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Well-Known Author
Oct 18, 2019

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Well-Known Author
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Joined: Oct 18, 2019
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I write lewd Lesbian Monster girl stories set in my own sci-fi and fantasy Universe: "Of Shattered Worlds and Broken Souls".

My NEW Discord:
My Patreon:

Petrichor · Author · May 11, 2023

UGh University drained me dry... I have dozens of ideas I'm just not coming around to write them all down. clear.png

Petrichor · Author · Mar 22, 2023

Next up: Eldritch rewrite as Faithless! clear.png

Octocat · Mar 22, 2023


Petrichor · Author · Mar 22, 2023

I fixed a few inconsistencies in earlier Rven Eyes chapter, now there should be no more plot holes! clear.png

Petrichor · Author · Mar 12, 2023

Huh, by the views to heart ratio it seems people liked the last chapter! clear.png

Petrichor · Author · Mar 10, 2023

I done it! I finished the Raven Eyes chapter!!! You can go read it right now! Though there might be some gramatical errors clear.png

Petrichor · Author · Mar 9, 2023

So I've been writing a bit more on raven eyes and I am at 1600 words.. 400 more for a chapter!

Octocat · Mar 9, 2023

That sounds great! clear.pngclear.png

Petrichor · Author · Mar 1, 2023

Would you be interested in a lewd fantasy horror story where the Mc slowly get's turned into a maid doll? clear.png

Petrichor · Author · Mar 1, 2023

I have problems with writing my bigger things and need a distraction... clear.png

Echimera · Mar 1, 2023

Like, the more she lewds the more she turns into a doll? Sounds like a neat idea, especially of it's what's calling to you at the moment.

Petrichor · Author · Mar 1, 2023

clear.png thank, wasn't sure if i should do it

Irlina · Mar 2, 2023

I agree that it sounds interesting. 

Petrichor · Author · Feb 15, 2023

You all know the drill... I didn't finish anything yet, had to go to MORE doctors. And technically still have to go to even more but I don't wanna anymore, so I'll just not. clear.png

Echimera · Feb 15, 2023

Please look out for your health.

Octocat · Feb 15, 2023

 Let's hope you won't have to in the future because that sounds like a lot of doctors... Is it really ok to miss out those doctors? Wouldn't want your health getting worse 

Irlina · Feb 16, 2023

Yes, please be nice to yourself. 

Petrichor · Author · Feb 10, 2023

Gonna upload soon, after going to a bunch of doctors the last few days and stuff, I'll try finishing up a chappy today! clear.png

Octocat · Feb 10, 2023

That sounds good. I'm waiting 

Petrichor · Author · Jan 26, 2023

I haven't uploaded anything yet as I have Exams until the 02.02 after that expect me to actually really be back! clear.png

Octocat · Jan 27, 2023

Nice clear.png

Petrichor · Author · Jan 20, 2023

As part of my .... "revival" I made a new Discord account after I panic deleted the old one, so like join if you wanna? clear.png

Petrichor · Author · Jan 7, 2023

Good News and Bad News!

Good News I am back to writing and have almost two half chapters done!

Bad News... I had a major break down over the quality of my writing and my old work feels childish and silly now. clear.png

Octocat · Jan 7, 2023

Why would you think something like that? Your stories are good. I enjoy reading them and if you compare them to the tons of trashier stories that are out there, you will see that they aren't bad. And how can your stories be childish if they have R-18 elements? ;) I hope this break down won't bother you much longer because I want to read these chapters. clear.png

Petrichor · Author · Jan 7, 2023

Thank! clear.png

But yeah the writing style of my older stuff feels rushed and incoherent, the descriptions are often over the top or out of place. So I am trying to fix that, somehow clear.png

Irlina · Jan 7, 2023

That happens. If it causes that much stress you can just leave it the way it is and have it show your progression as an author. I know a webtoon artist that you could see the same. 

CourtOfAria · Nov 29, 2022

Hey do you have any intention of continuing Beastly?

Petrichor · Author · Dec 7, 2022

Technically yes... but I am trying to bring all of my stories in line with the same History for a Textadventure I am working on. So it is more likely that Beastly will get a rewrite like I am (trying) doing for Eldritch right now. clear.png

Petrichor · Author · Nov 21, 2022

I still exist by the way, im just having a major writing block... and nothing I produce seems good enough to release. I'm sorry for all of you that hope for more chapters from me. I'm trying but it might take some time to get back into it. clear.png

Irlina · Nov 21, 2022

Good luck and take what time you need!

Petrichor · Author · Oct 14, 2022

I only wrote like 500 words till now... I got sucked in by rimworld again. 🥲

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    I write lewd Lesbian Monster girl stories set in my own sci-fi and fantasy Universe: "Of Shattered Worlds and Broken Souls".

    My NEW Discord:
    My Patreon:

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