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Jul 2, 2019

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Famous Author
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Joined: Jul 2, 2019
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I enjoy writing the odd adventure here and there along with sharing it. If you would like to support or just come and talk, you can click any of the links down below to find me.

Hyperion420 · Feb 5, 2024

why havent you posted the ragnarok fic here yet? 

also i cant really find the original book the fic is about

would be awesome if you added a link for it 

pretty please? 

i like magitech type stuff in a medieval settings in fiction 

BigToFu · Author · Feb 6, 2024

I can post it this weekend, stuff been busy and I'm finally doing A03 also.

BigToFu · Author · Dec 25, 2023

Thinking that I might open up commission chapters....

badone · Jan 1, 2024

Considering your following it could work. It would mean stuck to a regularish release. I would have a poll to pick one of your stories, (from a list of those you don’t feel a writers block on as much.) then give it a good ol college try.

Knight81 · Dec 6, 2023

Greetings I wanted to say hi and a thank you for writing these stories also I would like to ask if brightest Doom will be continued or not because I loved that story

BigToFu · Author · Aug 10, 2023

Uploading all the missed chapters I forgot about, sorry.

BOOKW0RM · Aug 10, 2023

Ooh... Chapter Dump!!!! Hope you're doing alright. 

BigToFu · Author · Jul 30, 2023

Things happened and Im now closing out my patreon page soon, if you are looking to support my writing you can find chapters here. >>

BOOKW0RM · Jul 30, 2023

Will you still be posting free here or somewhere else? Hope you've been doing well...

Doval_Sabino · Apr 10, 2023

And Fastest portal MHA

Doval_Sabino · Apr 10, 2023

Still waiting for Blake, Doom and ...

What's Turok Last name, like he's the Skyfather of he's race, but don't have a Family name.

Give him one.


Soul_Sin · Mar 5, 2023

Any news for 'I Cast Fist !!!'?

BigToFu · Author · Mar 5, 2023

soon, life been busy

badone · Jan 1, 2024

Alright boys, find this “life” and kill it! (Hears headset ringing.) Yes? What ya mean we can’t kill it. You means we needs this life or everything ends?!! No I’m not pouting! Fine plan B! Make one up idc! Alright someone go buy…

Elalghul · Feb 10, 2023

Do u do your own art?

BigToFu · Author · Feb 10, 2023

No, i have a few artist I contact for art, and a few i pull from the internet. 

Elalghul · Feb 10, 2023

It's really cool

matthewkreuz · Jan 29, 2023

Please more chapter for CBp2077

BigToFu · Author · Jan 16, 2023

All stories are on rotation again, so yes that means everyting will be getting a chapter. Just wait a little and one will spring up in a week or two. And with how things are being done, yes that does also mean it will come with a follow up chapter a week later. 

Flavia15 · Jan 16, 2023

Will any of the sandbox ideas, like Transforms or TechNoVore get a chance as their storys on Webnovel?

BOOKW0RM · Jan 16, 2023

Woohoo! I'm so happy! Glad you're back!

DrunkenScholar · Jan 16, 2023


ZinKo · Jan 16, 2023

Finally, welcomeback.

Madfmaestro · Oct 16, 2022

No sarcasm or hate, I hope you're doing ok, and I miss your story. I look forward to seeing it return, best wishes!

BigToFu · Author · Nov 9, 2022

im doing alright, just been writing none stop for some time now, took a quick break and then feel down the rabbit hole with some new stuff. Posting them now.

Kurodarkwing · Aug 29, 2022

La historia continuará? Me interesa leerla pero lleva +80 en 3 años..... me gustaría pero no creo que avance 

Youdontneedtoknow · Jun 29, 2022

BigToFo@ why did you stop writing 

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    I enjoy writing the odd adventure here and there along with sharing it. If you would like to support or just come and talk, you can click any of the links down below to find me.

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