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Jul 31, 2019

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Well-Known Author
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Joined: Jul 31, 2019
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Trash girl
Trash world

DerbyGhost · Author · May 3, 2022

Last December I participated in a secret Santa story swap. Today one of my stories has been posted on Scribblehub! Hooray! Enjoy this story of family and change. It's a lot different than the stuff I usually write, and I'm really proud of it.

DerbyGhost · Author · Apr 22, 2022

A double-sized chapter of Shut Up & Play the Hits is up for your enjoyment! Hooray! 

DerbyGhost · Author · Apr 8, 2022

Since it took so long to get chapter 3 out, here's chapter 4 as a treat! 

CL · Apr 9, 2022

Thank you for the double. clear.png

DerbyGhost · Author · Apr 7, 2022

A new Shut Up And Play the Hits chapter has been posted! Enjoy! 

Vyria_Durav · Apr 7, 2022


DerbyGhost · Author · Mar 12, 2022

Good morning! I posted a new chapter of Shut Up today! Check it out if you want! And if you don't want to that's okay. Nobody reads these anyways

FoxSpren · Mar 12, 2022

No one reads these you say?

DerbyGhost · Author · Mar 12, 2022

O shit

CL · Mar 12, 2022

I read every profile update on those I have followed, but it is a question of whether I respond towards it. clear.png

Irlina · Mar 13, 2022

Same as ^

DerbyGhost · Author · Mar 4, 2022

I couldn't wait any longer and posted the first chapter of my new story, Shut Up and Play the Hits! I hope you enjoy my gremlin band as much as I do! 

DerbyGhost · Author · Dec 17, 2021

I know a ton of you are waiting with baited breath for me to finish Heart. I have a few things to take care of first and then I'm going to turn my attention to finishing Juniper's story. 

If you want to read a new story set in the same universe, check out Punchline Press's new story Ashes From the Underground. Their last big story, Alleykat was just lovely and I know this one is going to be just as good.

Exiel · Nov 30, 2021

Will you ever finish "If your heart stops beating"?

DerbyGhost · Author · Oct 30, 2021

Epilogue 2 of Devil has been posted!! And it's done. Thank you for joining me on this fun little scary season story. clear.png

DerbyGhost · Author · Oct 29, 2021

Epilogue 1 has been posted! Just a heads up. This one is Capital h horny. And cute. But also horny. 

FemaleCorrin · Oct 21, 2021

Hey I love your stories but I'm wondering if Former Boy problems will ever get a continuation? 

FemaleCorrin · Oct 21, 2021

Or Spelblocked, or Wizard Mode.

DerbyGhost · Author · Oct 21, 2021

Hi! Thanks for the positivity!

I love Former Boy Problems, but I don't think it will ever be finished as a story for two reasons. When I first started writing it I hadn't transitioned and I put a lot of feelings and that mindset into the story. During the edits for posting on scribble I never really could get back into Andi's mindset. I also wrote it flying completely blind. There was no plan, I was basically writing it chapter to chapter. 

DerbyGhost · Author · Oct 21, 2021

Spellblocked... Well I think I might want to polish it up and give it an ending. Funnily enough it was supposed to be a story to give me a push through writers block and then I stalled out there as well.

Wizard Mode I'm not really sure about. It's weird to think people love it because when I dropped it on tgst it pretty much got ignored and I lost motivation to keep it going. 
DerbyGhost · Author · Oct 21, 2021

I'm gonna be honest. I have massive depression and until last year undiagnosed ADHD. I love writing but sometimes it just doesn't happen for me for months. I have Heart completely planned (it's only a few more chapters). I know how frustrating it is to read and enjoy unfinished stories. 

DerbyGhost · Author · Oct 19, 2021

I decided to be a little impatient and I posted the final chapter of Let the Devil Take the Rest today! Because you all deserve it. There will be two epilogues that I will post next week. 

Also I am working on the next story, In League With Dragons which is a week in the life of Florence, the catgirl bartender at Golden Lights. It's gonna be fun! 

DerbyGhost · Author · Oct 15, 2021

But what if.... I posted the next chapter of Devil now. :3

Chapter 4: Judgement is up 

DerbyGhost · Author · Oct 15, 2021

Also I thought I'd post it eventually, but here is the song that inspired this whole story.

CL · Oct 16, 2021

Thank you for sharing the song with us. clear.png

DerbyGhost · Author · Oct 8, 2021

It's Friday! Happy Friday. Have a new chapter of Let the Devil Take the Rest. 

Selenebun · Oct 9, 2021


DerbyGhost · Author · Oct 1, 2021

The first two chapters of Let the Devil Take the Rest have been published. I did a double post to give you a little taste of the world and what's to come. I hope you enjoy! 

PrincessFelicie · Oct 2, 2021

It's really really good and you should really really read it!

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    Trash girl
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