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Jul 31, 2019

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Trash girl
Trash world

DerbyGhost Author Apr 16, 2024

Update: working on the new chapter of What is a Man? now! Thank you for your patience. The upcoming chapter has a very Special Surprise that i am so excited to share with you.聽

WickedTrashPanda Apr 17, 2024

I do love a good Derby Ghost surprise 馃憖

Scamantha_Likely Apr 20, 2024

Really excited to see more! It reminds me of the old YOUR ASSHOLE DAD'S CASTLE IS BACK AGAIN story but the focus on the Belm- er, Halberd instead of on dracula's kid feels fresh. Thank you!

DerbyGhost Author Feb 28, 2024

The final chapter of Disrupters has been published! For those of you who checked it out, thank you so much! I hope you enjoy.聽

DerbyGhost Author Feb 14, 2024

Part 2 of 3 of Disrupters has been released! Enjoy my drunken magical girls.聽

DerbyGhost Author Feb 12, 2024

What Is A Man? Chapter 5 has been posted!! I hope you all enjoy!

originalzin Feb 12, 2024


ArashiDragon Feb 12, 2024

*Crawls out of a grave, fully refreshed, stretches* Did I hear there was another chapter out?聽clear.png *dashes off to check it out*

DerbyGhost Author Feb 9, 2024

Last year I wrote a story for the Secret Trans Writers Present: One Prompt, Many Stories bundle. I genuinely think it鈥檚 one of the better things that I鈥檝e written and I am so happy to start sharing it with you in between writing new chapters for my stories. Part 1 of 3 will be up as soon as its cleared by Scrib

Stella_Z Feb 9, 2024

Were can I get the bundle?

DerbyGhost Author Feb 9, 2024

The link is here! But the rest of the story will be up over the next week as well if you just want to wait. Up to you! Or you could also just snag the story by itself.聽clear.png

Stella_Z Feb 9, 2024

Oh, I already got this bundle, lol.

DerbyGhost Author Feb 9, 2024

Oh lol! Well thank you so much for supporting me and the other writers! I hope you enjoy the rest of disrupters!聽

DerbyGhost Author Feb 8, 2024

Because I have no self control, Chapter 4 from What Is a Man? has been posted.聽

originalzin Feb 8, 2024

Yes yes hell yes

ArashiDragon Feb 9, 2024

*raises hand* Umm... where's the graveyard for those on death's door having withdrawal symptoms waiting for Chapter 5?clear.png

DerbyGhost Author Feb 9, 2024

It is carefully tucked between the radioactive waste and the WIPs that probably won鈥檛 see the light of day. I am doing final edits on chapter 5 and starting into chapter 6, so once i feel comfortable enough with what i have i will unleash 5 on the world!聽

ArashiDragon Feb 9, 2024

Ahhhh.. I think I see the light... Umm.. hey wait? Am I supposed to avoid the light or walk into it?

DerbyGhost Author Jan 25, 2024

In case you haven鈥檛 seen it I have posted the first two chapters of my take on the 鈥渢rauma-filled vampire hunter meets a vampire and realizes just how out-matched he is鈥 genre of stories. I hope you like it!

yesthattabitha Jan 25, 2024

Those two chapters, trauma filled as they are, are amazing!聽 I want to spoil it so bad but I will end my comment here so I dont.clear.pngclear.pngclear.pngclear.pngclear.pngclear.pngclear.pngclear.png

spiteful Jan 8, 2024

Should when I come around be marked as completed? It says it鈥檚 on hiatus but the last chapter has been posted?

spiteful Jan 8, 2024

No wait, not when I come around,

spiteful Jan 8, 2024

And if your heart stops beating, that one

DerbyGhost Author Jan 9, 2024

Its not fulllly finished. I know that technically works as a last chapter but there are a few things that i really want to wrap up before finishing it for good. But thank you for reading it!!!

DerbyGhost Author Jan 5, 2024

Woah would you look at this? The story i wrote for the holiday bundle is being posted in chapters on this here Scribblehub page. I had a lot of fun writing 鈥淚鈥檒l Be Horned For Christmas鈥 and i hope you have fun reading it!

Also i promise 2024 is the year that i publish chapters and finish up some almost done WIPs so y鈥檃ll can have more things to read!聽

GutterMuse Jan 7, 2024


Kaiyalai Oct 8, 2023

Just binged A Wolf in Penrith on another site. Any plans to a) bring it here, and/or b) continue it past chapter nine?

鈥r, if you already continued it past chapter nine, where might I find more?

DerbyGhost Author Oct 4, 2023

Hey y鈥檃ll. I know its been forever. I promise I am trying to wrap up Heart and dive back into Shut Up. Writer鈥檚 Block comes and goes but i swear both of those series aren鈥檛 dead. I did wrangle my brain into writing a short story for the recent trans writing story bundle, which will start posting soon. I also am trying to get something on scribblehub soon. I promise!!

Jess Oct 5, 2023

So excitedddd

Selenebun Oct 5, 2023

Good luck Derby! clear.pngclear.pngclear.png

nullptr Oct 5, 2023

you got this!

GutterMuse Oct 6, 2023


Exiel Sep 19, 2023

Will we ever get the last bit of "if your heart stops beating"? I feel like I've been in suspense for years.

DerbyGhost Author May 3, 2022

Last December I participated in a secret Santa story swap. Today one of my stories has been posted on Scribblehub! Hooray! Enjoy this story of family and change. It's a lot different than the stuff I usually write, and I'm really proud of it.聽

DerbyGhost Author Apr 22, 2022

A double-sized chapter of Shut Up & Play the Hits is up for your enjoyment! Hooray!聽

DerbyGhost Author Apr 8, 2022

Since it took so long to get chapter 3 out, here's chapter 4 as a treat!聽

CL Apr 9, 2022

Thank you for the double.聽clear.png

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    Trash girl
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