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Aug 6, 2019

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Famous Author
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Joined: Aug 6, 2019
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Nicolae · Feb 27, 2024

everything ok?

Fein · Jan 7, 2024

I love "There is Something Wrong with This Game" even though I don't particularly like Loli characters. ♥️

Flyingpiratecat do you know when it is going to get an update?

Danish2009 · Jan 3, 2024

There is something wrong with this game late update again?clear.png

Twill56 · Dec 3, 2023


Thanks for answeringclear.png

Twill56 · Dec 2, 2023

Just a question 

Was lolified II abandoned?

FlyingPirateCat · Author · Dec 3, 2023

No, it's just a temporary hiatus.

My apologies, but unfortunately I'm currently facing some writer's block with lolified so I decided to put the series on hiatus temporarily.

tatsuya · Nov 14, 2023

Hello good advance morning it's been a while since I read your novel I'll just like to say thanksz it's one of my favorite ehem I reread that 6times already hahhahhaha

Milteo · Oct 1, 2023

hey do you have time to update Lolified II?

FlyingPirateCat · Author · Oct 6, 2023


Nyaa · Sep 13, 2023


Assurbanipal_II · Aug 29, 2023

clear.png A pirate kitten ...

Nyaa · May 12, 2023


It has been nearly a month for There is Something Wrong with This Game and over 2 months for Lolified... clear.png

Hope you're doing okay...

FlyingPirateCat · Author · May 12, 2023

There is already 2k words chapter draft for hecate, I still polishing it for a little bit...
I suddenly got really busy this month, but I'm healthy, except for a bit tired.
I'm sorry for the delay, but I'll try to post the chapter soon as I can.

Nyaa · Jun 27, 2023

So... What's going on with Lolified? Do you not have time for it right now? Or are you not able to stay motivated? That story has such great potential, so it's a real shame to see it get stalled like this.

I really love Hecate, but I want to see Rimu's story continue too.

Nyaa · Jul 10, 2023


FlyingPirateCat · Author · Jul 15, 2023

Okay, sorry for the wait.
Updated clear.png

AliceChan44 · Jan 24, 2023

BTW In A006 Commission

"I won't mistook it." should be "I wouldn't mistake it" It's the line by Ouma in the begining 7th paragraph I think.

Crazy-hat · Dec 25, 2022

Merry Christmas and a Happy new year to you and yours.

tatsuya · Dec 17, 2022

ermmm....  waiting clear.png

Nyaa · Nov 30, 2022

Please don't forget about Lolified. We convinced you to continue it, so please don't let it stagnate until it loses its place in your mind and ends up on another foreverhiatus.

Rine · Nov 25, 2022

It might be less pressure to take a hiatus to write a bulk of chapters then uploading them consistently, afterwards. Less worry about deadlines and breaks with a stockpile to dig into. If your worried about feedback, personal motivation, money or anything else you could could continue as normal or balance speedy uploads and stockpiling however needed.

Either way just finished binge reading 'There is something wrong with this game' and can't wait until the next chapter.😽

FlyingPirateCat · Author · Nov 26, 2022

Thanks for the patronage :D

Unfortunately, writing bulk of chapters first doesn't seem to work well with me.
I post the chapter right after I finished writing it to 'cement' that chapter, so I don't have to worry about changing the plot and just go forward as it is.

It might be sound strange to you, but inspiration is really a vague thing for writers. If I write bulk first, I might be confused and tempted to change the overall plot several times.

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