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Jul 23, 2019

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Well-Known Author
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Joined: Jul 23, 2019
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StarLord · Jan 15, 2020

Will Nero available on your Patreon?

lruska · Author · Jan 15, 2020

Not yet, I am currently editing the chapters. Then I'll see if I can make chapters for Patreon.

EmperorDragon · Jan 14, 2020

Vc é Br?? Novel MT boa msm

lruska · Author · Jan 14, 2020

Sou sim clear.png

Dwood34 · Jan 10, 2020

You are a freaking genius. Golden Fox with System is sooooo good. Ive been reading it nonstop for the last 3 days. Plz plz plz keep publishing. You have a new biggest fan and thank you some much for the good read!

Dwood34 · Jan 10, 2020

Let me catch up to the end and Im getting the pateron. I can't read fast enough

lruska · Author · Jan 10, 2020

Thanks! clear.png

Dwood34 · Jan 11, 2020


joary · Nov 26, 2019

Why'd you remove nero?

Tsuru · Nov 26, 2019

Despite me having paused reading your series a few months ago. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK ! Good luck !!! I am happy to see that your work is still being updated unlike all other old series on scribble.

lruska · Author · Nov 26, 2019


TypeFantasyHeart · Nov 4, 2019

SUP lruska. I recommend you read the article on this link, it helps a lot and will definitely improve and maybe make you notice mistakes you didn't know you have committed or improvement you hadnt thought of, but know that its just a guide, no a rule on how to write.

Give it a read, its not long. Im sure you will be surprised

Tsuru · Sep 1, 2019

A raw series titled The king of variety entertainment. Really fluffy and some rare sweet romance (marriage at 120).
MTL into brazilian.

Tsuru · Aug 31, 2019

Just me or your series doesn't have a lot of tags ? Hmmm i think there was a "Cultivation" tag. Try to add it.

Tsuru · Aug 28, 2019

Do you now change the publication time because of the light problem ? or it will go back to the same soon ?

Tsuru · Aug 26, 2019

Did you thought about having Theo filming Yui do something cute and possibly sharing it on isekai website COUGHYOUTUBECOUGH ?
This one i am less sure: just in one sentence saying -> a surge of videos about grand daughters began to appear in order to compare against Yui (done by idiot/pampering parent/grand parent). Or just to also be popular.

lruska · Author · Aug 26, 2019

Maybe later, like this: "Adventures, between father and daughter"

Tsuru · Aug 18, 2019

Another interesting chapter again. Sigh...

lruska · Author · Aug 18, 2019


Tsuru · Aug 17, 2019

Damn you... Now i am addicted to your series... (true)
Now i feel ultra bored.

lruska · Author · Aug 17, 2019


Tsuru · Aug 16, 2019

AAAaaaaah. I wish there were more romance stories like your series.

lruska · Author · Aug 16, 2019


Tsuru · Aug 16, 2019

Btw when do you update your series ? So i know at which time to refresh/check your series.

Tsuru · Aug 16, 2019

I finished my fucking task of going to doctor and following to a store with my father when going back and now i need to be depressed waiting 3 hours until your next chapter... =_= It became too interesting with MC becoming so OP and crushing evil.

lruska · Author · Aug 16, 2019


Tsuru · Aug 16, 2019

Damn you blood tears eater ! You and your evil scheme of creating a too good/awesome story, only to give not a lot of chapters everyday, all so you can eat the readers' suffering of wanting more ! Or maybe your idea was to make us addicted to it and paywall the future chapters ! DAMN YOU !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

lruska · Author · Aug 16, 2019

kkkkkk. I laughed a lot

Tsuru · Aug 16, 2019

Also i think your readers would like it if MC and FL could reverse back to animal forms and flirt like that a little.

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