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Famous Author
Oct 14, 2019

Famous Author
Joined: Oct 14, 2019
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Calceus · May 11, 2021

I loved the OG WGO novel u had, i was disappointed u stopped with it and the rewrite didn't hit as good as the first one (in my opinion) but still read it lol well i will give it a shot again maybe this will be better!

I actually had no idea you were the author of that one it'S been so long .... so it's funny how by chance i stumbledupon it by you writing the one piece story.

Imbreak · Author · May 11, 2021

XD yea. the first one was my very first novel so I guess I put more effort in it. But it was full of plot holes that I have no idea how to fix that's why I did a rewrite.

by then my writing hasn't been as good as in the past XD

as for this new one, it's just for fun for me using an interactive type novel XD

demonslayer · Apr 9, 2021

Ah the cousin one srry

Imbreak · Author · Apr 9, 2021

Oh, the spiderman one? XD

demonslayer · Apr 9, 2021


demonslayer · Apr 9, 2021

I've determined I like both

Imbreak · Author · Apr 9, 2021

lol XD

demonslayer · Apr 8, 2021

I'd love to see a marvel cinematic fanfiction too though if you want to do something original you could still draw inspiration from marvel and DC

Imbreak · Author · Apr 9, 2021

I have marvel ff here which isn't published yet. still deciding whether to continue or not but you can read it if you like

demonslayer · Apr 9, 2021

I think you should it's rather good so far for me at least

Imbreak · Author · Apr 9, 2021

which one? XD

salvationhope · Mar 21, 2021

Hellow are you gonna try Marvel Cinematic Universe Movie fanfiction ? 

Reason I ask it because I'm fan of your DC story fanfiction gonna be fan if you try Marvel movie story 

Imbreak · Author · Mar 21, 2021

not yet sure

AzuraD · Oct 2, 2020

You should have studied how amazonians reproduce in DC Comics then you might not choose them as MC's partner (OH man)

Read wonder woman issue number 7 and 39 released in 2012

Please reply to this. What are your thoughts

COLOC_Kid · Oct 28, 2020

i thought the amazons kidnap men to sell as breeding tools

AzuraD · Oct 29, 2020

No they kill them after having fun on the gun and as for the once that are born after 9 months they were also killed in the past but one of them survived (I don't remember the name) in future he starting buying the newborn kids from the amazonians under the disguise of him being skilled Smith saying that he wants some slaves

COLOC_Kid · Nov 4, 2020

i thought they gave there newborn boys to hephestus who uses them as slaves in his forge giving wepons to the amazonians

AzuraD · Nov 4, 2020

Yes and he is the one i am talking about in my previous comment

Pj23 · Sep 9, 2020

I wish you good health. And remember to take breaks whenever you need it.

RedLark · Aug 28, 2020

clear.pngloving all of the content keep it up

StarLord · Jul 13, 2020

Is Brainiac going to make an appearance? Bet Lucas could get good power up from him. 

Pj23 · May 6, 2020

I wish best of health to one of my favourite authors.gambare.

Zakariaahmed · Apr 17, 2020

clear.pngYeah whatever anyone says we ur fan counting on u ohhhhh autograph please  and a hugclear.png

Zakariaahmed · Apr 12, 2020

Ur pc always broke buy a new pc!!!!! 

Tendo · Apr 8, 2020

I have about a thousand carbon rods and two or three planetary devastations waiting for you if you stop releasing new chapters clear.pngclear.pngclear.png

Alfha_Robby · Apr 8, 2020

Well you can't compromise quality for quantity since it's pretty hard to make sure the chapter didn't come out very boring so yeah expect lil bro batman chapter once a week while the ultimate fruit at the weekend to be release.

Boolkas · Mar 31, 2020

I love all your stories please do not stop writing any of them

Alfha_Robby · Apr 4, 2020

Well you just Jinxed Your self dude.

Boolkas · Apr 4, 2020


shotaboy · Mar 15, 2020

I wanna write a batman little brother story

but I can't think of anything

Lumine · Mar 14, 2020

Just read your fiction, like it, followed you, hope you can make more

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