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Jan 14, 2019

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Rising Author
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Joined: Jan 14, 2019
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University Student: Comp Sci Major, Business Minor. Challenger League of Legends Player (Season 10) and Coach.
Mediocre part-time novel writer. Likes book about LitRPG, Fantasy, Science Fiction, and sometimes Mystery.
Very lazy, but with motivation, anything can happen. Surely.

Wintertime · Author · Mar 29, 2022

I'm back. Was busy with school and work. Now, I focus on books. 

Accas · Apr 9, 2022

goddamn brother, welcome back!

Wintertime · Author · Aug 27, 2020

I should make an 18+ novel where main character controls time.

Haha, just kidding!
...unless? clear.png

Novellover · Feb 17, 2021

Do it we all know you want itclear.pngclear.png

Wintertime · Author · Aug 26, 2020

Arclight Online will be returning in full swing close to the end of this year! In the meantime, please enjoy the complete Volume I of my fantasy-inspired novel. Thank you, everyone, for your patience in these corona times, enjoy.

Accas · Jun 22, 2020

bro, i miss u

Help · Apr 18, 2020

U good?

Help · Jan 1, 2020

Is Uni being a bitch right now? Or are you slowly making sweet plans?

Wintertime · Author · Jan 1, 2020

You know it always is. clear.png

To answer your question, yes! I decided to put more thought into the structure of the next arc (since the tutorial arc is almost ending.) I decided to mass release chapters instead because it would be better for my series to grow, and it gives me time to make the story flow better. (I've also been vacationing, hehe.)

 I won't make any exact dates, but a mass release of chapters is coming soon! clear.png

Wintertime · Author · Dec 3, 2019

Chapter will be released today. In 6 hours.

Wintertime · Author · Nov 21, 2019

Scheduled releases will be happening at the start of next month; lasting for the whole month. (December 2019). Average words will be around 5k, and expect some original artwork maybe?

The release schedule is yet to be decided, but one chapter every three days sounds pretty good to me, so that's probably what's gonna happen. I want to end this year off with a bang, so lets get cookin. 

Wintertime · Author · Nov 9, 2019

Back in August, I said I had several story arc ideas for this novel. Which one would you prefer I do explore first? Eventually, all of them will be explored to a certain degree, however, I want to give the readers to take a bit of the wheel.

> Tournament/Battle Royale, PvP Heavy focus, Teamwork/Solo oriented battles.
> Word Building, Main Quest Progression, PvE and Character Development Heavy focus.
> Changing PoV's, Guild Wars and Territory Wars, Alliances, IRL Events.

Paco_Lopez · Nov 9, 2019

World Building > Tournament > Guild Wars

TheRise · Nov 9, 2019

Tournament arcs have been done a lot already in MMO novels, so I would prefer it to be last. Guild Wars and World Building seems pretty good though.

Paco_Lopez · Nov 9, 2019

That's fair and it would be interesting like the guild war is done to get an advantage over the other guilds before the start of the tournament

Help · Nov 14, 2019

I say build the world up to give the reader a chance to anticipate possible outcome and have 'ah, makes sense!' kinda reactions rather than 'wait, what? how?' reactions when doing things like strategy, then guild which should require less/smaller info dumps, and finally tournaments to show MC's progression and opportunities.

Wintertime · Author · Nov 3, 2019

Back into the swing of things after Season 9 of League ended. I know I haven't been consistent with my writing, but I have put a lot of thought into the chapters I write and the content I push out. A Lot of things are going on with my life at the moment, so it's hard to keep up with my hobbies. I try though.

Wintertime · Author · Aug 19, 2019

Back from Canada. I have a direction where I want this novel to go towards, however still thinking about certain plot points and narrative ideas. I'll do a followup once I get a story ARC that I want to introduce. Thanks for your patience.

Any suggestive idea's for something you would like me to introduce can also be thrown on the table. Message me some ideas.

Wintertime · Author · Aug 4, 2019

New chapter should be out tomorrow. I've been busy vacationing to Canada and having a good time; meeting up with some friends and exploring the views. Thanks!

Edit: Might be a few more days, Canada is calling me.

Wintertime · Author · Jul 27, 2019

Omg guys! I was working on the novel until I accidentally spilled water on my computer. The water from my cup was so large, it caused a small flash flood in my house, so now all of my electronics are fried. My house is also flooded, and I'm relocating to the nearest food shelter to stay in until the government can send me suppport.

Im writing this from my Samsung Blackberry, it's about to die though. The Chapter will be uploaded by the end of tod-

Scribbler · Jul 29, 2019

Oh my god.

Wintertime · Author · Jul 22, 2019

No guys, I haven't died. The reason I haven't been posting chapters is because im getting a personal artist to make the cover photo. I'll be releasing a new chapter along with the cover photo update once it hits, and from there I will be posting the chapters I've been working on.

Thanks for your patience.

Wintertime · Author · Jul 6, 2019

Alright, Arclight Online chapters are in the works. There should be one uploaded hopefully today, and a few more coming in every three days.

Thanks for the continued support, everyone. Cheers.

Paco_Lopez · Jul 6, 2019


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    University Student: Comp Sci Major, Business Minor. Challenger League of Legends Player (Season 10) and Coach.
    Mediocre part-time novel writer. Likes book about LitRPG, Fantasy, Science Fiction, and sometimes Mystery.
    Very lazy, but with motivation, anything can happen. Surely.

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