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Jul 23, 2019

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Joined: Jul 23, 2019
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Tsuru · Sep 1, 2019
A raw series titled The king of variety entertainment. Really fluffy and some rare sweet romance (marriage at 120).
MTL into brazilian.
Tsuru · Aug 31, 2019
Just me or your series doesn't have a lot of tags ? Hmmm i think there was a "Cultivation" tag. Try to add it.
Tsuru · Aug 28, 2019
Do you now change the publication time because of the light problem ? or it will go back to the same soon ?
Tsuru · Aug 26, 2019
Did you thought about having Theo filming Yui do something cute and possibly sharing it on isekai website COUGHYOUTUBECOUGH ?
This one i am less sure: just in one sentence saying -> a surge of videos about grand daughters began to appear in order to compare against Yui (done by idiot/pampering parent/grand parent). Or just to also be popular.
lruska · Author · Aug 26, 2019
Maybe later, like this: "Adventures, between father and daughter"
Tsuru · Aug 18, 2019
Another interesting chapter again. Sigh...
lruska · Author · Aug 18, 2019
Tsuru · Aug 17, 2019
Damn you... Now i am addicted to your series... (true)
Now i feel ultra bored.
lruska · Author · Aug 17, 2019
Tsuru · Aug 16, 2019
AAAaaaaah. I wish there were more romance stories like your series.
lruska · Author · Aug 16, 2019
Tsuru · Aug 16, 2019
Btw when do you update your series ? So i know at which time to refresh/check your series.
Tsuru · Aug 16, 2019
I finished my fucking task of going to doctor and following to a store with my father when going back and now i need to be depressed waiting 3 hours until your next chapter... =_= It became too interesting with MC becoming so OP and crushing evil.
lruska · Author · Aug 16, 2019
Tsuru · Aug 16, 2019
Damn you blood tears eater ! You and your evil scheme of creating a too good/awesome story, only to give not a lot of chapters everyday, all so you can eat the readers' suffering of wanting more ! Or maybe your idea was to make us addicted to it and paywall the future chapters ! DAMN YOU !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
lruska · Author · Aug 16, 2019
kkkkkk. I laughed a lot
Tsuru · Aug 16, 2019
Also i think your readers would like it if MC and FL could reverse back to animal forms and flirt like that a little.
Tsuru · Aug 15, 2019
GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH ! I already finished AGAIN the chapters available !
*sob sob* I want more.
lruska · Author · Aug 15, 2019
Tsuru · Aug 15, 2019
Is there the brazilian raws somewhere ? *sob sob* I can't wait...
lruska · Author · Aug 15, 2019
It has the advanced chapters in my patreon. Until 98
Tsuru · Aug 15, 2019
Damnit... i can't pay online. Would have paid (only) one month like for 20-30$ once / donation so i can binge read and be satisfied and wait a lot of days to continue read the rest free (when series in scribblehub catch back to 98).
Would have done that because got this big craving today/right now because you stopped at the really good part damnit.
Tsuru · Aug 15, 2019
Somehow reading your series, what i want is pure wish fulfillment. MC having no problems in human city because he is OP and even if enemies appear they are crushed in one chapter.
It's hard to find stories that are can be light hearted or really relaxing/healing.
(I am at chapter 67)
Seamark · Aug 12, 2019
Como assim você tá traduzindo sua novel pra inglês com google tradutor??? Só fiquei impressionada e to rindo um pouco pela aleatoriedade de ter encontrado sua novel, mas boa sorte.
Tsuru · Aug 4, 2019
Unless i am wrong there are a feeeeeeeew typos (discovered by commentors) in your series.
lruska · Author · Aug 4, 2019
I am Brazilian and I don't understand English. I use the Google translator to translate my novel into English.
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