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Jul 23, 2019

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Joined: Jul 23, 2019
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Astil · Jul 15, 2022

How to join the discord?

Sas500 · Jan 5, 2021

hey there. 50box exceeds the money I can afford so I cant follow you there. wish ya the best.

Aralunai · Dec 28, 2020

If you were that much in need some f money you could have said something but I’m not paying 50 dollars just to catch up on a story I like I’d rather play a game

LukinhasGMZ · Dec 26, 2020

it's amazing how everyone complains, if they think it is bad they will pay his patreon. On the webnovel you can read 3 chapters paid daily just by checking and using the stones, stop cryingclear.png

susanasouza · Dec 26, 2020

stop blaming him, you judge too quickly he had his reasons so stop throwing stones at him for god's sake this is already getting annoying you honestly didn't realize that he is a person like anybody not? he has damn feelings stop this once and for all!

Nusan_Walen · Jan 20, 2021

exactly, i stopped reading golden fox because of how blind MC was(forging technique) and i do understand very well that there are many good novels out there so just find them and don't stand there "throwing stones" for nothing

tyler89558 · Dec 25, 2020

Could have at least left an explanation or something. Oh well. 

Nyaniru · Dec 25, 2020

welp imma continue reading Nero, The Legendary Hunter on Webnovel. No locked chapters yet.... hopefully

Novellover · Feb 4, 2021

Yep Just use Fast pass probably enough

Fasolasido · Dec 24, 2020

Wow what fun ride thank for you work clear.pnghope you better in new site

Naavi · Dec 24, 2020

And what I feared happened ... Chapters locked on WebNovel ...
I can understand why you want better pay, but this is really the worst site -_- ".

quadrupoltensor · Dec 24, 2020

Golden Fox was a nice story, but I won‘t follow. Wish you good luck with your new endevour.

Zxuan · Dec 24, 2020


hichris23 · Dec 24, 2020

What a bad joke...

CosmicTony · Dec 23, 2020

Any author that decides to sign a contract with qidian is a waist of space who has sold their soul to the devil you have lost all my respect for signing a contract with an organization that is so terrible. i hope you realize that you have alienated a lot of your readers.

CosmicTony · Dec 23, 2020

Also I hope you know that they own your story now and i have heard that they treat their creators terribly.

Alienix · Dec 23, 2020

clear.pngIm not gonna diss u about ur decision. Im just curious why your name is Lruska and not Iruska

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