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Jan 5, 2019

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Famous Author
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Joined: Jan 5, 2019
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Writing is my escapism from the daily stress and my imaginative self.

I'm very busy and very lazy always

Facebook: Vanessa Nicole - Writes
IG: vanessanicole_writes

lesson101 · Jan 7, 2021

Hi, thanks you so much. I'm very flattered that such great author followed me back. clear.png

MyLadyQueen · Author · Jan 7, 2021


Dragjan · Dec 24, 2020

How can a single person write so much! I ‘m in awe of your imagination.

MyLadyQueen · Author · Dec 25, 2020

I am grateful that I can share my stories with readers all across the world clear.png

MyLadyQueen · Author · Dec 8, 2020

So I have been inactive on Scribblehub for so long but still working hard on creating many, many BL's.

Next year I will be introducing an Intersexual's story and a Transgender's story to you all and I am so excited.

An extension to A Cup of Poisoned Tea is on its way next year as wellclear.png

And for what I have written, but is not on most sites and exclusively to another (All BL's): Loyal to Wrath, For Their Sake, Honey and Mate, 8th Sin book 1 & Pride's Lonely Road.

MyLadyQueen · Author · Dec 8, 2020

If you are interested in reading these let me know, but for now, stay safe and Merry Christmasclear.png

Nahrenne · Dec 8, 2020

Hope you have a Merry Christmas, too!


MyLadyQueen · Author · Nov 5, 2020

Monster in My Heart [BL] is complete 。^‿^。

Gidae [BL] & My first ever Halloween special 'Club ANTI as well. clear.png

MyLadyQueen · Author · Oct 22, 2020

Taylum and His Innocence [BL] is complete!!! clear.png

Justyourtypicalreader · Oct 13, 2020

Author sama.. Reading this " Living a Profoundly Unconcerned Life After Being Wronged! " Lot of my brain cells died.. Haha.. 

MyLadyQueen · Author · Oct 13, 2020


MyLadyQueen · Author · Aug 2, 2020

Since March 15th the following stories have been completed.

Living a Profoundly Unconcerned Life After Being Wronged!

Social Desire: The Writers Choice of Words [BL]

Rhegal of the Night [BL]

My Mischievous Mate – Ethan [BL]

Longing Desire [BL]

A Cup of Poisoned Tea [BL]

Book 2 – My Mischievous Mate – Wolfram [BL]

Mr Night [BL]

MyLadyQueen · Author · Jul 31, 2020

After a year of thinking about it I finally did it, I'm on IG now under the handle vanessanicole_writes - only book related shit will be posted , maybe some other things clear.png

MyLadyQueen · Author · Jul 23, 2020

BL Oneshot's

1. King's Lover

2. The Prince and His Prisoner

3. A Scorching Cup of Wine

4. Your Lies and Secrets

5. Find You

6. Leaving My Mark In You

7. Just Maybe

Sady · Jul 23, 2020

Just keep them coming...

Wait... I didn't mean---

Nahrenne · Jul 23, 2020

*doesn't get Saddy's comment*

Keep up the good work, mlq!



MyLadyQueen · Author · Jul 24, 2020

Oh I'll keep them coming SaddyStorm clear.png.

Thanks Nahrenne <3

MyLadyQueen · Author · Jul 23, 2020

My Straight Oneshot's

1. Finding Love

2. If Only For Her Wish 

3. She Made His Wish Come True

Alverost · Jun 10, 2020

I think you current have the most series on SH (could be wrong).

MyLadyQueen · Author · Jun 10, 2020

So there is definitely something wrong with me. clear.png

Alverost · Jun 10, 2020


EilaMai · Jun 7, 2020

So many stories. clear.png

MyLadyQueen · Author · Jun 7, 2020

Simply too much on my mind clear.png

MyLadyQueen · Author · Mar 15, 2020

My first Intersexual book (Our Path - You Matter) is complete, feel free to read the 2 chapters if u havent already clear.png

MyLadyQueen · Author · Mar 11, 2020

BL - Innocent Desire is completeclear.png

MyLadyQueen · Author · Feb 4, 2020

BL's - One Kiss and I'm in Love & One shot - Fragments of our Treasured Love is complete clear.png

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    Writing is my escapism from the daily stress and my imaginative self.

    I'm very busy and very lazy always

    Facebook: Vanessa Nicole - Writes
    IG: vanessanicole_writes

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