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Aug 15, 2019

Famous Author
Joined: Aug 15, 2019
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Jadefeline · Apr 17, 2023

I really like your story. sorry that the haters got to you. all I can say is ignore them they only have as much influence as you give them. 

theeggsquared · May 22, 2021

Hello, i hope you're doing alright

It would be sad to quit something you like doing because mean comments

I just want to say i enjoyed the story very much and hope you feel better after taking a break or whenever you feel like writing again

Much love from a fan clear.png

forli · Author · May 22, 2021

The problem is me, really, I should not obsess so much over stuff like that.

But thanks, and don't worry, I'm not going to quit. I'll come back when I have more free time and don't feel so stressed about everything.

Bristlecone · Apr 25, 2021

Hi, I am the author of the amateur novel “Level system vs Cultivation methods“ and I never lose a chapter of your story ?.

In the epilogue of my story next sunday, I plan to introduce a one-time side character called “Luna forli“. I hope you dont mind.
forli · Author · Apr 25, 2021

Go ahead, I don't mind.

Is the 'forli' there supposed to be the last name? 

Bristlecone · Apr 25, 2021

Yes, it will be Forli

IceCold1039 · Mar 31, 2021

I would say that I just read your story, but that was yesterday. Thank you for writing your story, it is probably in the top 25% of stories on this site... Not that it means much from me since I'm new to the site. Ultimately I enjoyed your story despite the frustration it can cause in me. 

IceCold1039 · Mar 31, 2021

I liked the Luna teaching the dark fairies scene. I didn't find the dark fairies creating a cult wasn't funny. I think it was part about Scriptures that made me not find it humorous. Maybe I would have found it more funny, if it was more gradual. Not that it matters, since it has already been written and not important enough to warrant a rewrite.

I hope you don't stop writing.  This was originally one post, but apparently there's a 500 character limit.

forli · Author · Mar 31, 2021

Thank you for reading.

Szmiiit · Mar 7, 2021

Listen dude. I don't know about the new chapelters since I'm still at chapter 3, but if you just go over those early chapters and replace half of commas into full stops your writing style will much better. Those long sentences are exhausting.

Otherwise great story so far! I had to tell you about this since the fix is so simple in your case.

forli · Author · Mar 8, 2021

I was told that already. In later chapters, I started to use more stops.

I should probably edit the earlier chapters one of these days clear.png

torvn77 · Apr 6, 2021

I should probably edit the earlier chapters one of these days

Click to expand...


Don't you dare spoil your novel!clear.png

forli · Author · Apr 6, 2021

I'm only talking about replacing some commas with stops, I'm not going to change anything about the plot clear.png

torvn77 · Apr 6, 2021

Your novel is good not so much in the plot as in the way it is written, so don't change anything.

You still won't be able to make a replacement, because a beginner author and an experienced one think differently and you won't be able to change your text correctly.

And the main thing is the way you write now I like less than the way you wrote at the beginning.

Then you were a heavy logician, and I looked at your weaves, and now you get pop quite often, which is not so interesting.

forli · Author · Dec 29, 2020

I have no idea how I got to 1 in trending today clear.png, I only uploaded a single chapter two days ago like usual, there wasn't anything special about it.

And, of course, I got a 1 star rating almost immediately. That's why trending does not entirely feel like a good thing to me...

forli · Author · Jul 28, 2020

I bought a new laptop today since the one I had died, but my attempts to recover the data from my hard drive ended in failure.

Don't be as stupid as me and make sure to keep backup copies of everything, I lost a lot of stuff...

Nahrenne · Jul 28, 2020


My condolences for the losses you experienced on your laptop.


forli · Author · Jun 22, 2020

I want to know... have the last few chapters I've written been blander than usual?

My story is primarily a light-hearted comedy, but recently I've started to include a larger plot. I kinda feel like the plot is making the comedy blander while the comedy makes the plot less interesting, I'm not sure of what's the best way to balance it out.

Or perhaps I'm just overthinking this clear.png.

Alaster · Jun 22, 2020

Honestly been enjoying both and have not seen any issue so far, but i can be very easy to please "_"

forli · Author · Apr 23, 2020

Ugh... my story just got its third one star rating already.

I know that I should not pay much attention to it, but I can't help but wonder if I'm doing something that's pissing some poeple off, I mean, it's almost 10% of the total ratings, and I don't even have a single two star or three star yet.

Alaster · Apr 23, 2020

sorry apprently their is a 500 character limitclear.png

forli · Author · Apr 24, 2020

Yeah, I know that I should not give too much importance to ratings, but this is my first time writing and I'm a very insecure person in general so I can't help overthinking everything. clear.png

Alaster · Apr 24, 2020

Honestly i could write a 10 page essay to ya know cheer you up, but i'll just say this instead, I'm enjoying your story and look forward to more chapters clear.png

Moctemma · Apr 24, 2020

I totally understand the shock a low rating can give to us authors. But as someone who reads a lot, I can say your story is amazing. It's on my "best" in my reading lists.

It isn't perfect or life changing, but it always makes me smile clear.png

Moctemma · Apr 17, 2020

Congrats on making it to trending, I love your novel and I'm happy it's on trending. Yay! clear.pngclear.png

forli · Author · Apr 17, 2020

Thanks, I'm not sure of what trending means but I guess it's a good thing.

Moctemma · Apr 17, 2020

On the main page of Scribble Hub they showcase the most popular novels, the ones that are doing very well. Those are the trending novels.

forli · Author · Apr 17, 2020

Oh, I knew that I meant that I don't know what makes a novel be on trending.

Moctemma · Apr 17, 2020

It's based on number of views on a certain period of time, the more daily views you have the higher the place you'll have on rating, there's other ratings, readers, favorites, popularity and activity. The default one is Raising, and as I understand it includes all of the above but is more focused on daily views.

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