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Aug 6, 2019

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Famous Author
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Joined: Aug 6, 2019
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Eliyasviel · Nov 24, 2021

Hey! cat-sensei when are you going to update "There is Something Wrong with This Game"? . You know, I'm tired of waiting

FlyingPirateCat · Author · Nov 24, 2021

Okay, updated.

Elesis21 · Nov 23, 2021

Author, when will you continued the lolified? It's been on hiatus for such a long time, and now it's almost the end of year. I think it's the right time to continue it. 

Nyaa · Nov 27, 2021

Yes. This. WE NEED MOAR!

Cappi · Sep 7, 2021

Author, when is Lolified going out of hiatus and active again. It’s been on hiatus for almost 6 months now.

Nyaa · Oct 11, 2021

I'm reading it now and WE NEED MOAR!

GreenerThanGreen · Aug 17, 2021

Have you completely given up on Ojou-san, Anata wa Duelist Desuka?, or is there a chance tfor you to continue the story? It is an interesting story and it isn't like there is to be too OP in Yu-Gi-Oh. You either win or lose.

FlyingPirateCat · Author · Aug 17, 2021

Hmm, I dunno.
I'm still considering to continuing the story later, but I just didn't find the motivation to do right now.

Rizon · Aug 2, 2021

Author are you still alive? Or did u get isekaid? 

FlyingPirateCat · Author · Aug 2, 2021

Hello, fortunately, I'm still on earth, alive and well.

It's just that, IRL is pretty hectic recently and perhaps I should apologize.
I have a lot of issues I had to think right now and writing novel is not my first priority.

Rizon · Aug 2, 2021

Oh! I hope everything turns out well and you shouldnt apologize tho i would have preferred it if u notified your readers since i was waiting xD maybe you should put the novels on hiatus and take a rest or do your stuff.. Tldr i hope you are well

Rizon · Aug 2, 2021

I hope my reply doesnt sound weird since english is not my first language so i cant find words to express my intentions but i hope it got to you xD

Crazedpanda1987 · Mar 30, 2021

Any updates on great author ( I read the one about RE2R as a fan I'm fully satisfied) 

Qou · Jan 13, 2021

I accidentally stumbled upon your novel called lolified and then I got addicted to it. It's quite rare to find a siblings themed that has a very nice flowing plot. Can't wait to read more of it. Thank you for writing this storiesclear.png

ShadowSun · Oct 26, 2020

Eagerly waiting for a new chapter of what is wrong with this game. I feel like the update rate is Very slow

delete_user_26805 · Sep 6, 2020

I honestly feel bad for Rimu... clear.png

FlyingPirateCat · Author · Sep 6, 2020

Don't worry, Rimu was surrounded with a lot of kind people.

delete_user_26805 · Sep 6, 2020

Will there be romance in Lolified?

I'm hoping that the moment Rimu confesses her inferiority complex towards Riku would be a very emotional one!

delete_user_26805 · Sep 6, 2020

Like, I envision Rimu crying when she confesses that she always envied Riku for being a lot smarter and talented than her, making her feel inferior, unworthy and lonely. Then Riku would cheer her up saying that he will help her and that she will never be alone.

FlyingPirateCat · Author · Sep 6, 2020

I'm sorry, but I can't say about romance for now.

But she will not confess about her inferiority complex. Her pride is strong. Rather than exposing weakness, she will prefer to work hard. She used her envy to fuel her determination.

delete_user_26805 · Sep 6, 2020

I don’t know... I think it’s better that she confesses.

I feel sad when people feels inferior to others. Maybe Riku could help Rimu and make her potential bloom!

delete_user_26805 · Sep 6, 2020

I feel that being prideful is unconsciously a facade to hide a more sad and inferior persona.

delete_user_26805 · May 30, 2020

I hope for Rimu to get redemption, I worry about her and I think she should confess her inferiority complex towards her brother and ask for help... clear.png

FlyingPirateCat · Author · May 30, 2020

Don't worry, her inferiority will disappear eventually.

Tenmosu · Sep 29, 2019

The text of your novel title is bugging on cellphone can't read the full title. After lolified there is only gray box and there is no problem on my computer, maybe you should remove the italic text.

FlyingPirateCat · Author · Sep 29, 2019

Fixed, thanks for the info

Tenmosu · Sep 29, 2019

Happy to help ?

Yorda · Oct 9, 2019

@Tenmosu is being helpful once again! Clap clap.

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