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Well-Known Author
Oct 3, 2019

Well-Known Author
Joined: Oct 3, 2019
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Comments: 17
megavers · Apr 8, 2021

hope to seeyou cam back

ZinKo · Mar 25, 2021

Wait for a new update. Please, come back and continue the storyclear.png

Watchman · Mar 1, 2021


Aniel · Feb 16, 2021

Please come back

VRHyral · Jan 17, 2021


Kagetokage · Dec 23, 2020

Author come back~! (please ;_;)

Draconite · Dec 15, 2020

Please come back

Aestrix · Oct 27, 2020

While I don't want to pressure you to keep writing, I would like to know if you have dropped the novel, or if it's on a long hiatus. I hope that you are doing well in life, and if you don't want to write anymore it's OK. I'll be sending those positive vibes your way.

Sincerely, Aestrix

-ME- · Mar 9, 2021

Couldn't've said it better.clear.png

KaveeHana · Oct 11, 2020

This story is a gem. Waiting till you continue it. Good luck.

LongBagguette · Oct 6, 2020

Hey why do I see last active september 28?????

Shirokuma · Sep 6, 2020

Continue please!clear.png

LongBagguette · Sep 7, 2020

All men of culture are here yet this is sad on how its not continued

Nzm21 · Oct 6, 2020

This novel was deleted in Royal Road, so maybe he discontinued.

LongBagguette · Aug 24, 2020

clear.png Series..

Last active june.4..

24g · Aug 15, 2020

Haven't fapped for 6 months, I feel good.clear.png

MirrorRealm · Jun 13, 2020

Still alive?

RockimPark · Jul 19, 2020

You know..... You are not really inspiring someone to come back to a story if you are demanding and asking if she/he is still here or alive.

Who knows what will happen, maybe the story will just stay like it is, hopefully not, but still a possibility.
Just be glad that the autor wrote down her thoughts for the story and maybe we will hear from him/her again in the future.

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