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Jan 6, 2019

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Well-Known Author
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I'm invisible.

Bluebery · Author · Sep 7, 2020

Do beries have tails? Do beries even exist? We’ll find out soon, on our eternal adventure. This was the birth of one of history’s most life-changing guild, BeryTail clear.png

Bluebery · Author · Aug 26, 2020


Riese · Jul 29, 2020

I’m late but congratulations bery!


Mihou · Jul 29, 2020

Aaaaaaaa... I am late but still, congratulations my fellow ancestor! You have finally reached Well-known Author! As a very beautiful gift, I will hand you this blender that I had slain yesterday. :handsblender:

Now, show to the world that Beries can live as a bery! (What Bluebery didn't know was the blender was alive and it was just waiting for her to take it)

Bluebery · Author · Jul 28, 2020

clear.png Well known author celebrating yahooooo!

Nahrenne · Jul 28, 2020




Friend · Jul 29, 2020


Yurekli_Kedi · Jul 24, 2020

How much acid do you drop before writing a chapter of, literally any of your stories... You are creeping me out with your creativity and imagination...

Bluebery · Author · Jul 24, 2020

clear.png I'm taking a few days break from writing. New Necromancy chapters will comes out next week.  

GDLiZy · Jul 24, 2020

Bery what about the deadline? clear.png

Rellawing · Jul 24, 2020

You are silly! clear.png

Riese · Jul 24, 2020

Bery that’s a promise or else i will be blending you with the blenderclear.png

Bluebery · Author · Jul 9, 2020

My apologies, I have to postpone Black Apocalypse for now so I can focus on writing 40k words on Necromancy for Adventum contest. clear.png Time is running short. There's only a month left and still over 30k more words to go! The story will be back and also edited when the contest is over. 

TheJuggernaut · Jun 14, 2020

Yay! Good going blue! 

Bluebery · Author · Jun 12, 2020

I just hired an editor to help with Black Apocalypse. This project is much much more serious than I expected, and sometimes I feel like I'm not capable enough to write this. There might be some changes in the early chapters and it might take a while for chapter 6 to come out. clear.png

Nahrenne · Jun 12, 2020

Hope everything goes well!

*huggles you and gives you a flapjack*



Bluebery · Author · Apr 5, 2020


Aregulus · Apr 5, 2020


midori8751 · Aug 9, 2019

why do i keep coming across you, including demonlord floof (current, not completed version), we only share 2 stories on our reading lists

gaylolis · May 14, 2019

what if the reason ur blue is cuz u love watching blue films

· Apr 30, 2019

Hello bery. We finally met here in SH. I'm sorry, I always confuse you with otohkonoko (ohko).

StarLord · Mar 10, 2019

I like the new cover art for DemonLord_Floof.
It almost makes me want to throw The Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch at him. :-P

Bluebery · Author · Mar 10, 2019

Haha! Holy Hand Grenade is awesome!

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    I'm invisible.

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