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Aug 30, 2019

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Famous Author
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Joined: Aug 30, 2019
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ImJustaTree · Sep 29, 2021
Hey @Orademo. I am sorry to tell you that someone is posting "Naruto: Sango’s Story" in Webnovel. Currently there are 4 chapters posted. The person's user name is 'karaokipanda'. Please do check it out. In Webnovel, he named it "Naruto: Relife "
Ur234 · May 18, 2021

Still going ???

Zuber · Nov 18, 2020

When will u start man you're a good author

Zuber · Nov 18, 2020

Man come back and start writing one piece and naruto sango its to my taste good work don't drop it

LordRimuru · Oct 27, 2020

Could you PLEASE continue with your One Piece fanfic. I really enjoy it and it's a pity it's been dropped/on hiatus for so long.

Loulou · Oct 14, 2020

Hello mister author i hope youre okay in this corono virus going around

And i hope you can continue your novelsclear.png

theventusfire · May 12, 2020

How is your trip I'm really looking forward to reading Harem King again

EmperorDragon · Apr 17, 2020

will you come back with One Piece: Harem King?

Orademo · Author · Apr 20, 2020

After I return home to start writting full time. That should be at the end of the month if my flight dosent get cancelled again.

CEPbIQ · Nov 16, 2019

Бунт !!!

Больше глав !!!

TypeFantasyHeart · Nov 4, 2019

SUP Orademo. I recommend you read the article on this link, it helps a lot and will definitely improve and maybe make you notice mistakes you didn't know you have committed or improvement you hadnt thought of, but know that its just a guide, no a rule on how to write.

Give it a read, its not long. Im sure you will be surprised

Orademo · Author · Nov 4, 2019

Thanks, I will check it out once I get home from work, I am also reading some books about structure and dialogues to improve my writing, anyway thanks for the help.

Ophelia · Nov 2, 2019

Can u write a story with a fem mc? XD

Ophelia · Nov 2, 2019

just an idea :)

Orademo · Author · Nov 2, 2019

I have one, it's called Golden Age, but is on hold at the moment, I need to make some revisions(many). But now I'm working on three novels so I don't have enough time, also any stories with fem mc will have f/f relationships, but I will finish that story .

Ophelia · Nov 2, 2019


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