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Aug 30, 2019

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Famous Author
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Joined: Aug 30, 2019
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Comments: 155
Firfrankdaus Jul 16, 2023

Author please 馃ズ馃洂 give sango story another chapter..just please聽

__ApatheticSoverign__ Oct 1, 2022

Are you still alive? Have a cookieclear.png

ImJustaTree Sep 29, 2021
Hey @Orademo. I am sorry to tell you that someone is posting "Naruto: Sango鈥檚 Story" in Webnovel. Currently there are 4 chapters posted. The person's user name is 'karaokipanda'. Please do check it out. In Webnovel, he named it "Naruto: Relife "
Ur234 May 18, 2021

Still going ???

Zuber Nov 18, 2020

When will u start man you're a good author

Zuber Nov 18, 2020

Man come back and start writing one piece and naruto sango its to my taste good work don't drop it

LordRimuru Oct 27, 2020

Could you PLEASE continue with your One Piece fanfic. I really enjoy it and it's a pity it's been dropped/on hiatus for so long.

Loulou Oct 14, 2020

Hello mister author i hope youre okay in this corono virus going around

And i hope you can continue your novelsclear.png

theventusfire May 12, 2020

How is your trip I'm really looking forward to reading Harem King again

EmperorDragon Apr 17, 2020

will you come back with One Piece: Harem King?

Orademo Author Apr 20, 2020

After I return home to start writting full time. That should be at the end of the month if my flight dosent get cancelled again.

CEPbIQ Nov 16, 2019

袘褍薪褌 !!!

袘芯谢褜褕械 谐谢邪胁 !!!

TypeFantasyHeart Nov 4, 2019

SUP Orademo. I recommend you read the article on this link, it helps a lot and will definitely improve and maybe make you notice mistakes you didn't know you have committed or improvement you hadnt thought of, but know that its just a guide, no a rule on how to write.

Give it a read, its not long. Im sure you will be surprised

Orademo Author Nov 4, 2019

Thanks, I will check it out once I get home from work, I am also reading some books about structure and dialogues to improve my writing, anyway thanks for the help.

Ophelia Nov 2, 2019

Can u write a story with a fem mc? XD

Ophelia Nov 2, 2019

just an idea :)

Orademo Author Nov 2, 2019

I have one, it's called Golden Age, but is on hold at the moment, I need to make some revisions(many). But now I'm working on three novels so I don't have enough time, also any stories with fem mc will have f/f relationships, but I will finish that story .

Ophelia Nov 2, 2019


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