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Apr 15, 2023

Well-Known Author
Joined: Apr 15, 2023
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WingWong · Jun 5, 2023

Patiently waiting for more updates to the current chapters. But please don't burn yourself out while you are at it. clear.png

Spactacular · Author · Jun 5, 2023

Sorry for the wait, you don't need to worry about burnout or anything, I just had my time taken up recently taking care of doggo. I will give more info in tonight's ch.1-20 halfway patch notes. Thanks for your concern however, it is appreciated! clear.png

Spactacular · Author · May 29, 2023

I have reached Ch. 9 through my editing and god damn, there was so much I ended up changing! There are not many major changes, just minor amendments and added information, but the main thing is the paragraphs which have been majorly reworked. 

Most chapters now have an additional 200+ words. All the changes will be consolidated into 1/2 update chapters.

Now I have passed the first 7 chapters my progress should speed up a lot so i plan to be finished by Thursday. Thanks for your patience! clear.png

Darklux · May 29, 2023


SkyRex · May 29, 2023

Are you gonna do a cap of what you changed in the end or we gonna re-read it?

Spactacular · Author · May 29, 2023

@SkyRex Yep, thats what i meant by 'All the changes will be consolidated into 1/2 update chapters' clear.pngclear.png

SkyRex · May 29, 2023

Aight cheers

Spactacular · Author · May 26, 2023

The first 2 chapters have been edited and updated and you can keep track of how far I have reached by looking for the * at the end of the the most recent chapter I have updated.

The first two chapters had some serious work done adding in some more descriptions and the sort and increasing the word count by another 200. Nothing too significant, but a all the major changes have been noted in the draft of the future patch notes chapter. 

Spactacular · Author · May 26, 2023

@Bladehound0 technically for me that was yesterday haha 😅

SkyRex · May 27, 2023

Well I’m facing a hard decision midnight noodles or midnight pb and j sandwich?

Spactacular · Author · May 27, 2023

@SkyRex Ngl, PB&J never was my thing, so I would say the noodles 🤔

SkyRex · May 27, 2023

Aight then imma go eat midnight noodles then go to sleep 

Spactacular · Author · May 24, 2023

Well, this chapter has proven to be a pig. I'm not sure if its the break in writing (while getting drunk) or something else, but thoughts of things I have neglected to mention, previous issues etc have all hit my mind while writing making it an absolute headache. Paired with the fact I cant sit down for a long time without being interrupted = major delay. Anyway, I'm 1.1k words and finally got pasted the headache inducing section. The next chapter will be released tomorrow. 

Spactacular · Author · May 21, 2023

Sorry for the update delays, I was dragged out drinking Friday night, ended up incapacitated, woke up to drink more while having a barbeque on Saturday, and managed to crawl home this afternoon. Next chapter will be written and uploaded soon!

ScubaBlackbelt · May 22, 2023

Sounds like a blast

ScubaBlackbelt · May 22, 2023

Completely random thought, drunk chapters could be a lot of fun, for both readers and author, basically have it be a side story with minimal editing mainly for main story spoilers (probably would have to start with a note that it was drunk writing so to not expect anything amazing), but it would be fun trying to figure out what the heck was written for both author and reader. Or honestly it could just be a fun side series to add a chapter like once a month.

Spactacular · Author · May 22, 2023

@ScubaBlackbelt ngl, i quite like that idea. Maybe a PoV of a drunk player as he goes about his business  clear.png

You have come up with a great idea!

superdubes · May 22, 2023

Time to humble brag that I have never gotten drunk before. I have literally downed half a bottle of tequila by myself and didn't even feel buzzed. My cousin just looked at me like he couldn't understand what he was seeing lol.

Darklux · May 21, 2023

Tutto ok autore? 

Spactacular · Author · May 21, 2023

All good, thanks for asking! 

Spactacular · Author · May 17, 2023

Slight delay to tonight's chapter, its mostly written but still lacking the extra flair needed for a fighting chapter. It will be released tomorrow at the usual time with the possibility of another chapter! 

SkyRex · May 17, 2023

Aight then

Potatome · May 16, 2023

Hi-- author same can we chat?

Spactacular · Author · May 16, 2023

No update tonight, next upload will be tomorrow!

Thanks to those who are now following me, I don't feel so bad not uploading now since I can let you guys know!clear.png

Tartaurus · May 16, 2023

No problem, disappeared for a whiIe but mostly due to binging a pokemon fic called I will reach for the sky it's good like really good plus has over 150 chaps, but I'm back and gonna start back commenting also would the most recent chapter mean that her experiencing regression was viewed as a challenge for her or more of an extreme inconvenience 

Bladehound0 · May 16, 2023

@Tartaurus which Fanfiction site are you reading it from? also, can you post a link to it?

Tartaurus · May 16, 2023

@Bladehound0 It's on scribblehub itself though some of the arcs make you feel that it should just finish already like the current arc anyways here's the link

Spactacular · Author · May 16, 2023

@Tartaurus Glad to hear your going to be back in the comments!

Initially, I would say it would be an inconvenience, but after I would say she views it was more of a chance to correct past mistakes. Within that there would be the challenge of achieving as much as possible and the difficulties within the plans she has set for herself. So in some aspects, yes she does consider it a challenge clear.png

Spactacular · Author · May 15, 2023


Spactacular · Author · Apr 29, 2023

Just finally got 5 hours of sleep after being kept awake for the last 52 hours. If I didn't know better I would have thought I had insomnia after laying still for 11 hours trying to fall asleep while exhausted. 

New chapter tonight provided I can get a little more energy in my system, so sorry for the wait! 😅

PanzerKampfWagen · Apr 29, 2023


Tartaurus · Apr 29, 2023

And I thought I had a bad sleep schedule.No need to push yourself just let the bed do it’s job

Spactacular · Author · Apr 29, 2023

Damn, was not expecting you guys to see this status update so quickly! I appreciate the concern, but for now I wont be able to get back to sleep. I only plan to write if my brain can handle it, and if it cant then I shall continue to sit and proceed to impersonate a vegetable clear.png

Thanks for the support!

PanzerKampfWagen · Apr 29, 2023

Slllllllereeeeeeeeepppppp is ur solution 

Spactacular · Author · Apr 23, 2023

Thanks for the link! Sadly could not find the scenario I was talking about. I remember seeing it in history class, so it was likely around the early days of British Parliament. 

HollowPlush · Apr 21, 2023

Keep up the good work clear.png

Me like it!

Spactacular · Author · Apr 23, 2023

Thanks for the support! clear.png

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