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Famous Author
Jan 12, 2019

Famous Author
Joined: Jan 12, 2019
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I'm a bum who loves to read, play video/tabletop games, and cook. Nuf said.
( ・ω・)づ__/\
(つ /(・ω・。 )
し–– (nn ノ) pat pat

serapheid · Author · Dec 31, 2023

A Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year to everyone! 

serapheid · Author · Dec 31, 2023

Sorry for the lack of activity, holiday season is my busiest since I help out with our food-home-pick-up business (if you could call it that - basically, we take orders and people pick it up at our address). This is made tougher with my brother having a fractured leg due to getting hit by a car. I'm still working on my novels, but it's very slow going due to the above reasons.

serapheid · Author · Dec 31, 2023

But once the holidays breeze over, I can get back to my writing, so please have patience everyone, thank you!

RoboticSquid · Mar 14, 2024

I hope your doing well.

DiscoDream · Nov 27, 2023

Bratty author, making me wait months for more mofu mofu with teeny tiny fairy! 

serapheid · Author · Dec 14, 2023

Sorry about that. It's taking me longer since my brother got hit by a car, so I've been taking care of him. Will try to get something out before the end of the month, so I hope you guys can be a little more patient

DiscoDream · Dec 14, 2023

A barely acceptable excuse, *places chocolate*. Honestly, it's on the verge of tolerable. *Orders flowers*. If it was anything less I might even be upset. *Orders my niece to make origami*. Just take your time. 

serapheid · Author · Dec 14, 2023

Thank you, I truly appreciate your understanding clear.png

aidan_lo · Jul 25, 2023

just binge read all of morphling and im loving it so far. 

serapheid · Author · Jul 26, 2023

 glad to hear itclear.png

Gugudxd · Jul 23, 2023

I really like your work especially morphling

serapheid · Author · Jul 23, 2023

Thanks! I really appreciate it clear.png

Gugudxd · Jul 22, 2023

Gosto muito do seu trabalho principalmente morphling 

serapheid · Author · Jul 23, 2023

Is this Portuguese? Sorry, I’d rather not offend anyone through misunderstandings, so I’d appreciate it if you just messaged me in English 

Simonclown · Nov 29, 2022

Are they still replacing fibre lines?

serapheid · Author · Nov 29, 2022

Hi, not anymore so my net's been stable. On the other hand, I now have a job so I won't be able to release as often.

Cipher032 · Aug 15, 2022

Bro you good? Haven't seen any activity from you in months.

serapheid · Author · Aug 19, 2022

I posted the reason below. Still getting outages.

serapheid · Author · Jul 28, 2022

Sorry for the lack of updates. Our ISP has been replacing fiber lines across the city, so we’ve had outages for weeks (months now) to prepare for storm season. Been using my phone data all this time, and it’s been frustrating. I’ll have the new chapters out as soon as my net is back.

NagiDragon · Aug 6, 2021

Saw you posting a new story, are you better now bruh.

serapheid · Author · Aug 7, 2021

hi, yeah I'm doing better, thanks for asking. Wanted to change my pace with a new story so my head doesn't feel stuffy. I've been experiencing more writer's block than usual, so I feel like I needed more inspiration or motivation and thought why not write something different.

Fafulin · Mar 15, 2021

Hey hope you are feeling better and still writing. I just binged Dragon Road and its great. hope you dont quit

serapheid · Author · Mar 17, 2021

Hi, thank you, I appreciate it. I don’t plan to quit, but I’ve been fighting depression, and it’s affecting my writing. I haven’t gotten a result I’ve been satisfied with, but I’d rather not let something half-ass out if I can help it.

Fafulin · Mar 17, 2021

That is both respectable and commendable. Your story has been really impressive and it deserves all the quality you can give it.  I love the mix of The Far Away Paladin (Or Paladin of the End I dont know what it is called outside of Japan) you have. 

  Just dont get so hung up on making it perfect that it never gets released. You can always do like EA and say you will fix it later (Looking at you Anthem) .

Fafulin · Mar 17, 2021

 I speak from experience now that my story chapter kept being pushed back to polish it and now two no three years later I just let it go. I became one of those authors who posted three chapters got everyone liking the story and then could not put out anything else. I would hate for this to go the same way. 

serapheid · Author · Mar 19, 2021

That’s some great advice and I’ll keep note of it. As of now, I think it’s around 40-50% done so I should have a chapter soon.

NagiDragon · Feb 14, 2021

When are u going to post new chapters of dragon road?

serapheid · Author · Feb 14, 2021

Hi, maybe some time within the next 2 weeks I hope. I’m currently in a rut and fighting with depression, so I haven’t been satisfied with what I’ve written.

DragonkingKyo · Mar 23, 2020

good to see you back and on here as they don't limit erotic stuff here as far as I know unlike royalroadl which has become a bit of a prude to sexual stuff(even if they try to say they aren't that bad to me any limit even a small one is no good as it limits creativity and I don't call their limits small either.)

serapheid · Author · Mar 24, 2020

Hey! What's up? Good to see you as well. The admin told me I'm in the safe and I know what you mean, but based on what they told me it looks like it won't affect me much so I'll end up updating here and in RRL. I'm working on several chaps and I'll be sure to post em soon

Alverost · Jan 12, 2019

Welcome to Scribbly! Enjoy your reading or writing. Check out the Forum or Discord if you haven't.

serapheid · Author · Jan 17, 2019


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    I'm a bum who loves to read, play video/tabletop games, and cook. Nuf said.
    ( ・ω・)づ__/\
    (つ /(・ω・。 )
    し–– (nn ノ) pat pat

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