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Mar 9, 2023

Joined: Mar 9, 2023
Followers: 9
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plot_xc · · Apr 20, 2024

Someone can recommend me a good novel where the protagonist has the power of luck?

Ex: absolute luck

Novelty · May 29, 2024

Probably not the best one but at the beginning he wishes to a rob for that :Lucifer Quirk

Rellawing · Jun 1, 2024

Thanks for following!

John_Owl · Dec 28, 2023

hey, thanks for the follow!

Naofumi_Iwatani · Nov 8, 2023

So. I have now discovered that everyone has a public forum within their profile. That is an interesting feature ya got there scribble hub

plot_xc · Nov 8, 2023

And I recommend you use it since you can find some pretty good novels or reviews about certain series, just don't be arrogant or things like that and you can read in peace

Harem-Fan · Oct 9, 2023

Did you like the new story Idea, or not so much?clear.png

plot_xc · Oct 9, 2023

Loved the idea, and I will read it if you post more, just need to do some things that won't piss the readers off, and if people complain about some parts of the character you can make tags, tags will help you achieve the kind of readers you want to attract

I liked the idea since I have never seen one of this style before, the potential of this novel is really big

All the novels i have read from you are really good so I will trust you in this one, the potential is big and I liked the story idea

nii07 · Sep 22, 2023

I wanted to say thanks for the followclear.png

nii07 · Sep 24, 2023

I wanted to ask you if you would care to read 5 chapters of a novel I just started writing a few days ago. Someone pitched me an idea that I thought was interesting so I wrote about but I need a natural party to read it and see if it has potential. 

plot_xc · Sep 24, 2023

sure why not? reading something new is always a welcome change sometimes, i am reading right now but if its only 5 or 10 chapters i can read

nii07 · Sep 24, 2023

Okay I sent it to you inbox

razack69 · Sep 18, 2023

Ah, thank for a review. Sometimes I just don't know what to do. It's already have smut warning, having tittle said stealing heroine, and I put rape tag. I already told this novel have Non-consensual stuff. It's a bit annoy me when I saw reviewer that said still read in ch 0 when I already warning people many times. It's not like my novel had such perfect rating to. It's 4.1 star.

razack69 · Sep 18, 2023

 It feel like he just want have sense of superiority by talk down people who like reading stuff I writing. It's bothering me, but I'm person who never delete any comment or review. Ah, sorry if this like a rant. I'm just happy someone stand up for me and my reader who enjoy my writing. 

plot_xc · Sep 18, 2023

if you see things like that of people that didn't see the tags and other things jsut ignore, i am loving your novel and i plan on continue reading it, i am just accumulating chapters so i can read it overnight and things like that, this is the only reason i am not commenting or thanking new chapters right now

Tori_the_Birb · Sep 12, 2023

Thanks for the follow, I guess.

plot_xc · Sep 12, 2023

No need to thank me, I follow people who have some similar interests with me so I can find novels easisr

Pewpewcachoo · Aug 25, 2023

Thanks for the follow.

plot_xc · Aug 25, 2023

no need to thank me, i loved your novel so i am pretty much asking to read the next one you make, keep going that your novel is really good

Pewpewcachoo · Aug 25, 2023

clear.png I hope you enjoy whatever I write next.

DiscoDream · Aug 11, 2023

Lemme know which autistic rant led to you following me. clear.png

plot_xc · Aug 11, 2023

our tastes are almost equal in novels with a culture taste to it if you understand me

DiscoDream · Aug 11, 2023

Your reading list is pure smut. clear.png I read normal novels too!!! Occasionally 

plot_xc · Aug 11, 2023

That reading list isn't the "reading list" it's just some extras that I created

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