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Jul 26, 2019

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Well-Known Author
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Joined: Jul 26, 2019
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"I read a light novel about cat girls and now I'm the author of half a dozen light novels, two web series and I'm in a lesbian relationship with another author. How did this happen?" - an autobiographical light novel by Trashlyn

Following my co-author and gf to new sites. Btw so far scribblehub has been the best yet (Thanks Tony).

DanielJacobson · Sep 12, 2020

Please do i am really enjoying the story (despite all of the shit posting that you have apparently been getting elsewhere).

It is a good story universe. Interesting, in a unique way. I am really enjoying what there is out there.

Trashlyn · Author · Aug 11, 2021

Thank you! Hope to keep writing stuff you enjoy!

DanielJacobson · Sep 11, 2020

Has Songbird been dropped completely or is it live elsewhere?

Trashlyn · Author · Sep 12, 2020

No it is still in the works just on hiatus at a natural rest point. I have lots of notes and plans for arc 3 and a chapter plan, I've just been writing a different series since November last year (Illegal Alien).

Thank said I'm not writing at the moment due to burnout plus a rough year and a rough last few months.

I'm hoping to recover to start writing again soon as I can.

Sabruness · Jan 9, 2021

So songbird will eventually return? awesome. cant wait to be able to read more from the Kammiverse (and hope Val's able to return to continue the troubleverse) sometime this year.

Trashlyn · Author · Jul 17, 2020

Wooooo! Trendy #5 again! Thanks everyone for getting me there!clear.pngclear.pngclear.png


RubyStarfire · Jul 17, 2020

You  deserve it girl! clear.png

Trashlyn · Author · Jul 4, 2020

Concerning discontinuing posting on TGST:

I have no idea if any of you have been watching the ongoing drama around TGstorytime lack of moderation of a certain low quality and often bigoted user and the long threads about it on the front page (first has been taken down at over 100 comments and as I type then the second is approaching 40+ comments). Joe (the site’s admin) has made it clear this site isn’t for content about transgender characters and their experiences.

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Trashlyn · Author · Jul 4, 2020

In fact on top of Joe's response, I have been given more cause to migrate off this site for good recently. Every day for the last week this site has been failing to stay online

As it stands the math is simple: the site is a pain to post on due to having to reformat chapters to html & the verification delay, Joe not just allowing bigoted low quality users to spam the site but also protecting them & finally there's the instability of the site's aging infrastructure.

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Trashlyn · Author · Jul 4, 2020

I only post here to reach potential unhatched eggs and give them the trans fiction I would have wanted in their position. I'll regret moving on from here and leaving them behind, but it is what it is.

I have for a long time also posted my stories on Scribblehub, you will be able to find them and future updates there as Scribblehub’s admin has been a friend to our community ever since Mr Simple (may you rest in peace friend) paved the way for us there.

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Trashlyn · Author · Jul 4, 2020

Myself, Rosilys Inknose (QuietValerie) and a bunch of authors from here and elsewhere have carved ourselves out a corner of the site and we frequently get our stories up into the front-page trending.

I hope to see you there.

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Roadbandit · Jul 3, 2020

I’m sorry you had so many haters on the other site, I always enjoyed your stories, I will continue to love reading them

Trashlyn · Author · Jul 3, 2020

Welcome over here! Don't forget to check the transgender tag for more stories and also Check the post chapter notes for Illegal alien, I recommend a lot of good stories in that most of the time when i post a new chapter.

CL · Jun 28, 2020

Hello, this is CL (aka CasLon on TG Storytime) but, from the Discord server, just CL (obvious, isn't it?).
  I'm now following you here (that sounded creepy). Sending you a DM on the server felt intrusive (not that this is any better). I felt the need to apologize for bringing up a sensitive topic.  Here goes it (due to word limit, please refer to next reply).

CL · Jun 28, 2020

I didn't consider how well you've been recovering. I am sorry for not thinking first on what you had said on not being ready to look back at your chat logs. If I had thought at all, I would've zipped my mouth shut instantly and let the topic drop. Causing people to become upset is bad and, honestly, I want to be good. That is why I hope this message is a good thing going in a positive direction.

Here's to your welfare!
One day, hopefully, to be your friend,
Casedy Long
Trashlyn · Author · Jun 28, 2020

its nothing to worry about. I was handling it fine, that was just something I wasn't prepared to do yet, everything else I was fine with. I am happy to tell people about my friend Mr Simple. He's paved the way for us on this site and was the reason many of us migrated here after the troubles with Royal Road. I was nice seeing you so enthusiastic about his works and being able to elude to where he was planning to go with his stories.

CL · Jun 28, 2020


Your response here (and on Discord) makes me happy to know you are fine.  I always worry about saying the wrong thing and that's why you might see me zip it when I'm inebriated (but being like that does get me motivated to write clear.png).

I'd talk more, but I am (unfortunately) off to work.  Have a good rest of your weekend!

Trashlyn · Author · Jun 8, 2020

Just letting people know I'm alive and still writing, been hard to write recently with all the stuff going on in the world and I have had other stuff to deal with.

That said I have been slowly chipping away at the next chapter and over 2k words into the first part done.

#Black Lives Matter

FireflyFanatic · Jun 8, 2020

Glad to hear!

#Black Lives Matter

Trashlyn · Author · May 5, 2020

Deciding whether to retool my chapter 20 wip

Trashlyn · Author · May 2, 2020

Sorry y'all the chapter is WIP, but I'm currently still without internet which is making things difficult.

Also I recently celebrated my Birthday, had cake etc.

Trashlyn · Author · May 2, 2020

got another 300 words down, all it took was freezing myself.

Trashlyn · Author · Apr 22, 2020

Ok chapter 19 finished at almost 4k words, see you all in roughly 10 hours after scribblehub reset when I post it (00.00 GMT/UTC)

Lexi · Apr 22, 2020

Wooh! New read-stuff for breakfast! clear.png

Trashlyn · Author · Apr 20, 2020

Chapter 19 is half done, a bit behind. Some nearby construction named the internet in my are a week ago. Since then it has been on and off, much of the time I am hot spotting from my phone. That and other stuff has been somewhat disruptive.

Hope to get this out to you as soon as possible, putting a lot of love into this chapter its going to be another twofer.

Breefolk · Apr 20, 2020

Aisling needs the love right now.  Take your time.  Don’t rush things, and I hope the internet stabilizes.

Lexi · Apr 20, 2020

So so soooo looking forward it! clear.png

illvy · Apr 22, 2020

Hang in there Ash! Hopefully your internet is fixed soon. Your twitter feed has shown quite the descent into madness. <3

Trashlyn · Author · Apr 7, 2020

guess who has two thumbs and still isn't well yet?

Lexi · Apr 7, 2020

*offers sanitized headpats* :(

Romythered · Apr 8, 2020

big Hug....

Trashlyn · Author · Apr 3, 2020


AllendiaFarcrest · Apr 3, 2020


Trashlyn · Author · Apr 2, 2020

Ok Chapter 17 complete at 4170 words. Will be posting in 14 and a half hours at 00:00 GMT/UTC.

Trashlyn · Author · Apr 1, 2020

Talking about scientific realism.

Ok chapter 17 is pretty much almost finished, just a few lines to go and then proofreading and editing. close to 4k words all up.

Will post in roughly 34 and a half hours. This chapter is too important to rush.

Lexi · Apr 1, 2020


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    "I read a light novel about cat girls and now I'm the author of half a dozen light novels, two web series and I'm in a lesbian relationship with another author. How did this happen?" - an autobiographical light novel by Trashlyn

    Following my co-author and gf to new sites. Btw so far scribblehub has been the best yet (Thanks Tony).

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