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Jul 14, 2019

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i want off this clown world

BenJepheneT · Author · 1 hour ago

I'm itching to draw a new cover for Caninstinct. Maybe something with a clearer subject, you know?

BenJepheneT · Author · Jan 14, 2021

I wanna write a typical harem school-life/fantasy project with my favourite troupes. 

That's it. That's my current status.

I wanna write that shit.

drakensji · Jan 14, 2021

If thats what you want to write, have fun with it

BenJepheneT · Author · Jan 12, 2021

Surprise chapter drop tonight, since you guys deserve it after that long term cockblock.

It's not a new schedule; just something extra for you guys. And no it's not an extra chapter; it's a full chapter.

drakensji · Jan 12, 2021

right before exams, yay!

BenJepheneT · Author · Jan 8, 2021

Child me is thinking 10 minute frag videos are the best. Teen me is thinking 5 hour game critiques are the best. Adult me is going back to 10 minute frag vids because they're fun and I'm too fucking tired to put any sort of major time investment in anything at all.

drakensji · Jan 8, 2021

child me was obsessed with transformers, teen me was obsessed with games, adult me (only 22) just wants to rot in bed and read novels

BenJepheneT · Author · Jan 5, 2021

Not to sow false hope BUT I've been in a writing roll, which means if I keep going you might another chapter next week, and two more for February.

Not sure about March, but that depends.

If not, it's back to the usual monthly schedule.

drakensji · Jan 5, 2021

good luck! Hope you have fun

BenJepheneT · Author · Jan 2, 2021

Aight', the hiatus is over, new chapter's out

drakensji · Jan 2, 2021


BenJepheneT · Author · Jan 1, 2021

it's 2020 2. it's more of the same. it's nothing different. bad shit keeps happening but it's nothing major so it's just gonna be boring AND bad.

but hey, that also means more chapters by me.

it's still gonna be a shitty year but at least you got me by your side, wallowing in shit with you <3

drakensji · Jan 1, 2021

well the vaccine dlc is coming out soon, hopefully we will unlock new content that way

BenJepheneT · Author · Dec 30, 2020

I know it's been repeated like a broken record but man, this Covid shit sucks.

Can't even get a Subway without needing a mask and a working phone.

Back then you could just get a footlong with pants, sandals and some cash. Now you can't even walk out the door without credentials to your identity, health, and the diameter of your chocolate star.

drakensji · Dec 30, 2020

Chocolate star? Do i even want to know? 

BenJepheneT · Author · Dec 31, 2020

@drakensji picture the common anus

BenJepheneT · Author · Dec 26, 2020

January's coming.

You know what that means.

Santa's got a new year gift for y'all.

drakensji · Dec 26, 2020


BenJepheneT · Author · Dec 23, 2020

For the next month you might see shorter chapters from me; that's because I'm thinking of switching from a monthly release to a biweekly release.

If the reception is alright, I might go for it.

drakensji · Dec 23, 2020

Good luck. I would love to have chapters more often

BenJepheneT · Author · Dec 21, 2020

I fucken love playing RPGs as dwarves. My current character is so leveled up everytime our posse encounters a puzzle I just suggest tunneling and my strength multiplier is so high we just end up diggin' our way straight to the objective instead.

Elf virgins can only cope their not manlet 3 foot tall chads

drakensji · Dec 21, 2020

is this tabletop rpg's ? most videogames dont allow that sort of freedom.

Once you are a lategame mage very few obstacles can get in your way

BenJepheneT · Author · Dec 22, 2020

@drakensji of course it's tabletop. If it was a videogame that would've been called no_clipping

drakensji · Dec 22, 2020

Lol, the legendary false walls

The_Long_Serpent · Dec 19, 2020

How is the books?

BenJepheneT · Author · Dec 19, 2020

Long, slow burning, somewhat confusing at first and heavily reliant on the reader's faith to take the risk and invest for a greater payoff at the end.

On the other hand, I'd argue you won't find anything like my books in the market.

Read Caninstinct. Please. I beg you. It's good shit, I tell you.

BenJepheneT · Author · Dec 18, 2020

I may sound like a retard outside but truth is I'm conscious of my view counts and readers. I look back at previous reviews all the time as a motivational boost. I tell others to not care about view counts but in all honesty I'm a fucken hypocrite. I don't let it affect my writing but definitely keep a close eye on the statistics every day.

drakensji · Dec 18, 2020

recognition from others is always nice. but if you manage to be happy with your own evaluation then thats golden

BenJepheneT · Author · Dec 18, 2020

@drakensji i see myself as an inferior version of a future me but it's definitely great to hear that my current progress is good enough to warrant a golden word or two

BenJepheneT · Author · Dec 13, 2020

Why do people act so surprised when they get pregnant over unprotected sex? It's like putting chocolate drink powder in water and being surprised that you got a chocolate drink.

Granted, there's a cycle and more nuance to it but for real, do you not consider the risk? Human bodies have been recorded to have survived 10-floor drops, you sure those are the odds you wanna play with against a lifetime commitment?

drakensji · Dec 13, 2020

i think poeple dont really think about it while aroused, and afterwards dont want to think about it and hope for the best

BenJepheneT · Author · Dec 12, 2020

i've been listening to classical music. not just any classical music; fucken OPERA.

these fucks weren't kidding about the academic research towards classical music and focus. back then it took be 30 minutes before i eventually open GTA. now i can write for 45 minutes before i subconsciously alt-tab back to Los Santos.

Nahrenne · Dec 12, 2020

The Magic Flute?


drakensji · Dec 12, 2020

i guess ill have to try it as well

BenJepheneT · Author · Dec 13, 2020

@Nahrenne I heard it and holy shit that woman's windpipe is PRISTINE

Nahrenne · Dec 13, 2020

It's very impressive, I agree.



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    i want off this clown world

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