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Sep 23, 2019

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Joined: Sep 23, 2019
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Discord Server:

I'm a transgender woman from the small corner of the world known as New Zealand who started writing and posting in 2019 as a hobby, and now it's a bit more of a passion. Write fantasy and supernatural stories with transgender and lgbtq elements (sometimes/oftentimes more than just an element ^^).

Stories also all available on amazon:

Thanks for checking out my stories. It means a lot to me :)

mogust · · Author · Aug 12, 2022

Just a reminder, if you've enjoyed my stories, and would like to support my writing, all of my books are available on Amazon in ebook and paperback formats.

Ratings and reviews would also mean a lot ^^
NB: A number of my stories are retail exclusive.

gothicshark · Oct 1, 2022

cool.. I might need to upgrade my kindle soon. ;p 

mogust · Author · Dec 3, 2023

Books (apart from BFP) are also available on most storefronts, as well as

mogust · Author · Feb 24, 2024

Been a while since I last gave an update here (I usually do so on my server), so:

Soul Flames volume 4 is progressing well. It's sitting at around 100k words now, and I'm working on the final arc. It will go to retail first, before I start releasing it here.

And my book are available on Amazon, and most other ebook retailers as well. ^^

mogust · Author · Jul 23, 2023

Best Friends Promise, a story that I have co-authored with Mackenzie, is now complete and live on Amazon (ebook and paperback). It's a trans, sapphic, new adult vampire romance that has been a lot of fun to write.

As to what comes next, I'm looking at a number of options, including Soul Flames 4 (yes, I will be finishing the series). 

LucyKitsune · Jul 23, 2023

Can highly recommend! It's an awesome story and it was amazing to read. Plus you'd be supporting a pretty awesome author, so that's a bonus

mogust · Author · Mar 12, 2023

Some updates, since I've been rather quiet on SH:

Soul Flames is still being worked on, albeit slowly atm - Patreon has advance chapters of volume 4. (SH release still tba)

A new story - Best Friend's Promise (trans vampire romance) is being posted to Patreon atm as well.

And my new book Heart's Claim is now live on amazon!

oinkymoo · Jan 23, 2024

Can we expect vol 4 to start posting here before all of it is up on patreon?

mogust · Author · Jan 23, 2024

No. It'll go to retail once complete, and then start posting on SH after that. I'm part it means I can avoid having to deal with Amazon's bots.

Volume 4 is about 2/3 done now.

mogust · Author · Feb 7, 2023

Soul Flames is back to being posted on patreon again, with chapter 113 having just gone up. Still uncertain of when I'll start posting it to here and RR, but it will be coming.

mogust · Author · Oct 20, 2022

Just an update wrt Soul Flames - posting to SH/RR will now probably not start until after Paths is completed and I'm actively working on it. Patreon still has 6 additional chapters of it, as well as the new project.

mogust · Author · Oct 17, 2022

A good friend of mine has released her first book: The Wayward Fairy. Heavily edited from the original SH version and featuring some additional content, its a sapphic fantasy litrpg about a fairy finding her place in the world:

Check it out ^^
mogust · Author · Oct 1, 2022

The Secret Transfic Autumn Anthology is now out, and includes a short story by me as well.

It's on at the moment, for those who'd like to support, and will be released every other day on Scribblehub over the course of the next two months.

goldalbatross · Oct 3, 2022

These look great! I look forward to reading it.

mogust · Author · Oct 3, 2022

The SH link for the stories, as they are released, is:

mogust · Author · Aug 21, 2022

Esper and the Witch is now available on Kindle Unlimited. This has unfortunately meant that I have had to pull the story from both here and RR, and I do feel bad about that, but it had been available here for over six months. I had considered giving some warning, but with novel35 currently stealing updating stories and not taking them down, I didn't want to take that risk. I would like to thank everyone who read and enjoyed the story here. My others stories will not be going to KU.

mogust · Author · Aug 21, 2022

Dawn Weaver and Soul Flames will definitely be staying freely available (although they do have amazon versions); and What Lies Within has the issue of being stolen and hosted elsewhere, and not being removed, even though I have sent numerous requests).

Note that Soul Flames vol 4 has started on patreon.

mogust · Author · Aug 21, 2022

Link for Esper and the Witch:

gothicshark · Aug 21, 2022

cool. Although I've owned it since May, and it's on my Kindle. Also... I am really hoping for a new Kindle to be announced soon. As the old Cell service on Kindles no longer works. (Stupid AT&T turning off old network internet access)

mogust · Author · Aug 4, 2022

A small request for those who have purchased kindle copies of my books - it would mean a lot if you could rate them, both on Amazon and Goodreads - it helps with visibility, and encouraging others to read my works. Reviews are also always nice.

mogust · Author · Jun 30, 2022

What Lies Within is now available on Amazon in both paperback and ebook formats. This is the full, complete book, containing all 46 chapters (139k words):

Posting to SH/RR will resume today as well.

mogust · Author · Apr 6, 2022

Soul Flames vol 3 is now available on all amazon stores, and contains arcs 5-7:

mogust · Author · Mar 23, 2022

Paperback version of Esper is finally live :)

Liber8T · Mar 19, 2022

Hey 3 of ur novels has an GL genre so I wanna know if the MC's only gets together with females only or if that GL genre is for the other characters 

mogust · Author · Mar 19, 2022

The ones with GL genre apply to the MC's.

mogust · Author · Mar 19, 2022

Note that all of the stories also carry the gender-bender and transgender tags as well, and those also apply to the MC's. The tags will give you additional details if necessary, or you are welcome to ask.

Liber8T · Mar 19, 2022

Ok. But I missed the most important question, will the MC's date girls only or also boys? I only read pure yuri so I'm asking clear.png

mogust · Author · Mar 19, 2022

The MC's only date girls.

mogust · Author · Mar 7, 2022

Kindle version of Esper and the Witch is now live ( ). Paperback version will follow, and I'll make an announcement for that as well. 

coco33920 · Mar 7, 2022

I must say, i did not imagined her like that x)

The art is cool tho :)

mogust · Author · Mar 7, 2022

Imagination always trumps ^^

mogust · Author · Feb 3, 2022

Soul Flames Chapter 97 - Cold Lands, Warm Hands is live on Pateron. Will be at least a couple of weeks before it gets posted here. Looking at a weekly posting schedule, subject to change of course. Will reevaluate once Esper is fully released.

Dev1325 · Feb 3, 2022

It is vary cute

Xeno_King · Feb 3, 2022


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    I'm a transgender woman from the small corner of the world known as New Zealand who started writing and posting in 2019 as a hobby, and now it's a bit more of a passion. Write fantasy and supernatural stories with transgender and lgbtq elements (sometimes/oftentimes more than just an element ^^).

    Stories also all available on amazon:

    Thanks for checking out my stories. It means a lot to me :)

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