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Apr 24, 2023

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Joined: Apr 24, 2023
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Succubiome · Author · Dec 3, 2023

@Prysmcat's Yin-Yang doesn't have any sex, but it is a very interesting and surprisingly optimistic(?) exploration of life and politics in a brutally unfair power dynamic-- so if you're into that sort of thing, absolutely worth reading IMO.

Also a bunch of casual transformation, if that's your jam.

Succubiome · Author · Oct 24, 2023

Another chapter of I Was A Hero In Another World But My Dog-Girl Slave Swapped Places With Me And Now I Can’t Disobey Her is up, finally!

See, I was kinda pondering if the idea for the next bit was quite right, and then almost a month had passed.

...I am not good with time.

Succubiome · Author · Oct 7, 2023

New series in the HDG universe up--

...if you're new to the setting, it's basically "What if in the future, hot plant aliens took over earth and created a utopia, and also made some people into their pets?"

Streamer to the Stars opens with a robotic streamer who's set up to try to honeytrap the hot plant aliens, but as is so often the case, where exactly it ends up is somewhat of a mystery, even to me.

PinaEverlue · Oct 8, 2023

 it's actually barely 25% of people according to lore.

FernGilly · Oct 8, 2023

Looked into it and asked some lorets: the answer is it's complicated. Humans are going to balance out on the high end of 25-40% domesticated after a long period of time, but the INITIAL batch of Terrans is so messed up a lot of them need domestication; you might see 60%, 80% or even 100% in some especially awful circumstances. But Succu is right.

ptyre · Oct 12, 2023

Does this story have training scene in slave pens... i am sorry my horny self....

Succubiome · Author · Oct 12, 2023

@ptyre-- no, slave pens aren't really a thing in HDG.

I don't think I've written anything with a training scene in slave pens, come to think of it? I tend more towards writing about problematic intimacy and sociopolitical ramifications than mass enslavement kink stuff.

Succubiome · Author · Aug 26, 2023

Updated my Patreon with some new benefits!

Now includes a sneak peek at the next chapter for each story I'm writing, and an exclusive short story each month in addition to advisory votes on what stories I should focus on in the upcoming month.

Succubiome · Author · Aug 26, 2023

Oh, I also have a discord now:

Succubiome · Author · Jul 27, 2023

Their Pet Next Door seems fairly popular among my Patreons, and I was in a writey mood, so I wrote an extra chapter of that.

Succubiome · Author · Jun 29, 2023

Last couple of days to join my Patreon if you wanna vote on what bonus chapters I'm going to focus on next month!

Succubiome · Author · Jun 22, 2023

Feel like the framework I'm working on for the dinner scene in "I Was A Hero But..." is still lacking a little je ne sais quoi, so I posted another chapter of Their Pet Next Door today instead.

Succubiome · Author · Jun 18, 2023

Posted a chapter of Sasha's(original/current Sasha at time of posting) backstory for "I Was A Hero In Another World But..."

Sasha's sidestory was the other popular vote among my Patreons, and I had the idea for at least two chapters solidifying, but I think the second chapter is likely going to be where it really hits it's stride, so I decided to write and put the first chapter up now.

...of course, it's a new series on Scribblehub, so it might take a little while to actually post.

UnknownReader · Jun 18, 2023

The main story is also trending again.


What a coincidence.


Or is it?  (insert Illuminati confirmed sound effect)

Succubiome · Author · Jun 18, 2023



It actually is a coincidence AFAIK, since trending changed before the sidestory was approved... unless just adding a connected story made it trend.

Succubiome · Author · Jun 13, 2023

In Yokem's re-review of "I Was A Hero... But...", they noted that they expected something else after reading the synopsis, which is an entirely valid criticism.

I didn't really know precisely where I was going with the story when I wrote the sypnopsis.. not that I know perfectly now, but I rewrote the last bit of the synopsis to hopefully be at least a little more accurate.

Pingmeep · Jun 13, 2023

You did it. Much improved! Hopefully new readers will be enticed and the snowball can pickup even more of them. 

Succubiome · Author · Jun 13, 2023


Succubiome · Author · Jun 9, 2023

The voting on what sidestories I write is for next month-- but Their Pet Next Door was a popular vote among my Patreons and I had the idea for a chapter solidifying, so did a new chapter on that.

UnknownReader · Jun 3, 2023

Your tending again.

Succubiome · Author · Jun 3, 2023



UnknownReader · Jun 11, 2023

And again.

Succubiome · Author · Jun 11, 2023

I saw!

Succubiome · Author · May 22, 2023

Threw some disclaimers on my series, as at least one person bounced off the first chapter of IWAHIAWBMDSSPWMANICDH after assuming it was a bait and switch, and at least one person was impacted by the themes much later in the story and had to stop reading.

If I've left something important out of my dire warnings, please let me know!

Succubiome · Author · May 19, 2023

Released a new series today, "Their Pet Next Door". Well, "new"-- I had already put it on another site.

Fairly similar themes/kinks as my other series, but less focused on progressing plot, and an AU modern setting, which I think makes it a little darker.

Notably, after the first few chapters, probably not going to update it at a super fast rate, but thought I'd let anyone following me know... assuming that's how messages work here.

sweetbabyalaska · May 20, 2023

omg I think I read this on ROM :o I really like your tastes I guess lol

Succubiome · Author · May 20, 2023

I absolutely posted this on ROM.

And yay! :3

JackyHF · May 30, 2023

What is ROM? Would you post a link to that, please? Asking for a friend.

Succubiome · Author · May 30, 2023

It's a website for mind control/hypno/etc stories:

Some focus more or less than it than others, but that's the general theme.

Zedicus82 · May 9, 2023

The frequency of the updates has been amazing. Thank you

Succubiome · Author · May 9, 2023


UnknownReader · Apr 29, 2023

Scribble Hub does have a Body Swap tag btw (wouldn't hurt to add it to your story).

Succubiome · Author · Apr 30, 2023

Oh, that's very useful to know, thanks!

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