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Sep 17, 2019

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Famous Author
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Joined: Sep 17, 2019
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YuriFan · Nov 17, 2022

Is this shota tag? I check from title that even after ch 200 MC still child. God dam 12 and helf year old! as mc saying go they will not sex until 18. Why the hell are you adding R18 then? It's the worst when bad guys fucking girls and MC don't do shit. clear.png

Kristodom · Jun 17, 2022

Any news on a discord channel?

BRENYNW · Feb 3, 2022

When are you going back to Black Lagoon?

Sark · Jan 25, 2022

Be funny if you sent him to sanctuary from Diablo. See how he faces the armies of the prime evils

BRENYNW · Oct 4, 2021

The main character needs weapons. Maybe you could send them to the world of Arpeggio of the Blue Steel and try to get ahold of the fog warships, torpedoes, or missiles.

Welcome back!

BRENYNW · Sep 29, 2021

maybe send them to Arifureta or luck and Logic.

Chouzenfox · Jun 14, 2021

Have you thought about sending him to the Sekirei world? Or at least summon the girls from there. It's a world I've never seen being explored before and the girls besides cute are strong.

Zxuan · May 17, 2021

Please let Alexander stay with Miu too. clear.pngclear.pngclear.png

Link1701 · May 11, 2021

mate, brother, friend, please don't hurt the couple kenichi X miu

Zxuan · May 17, 2021

hello this is a fanfiction what is the problem that alexander stays with miu?

Link1701 · May 18, 2021

being honest nothing, but after growing up with the manga I have affection for the couple and respect for kenichi in contract with komuro, also if you want to see alexander get all the girls in the series especially the daughter of ma and freya and Kenichi's sister, and even though there is nothing wrong with her staying with miu inside of me, I will not like it, I cannot force the author to do something so I can only share my thoughts, it is not to offend or annoy.clear.pngclear.pngclear.png

Zxuan · May 18, 2021

I'm not saying that he stays with all the women in the series, but I would like him to stay with miu and shigure.

I do not say it either to offend or annoy only that I like the couple that they would make with Alexander.clear.pngclear.pngclear.png
Overlord246 · Mar 22, 2021

Are you doing High School DxD in SES?

Drack21 · Author · Mar 22, 2021

Yes, but it will surely be until much later. After all, in that world there are gods and beings with that same level of power.

Brok8 · Mar 2, 2021

Does this novel have r18 ?? I've read up to 100 chapters and above but still don't have the problem? is the r18 tag wrong?

Drack21 · Author · Mar 4, 2021


From chapter 1 to 140 it's more of an R-15, after that, things level up a bit so it's more of an R-18. Although without getting to sexual intercourse, for that you would probably still have to wait a bit.
Thanks for reading SES !!
Don426 · Feb 19, 2021

Are you doing one piece in soul evolution system

Drack21 · Author · Feb 19, 2021

Yes, but that will be more ahead in the history!

Thanks for reading SES, and remember to support the novel if you like this one!! 

checkmate23 · Feb 5, 2021

Hello, I just wanted to let you know ALL there chapters I have read so far have [edited] in the title and there are many errors. For instance some words aren't correct and it's a consistent mistake (e.g., "whit" instead of "with").  I know no one is perfect. However, I thought it may be beneficial to you to have your chapters re-edited. I'm on chapter 15 so far. Overall, I like your story and believe it has potential.

Drack21 · Author · Feb 5, 2021

Hahaha, sorry for that. Right now I don't have much time for re-edit the chapters, it's a little hard doing, make the chapter to publish, and translate it. But more ahead I will try. 

It's not that I ignore all you and your advices, I try to put these on work in the chapters that I write actually. So I think you should see becoming better the grammar in chapters ahead. 

Thanks for reading SES!!

duke · Apr 17, 2020

Hello, last post was on 4/15/2020, no release today?

Drack21 · Author · Apr 18, 2020

yeah, when is night where I live normally I publish the chapter.

Thanks for reading SES and remember to support the novel in my patreon.

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