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Rising Author
Jan 18, 2023

Rising Author
Joined: Jan 18, 2023
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Twisting cliché tropes into refreshing and fullfilling novels! (At least, trying...)

Novice Author

Lopezz · · Author · Dec 31, 2023

Dec. 30th. 2023.

Even Though I Loved You First: Chapter 100 – Vows For Eternity ⑥ Has Been Uploaded!
3.2k Words!

The chapter comes along with an illustration (AI Generated Sadly) clear.png

den_forestt · May 6, 2024

Even though I loved you first is such a great read, thank you for writing it!!

Lopezz · Author · May 7, 2024

Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Lopezz · Author · Apr 28, 2024

I'll rewrite Shattered, didn't really conviced me much, however I'm organizing a new novel with a more serious tone, so things are looking good!

Lopezz · Author · Feb 13, 2024

I've been wanting to upload chapters for Shattered since last week, however, it seems I have a writer's block. I also have entrance exams coming up... So I don't have time to dedicate to myself. HELP ME clear.png

Lopezz · Author · Jan 14, 2024

I'll continue Shattered starting next week, been busy with school stuff (about to graduate). From then on, we shall forge the path ahead!

Lopezz · Author · Nov 6, 2023

I want to give Ichirou, Hayato & Hiyori their own Arcs. Though I'll probably write them after the novel finishes. I also kinda want to bring Alyssa back for a laid back comedic chapter.

I'll see what I can do.

Lopezz · Author · Oct 27, 2023

Writing a novel that takes place in the same universe as my current work is really interesting.

ghostphoenix · Oct 27, 2023

When are you gonna upload it here author-sama?

Lopezz · Author · Oct 27, 2023

Hm~ Good question, I'm planning to upload it either during the latter half of December, or when Even Though I Loved You First starts the last arc. If I have enough chapters by then that is.

Lopezz · Author · Oct 18, 2023

Writing two new novels at the moment. One of them will be longer than Even Though I Loved You First, it's a rom-com. The other one is a drama, so yeah... look forward to it, I guess? clear.png

ExoticButter · Oct 1, 2023

Is your first novel unavailable?

Lopezz · Author · Oct 1, 2023

Currently yes, it wasn't something I really liked so I never posted it.

However, I still have the characters, plot and events organized.

So maybe in the near future when I'm able to handle two series at once I'll rewrite it...

Tori_the_Birb · Sep 4, 2023

I have a feeling you would become famous soon.

Lopezz · Author · Aug 31, 2023

The first ever novel I've ever wrote was called "A Single Glance of Happiness". Which was a tragedy/romance novel of a betrayed MC (the 'false accusation' sort of betrayal). The only difference was that the MC would actually cut ties with everyone and start anew.

Lopezz · Author · Aug 31, 2023

- Another point was that the side characters also had their backstories applying the title to them too. Managed to write about 54-pages or so before I dropped it. (I didn't quite like it).

So yeah... I still have the draft tho, might re-write and post it over here in a nearby future.
cjlouotaku416 · Oct 17, 2023

Hi! Where is your novel "A Single Glance of Happiness"? I like novels that are related to 'false accusation'

Lopezz · Author · Oct 18, 2023

Sadly, it's unavailable. I do have plans on re-writing it. Since the story is too good to be discarded. But not right now, as I have my hands full with another one.

Lopezz · Author · Feb 11, 2023

My plan is to make "Even Though I Loved You First" a three-volume series. Each volume having about 3 story-arcs each, maybe?

Just an idea currently.

ghostphoenix · Jan 29, 2023

Patiently waiting for new chapters of "Even Though I Loved You First"....


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    Twisting cliché tropes into refreshing and fullfilling novels! (At least, trying...)

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