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Jan 5, 2019

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Famous Author
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Joined: Jan 5, 2019
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Vanessa Nicole.

Lqbtq+ writer.

Orbit webtoon coming soon :D Behind the scenes on patreon.

Facebook: Vanessa Nicole - Writes
IG: vanessanicole_writes
Twitter: writesvanessa

MyLadyQueen · Author · Sep 18, 2021

That Girl Lexi part 1 is complete clear.png

MyLadyQueen · Author · Sep 15, 2021

Actions Speak Louder has been updated after 6 months! clear.png

MyLadyQueen · Author · Aug 20, 2021

Orbit Episode 1:

MyLadyQueen · Author · Aug 14, 2021

Breathtaking Book 1 is complete! clear.png

Book 2 titled 'Better Half' coming soon clear.png

MyLadyQueen · Author · Aug 6, 2021

Hi all, I am happy to announce that my latest creation is a Webtoon clear.png It's new, time-consuming and I just love it!!

My baby's name is Orbit and he can be read here:

For the Indonesian version:

MyLadyQueen · Author · Jul 23, 2021

Breathtaking is back! Time to write toxic shit again -_- ... clear.png

MyLadyQueen · Author · Jul 14, 2021

Misty Ocean is complete!! clear.png

MyLadyQueen · Author · Jun 26, 2021

25 Chapter's later Breathtaking is going on a break because I need it. Misty Ocean, That Girl Lexi and The Prince and His Prisoner will still be updated on Saturday, Friday and Sunday. I think a good month of no writing should do me good but my ass isn't capable of not writing clear.png

MyLadyQueen · Author · Jun 25, 2021

With June coming to an end, I've realized that the stories I've written over the last 3 months are nowhere near ending all because they play a huge role in the disaster called Desire of Addiction. Coming soon in July.

MyLadyQueen · Author · Jun 3, 2021

Happy Pride Month bitch!

To celebrate this wonderful month, a crazy amount of my stories will be rolled out.

First: That Girl Lexi, celebrating Transgender.

MyLadyQueen · Author · Jun 3, 2021

Second: The Prince and His Prisoner, celebrating Gay & Demisexual.

Third: Misty Ocean, celebrating our Lesbian and Transgender.
MyLadyQueen · Author · Jun 3, 2021

Fourth: Niam will have a few chapters to himself in 'Breathtaking' to celebrate his True Hermaphrodite Intersexual pride.

- Rome's Bisexuality will be brought out after I am done with Niam's side story in 'Breathtaking'.
Please look forward to the upcoming stories and have a wonderful June ❤
MyLadyQueen · Author · Apr 17, 2021

My Dawn Within the Gloom [BL] is complete for the second Spring cleaning session.

Paint Me In Your Shade will be uploaded once we get a cover done for it clear.png

Enjoy the read if you do decide to pick up one of the two stories mentioned above.


MyLadyQueen · Author · Apr 4, 2021

April is here! So it's spring overseas while its Autumn here.

Anyways, I'm doing Spring cleaning and the story crossed off my list first is 'Out of the Closet [BL]' - it's now complete, finally clear.png

MyLadyQueen · Author · Feb 12, 2021

Hey all, just wanted to let you know that my Ko-fi account is active again. You can now view all the covers I have gotten made for my stories for free. clear.png

MyLadyQueen · Author · Feb 4, 2021

No One But You [BL] is now complete!!! clear.png

lesson101 · Jan 7, 2021

Hi, thanks you so much. I'm very flattered that such great author followed me back. clear.png

MyLadyQueen · Author · Jan 7, 2021


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    Vanessa Nicole.

    Lqbtq+ writer.

    Orbit webtoon coming soon :D Behind the scenes on patreon.

    Facebook: Vanessa Nicole - Writes
    IG: vanessanicole_writes
    Twitter: writesvanessa

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