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Oct 17, 2019

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Famous Author
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Joined: Oct 17, 2019
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Overdrive2800 · Dec 28, 2022

Are still alive and well?clear.png

miyoga · Jul 17, 2022

I'm not sure if you need to hear this or not, but I hope everything's ok all the same. You're an amazing person and writer. Whether you're in a bit of a slump or have major things going on that prevent you from writing, there's a bunch of us who are here for you!clear.png

Kathryn · Author · Jul 17, 2022

Thank you very much!  I do want to get back to writing - but I have been sick for a long time, and am getting better.  There will be more writing coming soon, as I feel more myself.  Thank you!  I really needed this little note!clear.png

Paganini · Apr 10, 2022

Valkyrie the season 2 please

Karista · Apr 20, 2021

Waiting on more virus and bdh

librarymaniac · Aug 10, 2021

me too just finished reading it. hoping she clears her deadname ( even if she is never going back to that form or life) having to hide something like that is horrible, that and wondering when she will tell her other friends.

blackrockshooter · Mar 22, 2021

How are you doing today?

blackrockshooter · Mar 4, 2021

How are you doing today?

Kathryn · Author · Mar 8, 2021

I'm tired...  But I'm doing okay.  Work is progressing on Birthrights, and I'm feeling a bit better mentally too

blackrockshooter · Mar 8, 2021

That's really great to know. I'm happy for you.

blackrockshooter · Feb 15, 2021

I have a question for you.

blackrockshooter · Feb 12, 2021

How's life going for you?

blackrockshooter · Feb 14, 2021

Should i be in my email?

Kathryn · Author · Feb 14, 2021

Maybe it would be best if I got your email and wrote you if you'd like to talk more.  If you leave your email here, I'll write you, okay?

blackrockshooter · Feb 14, 2021

All i needed to know is if i was suppose to go to my email.

blackrockshooter · Feb 14, 2021

Ok, i sent you an email.

Siyanax · Jan 24, 2021

Can't wait for the sequel to Valkerie. Hope you get to it soon

CL · Jan 8, 2021

I'm now following you.  clear.png

blackrockshooter · Nov 24, 2020

What would the next book after The Valkerie be in the series?

Kathryn · Author · Nov 25, 2020

I haven't written it yet, sorry!  My other books are from other series.  Tales of Empire City, the Virus is set in the same setting as Valkyrie, just across the bay from the city where Ms. Stendhal settled.  It might have something to interest you.

Croma · Oct 2, 2020

You bring light to the dark with your stories.  so take a little of it for yourself

Kathryn · Author · Oct 2, 2020

Thank you so much!

adityakr7531 · Sep 20, 2020

No worries.

Stay Strong.

adityakr7531 · Sep 20, 2020

Hey you safe out there.

If yes when you continue you stories.

Kathryn · Author · Sep 20, 2020

I'm having some problems with mental health (I have schizophrenia and PTSD) but when I get back to feeling better I will be continuing my stories.  I've been trying to feel better - but sometimes its hard.

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