

Alverost · Jun 10, 2020


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    Writing is my escapism from the daily stress and my imaginative self.

    I'm very busy and very lazy always

    Facebook: Vanessa Nicole - Writes
    IG: vanessanicole_writes

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