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Apr 15, 2023

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Famous Author
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Joined: Apr 15, 2023
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Spactacular · Author · Apr 2, 2024

Had a busy last 4 days and have not had the time to finish the next chap before the regular upload time, and I'm exhausted right now, so the upload will be tomorrow instead. We will return to the regular schedule for 67! 

Sorry for the delay!
Spactacular · Author · Feb 16, 2024

For those who have seen my most recent Author Notes, here it is, the prologue for the novel I'm reposting on this account! The novel is being vetted, so until that is done the only way to access it is from this link:

Rheslar · Jan 17, 2024

Just binged the whole series. Back in chapter 27 the reward mails mentioned both an epic and legendary equipment box (plus some rumination about the balance of receiving legendary equipment) which have since been ignored.

Keep up the good work!

Spactacular · Author · Jan 17, 2024

ahah, not entirely. the legendary will be opened when there are more players and the announcement will be seen by more people, as for the epic side of things, Astaria will have a whole unboxing session later on including the costume boxes. so yeah, it will be a whole thing XD

Thanks for reading

Spactacular · Author · Jan 16, 2024

Its here!!!

There are 5 advanced chaps currently available. 

Jaren475 · Jan 9, 2024

Gonna set up a discord? Or no plans for that just yet?

Spactacular · Author · Jan 14, 2024

managed to miss this message! there currently is one created, just nothing has been created other than a memes channel, so yeah XD

I will link it once I get a chance to mess about with it clear.png

Jaren475 · Jan 15, 2024


Paradoxofages · Jan 9, 2024

I can’t manage to find it

Spactacular · Author · Jan 9, 2024

I have not yet linked it, only created it. I will properly link it when chapters are officially uploaded =D

Spactacular · Author · Jan 9, 2024

well, I never actually posted it, so it is currently pending approval. I will sort it out tomorrow evening XD

Paradoxofages · Jan 9, 2024

What is your patreon account 

AverageLily · Jan 6, 2024

Just realized you are back and am so excitedclear.pngclear.pngclear.pngclear.png

Spactacular · Author · Jan 6, 2024

That I am! Happy to hear you are excited, lots of content to come!

Spactacular · Author · Jan 4, 2024

So, interesting update from everyone's favourite Spactacular. I have been working on the promised patreon advanced chapters and currently the first 2 have been edited, just waiting to be proof read. they will be uploaded when the story reaches the end of day 3 in the game and she can log out. 

Spactacular · Author · Jan 4, 2024

By that point there will be at least 5 advanced chapters available, maybe 10 if I can edit fast enough. If all goes to plan, it should only be 2 weeks! We have also hit 25k+ unedited content, so uploads will be constant for a long time!

Spactacular · Author · Dec 25, 2023

New chapter just dropped! I hope you guys are not like me and forget 95% of what happens in a story after waiting for a few chaps to build up XD

Aiko · Dec 26, 2023

Forgetting= reread so win but don't forget to upload again clear.png

Spactacular · Author · Dec 25, 2023

Yes, i said it. Todays upload. Don't think that for all this time i have been sat around doing nothing! I have around 20k words written (all unedited) and not all in continuity. There is currently 2 chapters worth being edited now following on from where we left off. More details in the upload later.

Anyway, Merry Christmas, and to my fellow drinkers, BOTTOMS UP! 

(Part 2)

SwordOfTired · Dec 25, 2023

So glad you are okay! Merry Christmas! clear.pngclear.pngclear.png

Hygor_r · Dec 25, 2023


Shilmizta · Dec 25, 2023


SkyRex · Dec 25, 2023

Welcome back and Merry Christmas 

Spactacular · Author · Dec 25, 2023

Well... guess what? I didn't die! imagine that!

So, for the juicy bits. Life is a grand old Bi**h, and to work within the word count I will leave it as that. I will leave the details to you all in todays upload. 

(Part 1)

WingWong · Dec 25, 2023

Welcome back!

Seashock · Dec 25, 2023

clear.png Welcome back

JTZERO · Nov 29, 2023

You doing OK?

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