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Jan 6, 2019

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Joined: Jan 6, 2019
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I'm invisible.

Bluebery · Author · Feb 1, 2024

I'm cooking something that scares me.... 

Please look forward to it. 

MrX · Feb 1, 2024

Don't like scary 🙊🙈😬🫣👻😭🤣

Zogsalken · Feb 1, 2024

oh no...

Bluebery · Author · Dec 14, 2023

Hey, I'm so greatful to be able to share my stories with you all. Being an author has been the hardest yet most amazing thing for me. I will continue writing until the day I die. clear.png 

That's a promise. 


Bluebery · Author · Oct 1, 2023

Genshin messes with my writing everytime there's a new update aaaaa! clear.png I'm soo sorry! Catgirl next chapter is delayed until next week. 

Dountmindme · Oct 20, 2023

Ah Genshin 

Shruikan · Aug 29, 2023

Do you have any updates on project necromancy? You doing ok?

Bluebery · Author · Aug 30, 2023

clear.png I'm back! I was on vacation for a week but then work piled up and I had to plow through it. I will update soon! 

Bluebery · Author · Aug 15, 2023

Just an update. I will be out for 5 days to a rural area. I don't know if there will be internet connection or not, so chapters may not be up until the end of the week. clear.png But on the other hand, I will have lots of time to write though! 

Bluebery · Author · Jul 31, 2023

Nuuu... don't want to go to work...

I just want to have a day off so I can just sit down and write, from morning till late night. clear.png

MrX · Jul 31, 2023

That is why we have banks so we can rob them to get rich 🤑 and never work again 🤣

Shamiko · Jul 31, 2023

frfr Bluebery

Bluebery · Author · Jul 19, 2023

I need a bit more time for the next 3 chapters in "So you wanna be an anime catgirl". So there will be no chapter until weekend comes. clear.png

Grappleshot · Jul 24, 2023

Ok stay, healthy.

Bluebery · Author · Jul 7, 2023

black out in my area today. I couldn't upload my chapters. I will up 2 tomorrow 

ZapperFrost · Jun 23, 2023

May i know why the Anime Catgirl remake was deleted?

Bluebery · Author · Jun 23, 2023

Hi, thank you for asking!  

It's because I will be uploading a new version in a few days. I'm stacking up chapters now. 

ZapperFrost · Jun 23, 2023

Alright, thank you for letting me know

Zogsalken · Feb 21, 2023

what is your favorite type of cat girl. if you don't mind me asking.

Bluebery · Author · Feb 21, 2023

clear.png I like wifey type the most! caring and loving and cute! 

But I also like yandere catgirls a little bittt... 

what about you?

Zogsalken · Feb 21, 2023

well i personally like the cat girls that could kill me if they'd like to. also maybe alittle bit of yandere as well.

Shamiko · Feb 13, 2023

was catgirl dropped?

Bluebery · Author · Feb 14, 2023

Nu nu I was just busy this week. no drop!

Shamiko · Feb 14, 2023

Ah ok! Good to know! Cant wait to read the next chappy clear.png 

Zogsalken · Jan 26, 2023

ok, so i just looked at the other stuff you write... NEKOMANCY!  really?clear.pngclear.png

Bluebery · Author · Jan 26, 2023

thank you for reading that! clear.png Hope it entertained you.

Zogsalken · Jan 27, 2023

but the pun!

Bluebery · Author · Jan 24, 2023

clear.png Just read through my old stuffs again, like 3-4 years ago...  quite some crazy stuffs, with shit quality, but really fun read. 

Eventually, I will go back to them once I have more experience and can write properly. 

Wkppp · Jan 24, 2023


GigaDotti · Jan 24, 2023


Shamiko · Jan 24, 2023


Shamiko · Jan 23, 2023

U should add a link to the rewrite of "So you wanna be an anime catgirl" in the old ver so those readers wont miss it (I almost did bc u forgot to add the notice lol). clear.png

Bluebery · Author · Jan 24, 2023

clear.pngThank you for your reminder! I didn't want to notice the readers too soon because new version is only at early chapters right now, not many new stuffs yet. I will put a notice once more chapters come out

Shamiko · Jan 24, 2023

Alr! Just wanted to give u a friendly reminder clear.png

Shamiko · Jan 13, 2023

Is the rewrite of "So you wanna be an anime catgirl" going to have the same title?

Bluebery · Author · Jan 13, 2023

Yes, of course. I will put a notice when it is ready

Shamiko · Jan 13, 2023

Alr thxclear.png

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