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Jan 13, 2019

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Well-Known Author
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Joined: Jan 13, 2019
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Hello. I go by the name of Shixuan, it’s not my real name but it will do.

Lolicon · Oct 18, 2020


Galen · Jul 12, 2020

You've returned!

Galen · Mar 25, 2020

Please make more, Serial Transmitigrator! I'm really enjoying it!

Sparin · Mar 9, 2020

You okay, my guy? It's totes lit to say when something's wrong yo.clear.pngyeetclear.png

--MON-- · Feb 20, 2020

Hi. what's the progress of the next chapter? it's a great story with great potential so i really want to know what happens next. by the way thanks for sharing this story.

shixuan · Author · Feb 21, 2020

It's taking a bit longer than I thought it would, but it's coming.


--MON-- · Feb 21, 2020

thanks, good luck and take care.

Renji_Yu · Feb 17, 2020

Mr. Author, are you okay?

shixuan · Author · Feb 17, 2020


Renji_Yu · Feb 17, 2020

Okay. I was just worried that something may have happened. If anything does happen, please remember we are here. I hope all goes well.

Renji_Yu · Jul 24, 2019

The author of the popular book, "Serial Transmigrator", Shixuan, has unfortunately, been chosen to be a hero by Truck-kun. As of late, his readers, although saddened by his sudden Isekai, agree with Truck-kun's choice.
"He was a natural you know?" Said Truck-kun. "I mean, he wrote a book called Serial Transmigrator after all.
As of now, early estimates for when Shixuan will return to Earth is upwards of 100 Million years.

SuperHeiyan · Aug 3, 2019

Wait what? He actually died?

UserMW · Aug 4, 2019

Dead?! Noooo! He can't die leaving us hanging! *Horrified expression*

SuperHeiyan · Aug 5, 2019

You lied to us, he just posted.

Fuxy · Aug 5, 2019

He got tempted by the typical pitfalls of authors of trying to rewrite the story.

Inherently not a bad thing but he left his readers hanging which don't apreciate at all.

If it takes you so long to rewrite and just go with what you got and improve it in the book version or something.

Ultrabenosaurus · Jul 12, 2019

I hope everything is okay, haven't heard from you in a while.

Renji_Yu · Mar 24, 2019

Welcome back, ponyo!

NatalieWWW · Mar 13, 2019

patiently waiting for the next chapter

StarLord · Mar 11, 2019

Hope all things are good for you.
Happily waiting for new chapters.

SuperHeiyan · Mar 5, 2019

I hope you are alive, healthy enough and just having a writer block. Or found a life.

HappyVainGlory · Jan 17, 2019

Just dropping by to say I'm a fan of Serial Transmigrator and to keep up the good work! It's nice seeing an update everyday and I'm low-key envious of you being able to put out long quality chapters so consistently.

shixuan · Author · Jan 17, 2019

Good to hear.
If it's any consolation, I seem to lack what most people would consider a life.

Ruyue · Jan 15, 2019

51 chapters in one day *sigh* I have a long road ahead.

TowelTowel · Jan 14, 2019

I am really enjoying your novel. Do you have experience writing previously or is this your first work? Keep up the good work, you've got a loyal reader in me!

shixuan · Author · Jan 14, 2019

First work.
The thing says 13 chapters a week, but I think that's because I uploaded all of them at once.
I write one chapter a day.

TowelTowel · Jan 14, 2019

One chapter a day is great, especially with how many words each one has! I was a little worried for your sanity when I saw the 13/week with how long each chapter was :)
I'm very impressed that this is your first work! You've got some good writing skills as far as I'm concerned!

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    Hello. I go by the name of Shixuan, it’s not my real name but it will do.

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