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Mar 17, 2023

Joined: Mar 17, 2023
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A guy who spends to much time reading to forget about the world around them.

m2004coolguy · Jan 31, 2024

Newest update on my scam situation. Discord sucks. It took them about 2 months to get my account back. Very horrible. I might as well delete my old account because the newer one is way better now.

ParodyGirl · Jan 31, 2024

Oh!! I almost fell for one of these scams before 

m2004coolguy · Dec 3, 2023

Imagine getting scammed

Well just got scammed for my second time, I lose hope in humanity everydayclear.png

Thank you everyone for your writing it does cheer me up.

ParodyGirl · Jan 31, 2024

How you got scammed?

m2004coolguy · Jan 31, 2024

Dumb discord scam. I thought it was a friend that I knew that created games (the friend had their account stolen). I then downloaded something then my discord account stolen.

ManwX · Aug 3, 2023

Hiya. Sory for bothering you like this. I just wanted your opinion on how you like my story so far. Since you read 29 chapters of transmigrated as a villans older brother

m2004coolguy · Aug 3, 2023

So far I like reading it. I did at first get confused who was who as for the brother and father. But that was due to me misreading. I will continue reading since to me it's interesting and fun to read. Thanks for your hard work in your writing.

ManwX · Aug 3, 2023

thanks, means a lot. I just don't have that kind of engagement in the story and it's disheartening. though I did make it not that interesting tbh. I was honestly surprised you read it so far. Im glad it is fun to read. check out Journey to Eden Prime if you are interested in a sci-fi adventure series. thanks for responding, have a great day

Aiyoki · Jul 5, 2023

Sorry, I failed myself clear.png

m2004coolguy · Jul 5, 2023

That's okay, take your time with your writing. clear.png

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    A guy who spends to much time reading to forget about the world around them.

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