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Aug 14, 2019

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Well-Known Author
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Joined: Aug 14, 2019
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pls be patient with me ich hab autism

Sola-sama · Author · Dec 28, 2023

been trying to write, but no words are being typed in. ack, am suffering from the dreaded writers block

RepresentingEnvy · Dec 28, 2023

Use a heavy thruster and breakthrough that block with a steel cock. 

Sola-sama · Author · Nov 25, 2023


Writing has taken a lot of my brainpower, and I suck at multitasking. I'm sorry, but I need some time to work on myself, at least until I get a job. From henceforth, I will be taking an indefinite hiatus for both Soul Venerable and Limitless Heaven.

Corty · Nov 25, 2023

Take care of yourself first and foremost~ clear.png

Sola-sama · Author · Nov 15, 2023

Just arrived home from a busy day. Will post new chapters tomorrow. Sorry for the delay, am so tired rn.

Corty · Nov 15, 2023


Sola-sama · Author · Aug 20, 2023


Sola-sama · Author · Feb 3, 2023

My Aunt suffered from cancer, and I buried her last night. Her passing affect my mental state so I can't produce any meaningful writings. There wouldn't be any chapter this week, I'm sorry but I need some time off.

Sola-sama · Author · Dec 25, 2022

Merry Christmas! I hope you have a good day with your families. Am planning to post an additional chapter of Soul Venerable as a Christmas gift but am caught up with something atm, so it'll have to wait. Anyhow, happy holidays everyone (except if you don't get holiday because Christmas and new year fell in weekend)!!!

Sola-sama · Author · Oct 24, 2022

Sudden Inspiration to write about Human-path clear.pngclear.png

Sola-sama · Author · Aug 3, 2022

am going to hiatus for a few weeks, prolly. the proposal for my master's thesis is draining me mentally and its almost exam week soon. being a fulltime corpo-slave also did not help, so there's that. am really sorry but i hab no choice. i'll try to write during my free time, but i can't promise anything.

Sola-sama · Author · Feb 15, 2022

No chapter this week or the next, finals. Also, I hab an urge to re-write Soul Venerable (esp 1st volume). Should I re-write SV or just write another series? I hab a couple of drafts on other Magus (Intelligent Metal & Mordred's big brother), should I just write them instead? I got experience in writing SV, I should be able to narrate better stories. But I cannot write anytime soon, I'm deeply sorry if you're one of those super-rare ppl who is fond of my work. 

Sola-sama · Author · Feb 17, 2022

@floxer, It's not going to take 2 years xD Honestly, I am having a blast in writing volume 3 as it's going to be related to the Braves and hopefully will contain a few 18+* scenes. But it is a fact that I am gaining relatively lower new readers due to my bad 1st volume (you gotta admit, it is kinda hard to read cuz I'm literally new in writing). 

floxer · Feb 17, 2022

@Soleil ah yes the first volume... where I probably skipped half the paragraphs because of p  a c  i  n  g... I almost forgot ^^

If I remember correctly, the sudden switch away from the mc for many chapters was difficult to get through... I had the luck that many more chapters were already published, if not I would have probably dropped it...

Sola-sama · Author · Feb 17, 2022

@DemonLordShadowheart no biggies, I won't hiatus or stop writing without notice, even a delay in chapters are announced in some way or another, I won't be rude to my dearest reader. My finals ends 25th feb, so there will be updates a few days after that, be it a new chapter or decision to re-write/edit SV. I really love writing SV since volume 3 is the [Project: Wild Hunt] arc which was mentioned in volume 2, so you have my words that I won't drop SV in volume 3. 

Sola-sama · Author · Feb 17, 2022

@floxer yes, can you believe I was having 2 readers at that time and every increment in the statistics made me unable to stop grinning from ear to ear xD Now, I've experienced trending once and realized the first volume is gatekeeping new readers from enjoying the 2nd and newest chapters. I'd probably streamline 1st volume to 20 instead 30 ch, focusing on Mordred instead of the kids(if I chose to edit)

Sola-sama · Author · Jan 5, 2022

Next chapter will be delayed. Got so many classes this week, and my relationship of 3 years just ended a few days ago, will take time to get things on track. The last two chapter of volume 2 will also be longer than the typical chapter, so there's that. I'm sorry for the delay. clear.png

floxer · Jan 6, 2022

good luck

Sola-sama · Author · Dec 15, 2021

I habe a side project that is somehow(?) related to Soul Venerable: a story centered around other Magus of Holy Terra, which was mentioned a few times (or will be, soon) by Mordred. It was written long before I finished the first volume of soul venerable (but low chapter count, the draft is long tho). Would anyone be interested in reading that scheisse, or should I just focus on Soul Venerable so that it has no delay? Any constructive input is best. clear.png

floxer · Dec 16, 2021

That's a difficult thing to answer...

I only want to read about the stuff Mordred promised in the first chapter. clear.png

“[...] I will reach the peak of this damned World. I will pursue the truth and eternal life. If the Heroes stand in my way, I will cut down Heroes. If Demon Kings stand in my way, I will exterminate Demon Kings! If the World stands in my way, I will destroy the World! If Gods stand in my way, I will slaughter Gods! If the Heavens stands in my way, I will devour the Heavens!”

Sola-sama · Author · Dec 16, 2021

Perfectly undersatanable. I will try my best to write Mordred's side first. clear.png

Sola-sama · Author · Nov 20, 2021

No 2nd chapter this week. Busy moving, und ich habe freshman program next week and class starts at Monday 29th. Will probably slowed down from 2 chapter a week to 1 or maybe hiatus altogether if college life ist busy. I apologize for the inconvenience.  clear.pngclear.png

Sola-sama · Author · Nov 3, 2021

Chapter 51 will be delayed because I'm busy irl and have no 'time' to write (because, time-path assassin stole my time... get it? ok nvm I'll escort myself out). It'll be ready when it's ready. 

floxer · Nov 3, 2021

Yeez... And I'm still on ch 46... Hopefully I have some more time this weekend.

Sola-sama · Author · Sep 27, 2021

Aight, volume 1 of Soul Venerable has been edited so there should be no longer any dumb typos (I made a lot because dyslexia ist pain) or grammatical error (weil englisch schwer). Also, there's some minor editing so that it is consistent with volume 2. For those whom have reached volume 2  There's no need to to waste time re-reading it because they are minor. 

Sola-sama · Author · Sep 15, 2021

I will not stop writing Soul Venerable, so if you enjoy it, please wait for my return!

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    pls be patient with me ich hab autism

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