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Apr 27, 2023

Joined: Apr 27, 2023
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Trying to translate novels which I want to read so requesting is not to be entertained right now,

Serafin_Translations · · Author · May 26, 2023

Kinda shameless but any support will do. 

Serafin_Translations · Author · Jun 8, 2023

Currently been editing SBSWTQ. 

Awm still not edited yet and may contain some mistakes.

DLAFSEIES will be continued once editing has been done with the two novels. 

ParanoidKitten · Jun 7, 2023

Hey seraaaaaaa!!!!

I just read your reply on Ch. 133.

During my first attempt of translating, I was introduced to two websites. One being DeepL Translate and the other being this one:

If you put 贵君 in MDBG, it says

贵 guì​ -- expensive / noble / precious / (honorific) your    
君 jūn -- monarch / lord / gentleman / ruler

So I guess, the title "noble monarch" is still correct :P Although, Noble Lord would work as well.

Serafin_Translations · Author · Jun 7, 2023

I'll just proceed to noble monarch then <3 Gonna change it later. Thank you. I also found out about it yesterday when I was trying to find out what the meaning of the that title. <3

Serafin_Translations · Author · May 29, 2023

Sickly beauty - edited 89-100

I will be editing awm after finishing editing SBSWQ because I notice lots of mistakes and inconsistencies. Damnnnn 

Serafin_Translations · Author · May 27, 2023

I think that novel love at first in esports is abandoned or something? Should I pick it up or something? 

Serafin_Translations · Author · May 26, 2023

Please note that I am not a professional translator nor is my chinese foundation solid. Im very much just using any available tool to be able to give a satisfactory outcome of the novel. I usually insert my intake on some slangs that I also read from other novels.

This is edited MTL but I try my best to give better grammar however, there will be inconsistencies and unintentional mistakes translating it.  I may not be able to translate well or give meaning on idioms. 

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    Trying to translate novels which I want to read so requesting is not to be entertained right now,

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