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Mar 27, 2023

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Well-Known Author
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Joined: Mar 27, 2023
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Working on a novel titled 'Great Villain: Starting by Humiliating the Son of the Heavenly Fate' and sharing it on Scribble Hub, Royal Road, Neopload, Wattpad, and Webnovel (Free).

AlphaWIA · · Author · May 8, 2023

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themangod · Sep 1, 2023

Heads up. Might want to remove the "]" at the end. Cause it redirects the link to a 404 page

Toast2Venus · Oct 19, 2023

Guess this is goodbye then 😭😭😭

Grimanddark · Sep 15, 2023

I've tried to read this novel and I can't because of schizophrenic writing. Everything is quite good, the mc, characters etc but it's impossible to read because of horrible and inhumane writing.

mangaislife1 · Sep 7, 2023

AlphaWIA I really enjoy the Great Villain: Starting by Humiliating the Son of the Heavenly Fate

Some things you can consider.

R18 chapters thrown in there with the heroines which would make this even better.  Helps the waifus as well get stronger alongside himself and make a good relationship which would add greater depth to the story. 

Overlord_1000 · Jul 19, 2023

The best of wishes for the future.

Overlord_1000 · Jul 19, 2023

Because the first and the third arc are very similar, although I understand that since the story is based on the cliche of the protagonists, it will surely happen again in the future, but the problem is that it is much too close to each other.

Overlord_1000 · Jul 19, 2023

Because for the moment the story comes down to: 

1) Finding the protagonist 

2) Finding out what type of protagonist he is 

3) Guessing and undermining the opportunity is all about pretending to be a good person. 

4)Kill the protagonist.

5) Meet a protagonist who is part of another force.

6) Discover that circumstances make you an immediate enemy.

7) Try to find out what type of protagonist it is while trying to undermine it.

8) Kill him.

9) Start over.

Overlord_1000 · Jul 19, 2023

Otherwise I'm interested in what you have in store for the future and hopefully the next arc will be more unique because otherwise the story might fall into a sort of loop like many other style stories.

Overlord_1000 · Jul 19, 2023

For the Protagonist changing sides was because I thought the Heavenly Fate is the Black Heavenly Fate was at constant war so the Black Heavenly Fate could steal pawns from the Heavenly Fate.

Overlord_1000 · Jul 19, 2023

Hello author your story is incredible if not what do you think of our discussion between me and Zerburos in chapter 158.

AlphaWIA · Author · Jul 19, 2023

Hi there,

Really glad to know you're liking the story so far.

So, I took a look at the chat you had with Zerburos. Some intriguing thoughts there, indeed. It's just, the importance you're attaching to the Heavenly Fate is a little different from what I've got in mind. Simply put, without the shield of his System, Jiang Chen would be wiped out by the Heavenly Fate in no time at all.

AlphaWIA · Author · Jul 19, 2023

So the whole notion of a protagonist fighting against his destined path (what the Heavenly Fate has planned), purely on his own steam, doesn't really hold up in my story. It's like expecting a pawn to go solo when even their trump card is dealt by the Heavenly Fate itself. Not playing by the rules? Well, then you're out and replaced by someone who will.

AlphaWIA · Author · Jul 19, 2023

And you'll see this more as the story moves forward - the Heavenly Fate getting more hands-on as Jiang Chen beefs up. This is the direction I've planned for this universe.

Now, if – and this is a big if – Jiang Chen takes a leap into another universe with a fresh Heavenly Fate, and perhaps a villain just starting out with his system, then our MC could end up hunting both hero and villain...

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    Working on a novel titled 'Great Villain: Starting by Humiliating the Son of the Heavenly Fate' and sharing it on Scribble Hub, Royal Road, Neopload, Wattpad, and Webnovel (Free).

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