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Famous Author
Oct 24, 2019

Famous Author
Joined: Oct 24, 2019
Followers: 155
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Comments: 1635
zxc · May 5, 2023

hi Author are you alive

Teo067 · Dec 16, 2022

Can I have the pins

Blue_Jay · Dec 19, 2022

I recommend going to the "Zaria's Adventures" and "Zaria Archive" sections - I don't remember where, but there are links to practically everything dotted around

LazyFloof · Author · Dec 19, 2022

Or the links category

Teo067 · Dec 16, 2022

We're are they

Teo067 · Dec 16, 2022

The pins

Teo067 · Dec 4, 2022

How can I read more on Discord

LazyFloof · Author · Dec 4, 2022

The links are in the pins in various channels

Jessy · Sep 29, 2022

For those wondering, Discord has a bunch of extra content, Chapter 9 Zaria is in the works, and there are other shorts and tidbits too. its not dropped, author just doesnt write very often, and the chapters are effin massive.

LazyFloof · Author · Sep 30, 2022


you will make the discord busy!

GigaDotti · Sep 1, 2022

Just wondering. Have you stopped writing your series or are you posting them somewhere else? clear.png

LazyFloof · Author · Sep 1, 2022

not forgotten, just running gi events and new map, and work getting stressful, yay overtime, links to the stuff on discord

GigaDotti · Sep 1, 2022

Ok, also it is good to take brakes sometimes. Fresh up your mind a little. clear.png

Though be careful the the brakes don't become procrastination. I have that problem clear.png

Vongrak · Sep 18, 2022

What is a GI event?

LazyFloof · Author · Sep 18, 2022

Genshin Impact event

cned · Aug 31, 2022

How's the next chapter goingclear.png

LazyFloof · Author · Sep 1, 2022

its going well now that I am done with the dun, link on the discord

LazyFloof · Author · Jun 16, 2022

poseted more reincarnation and another snippet

waka-sama · Jun 6, 2022

Zaria as the maid any news Author 

I've re-read it to many times 

LazyFloof · Author · Jun 6, 2022

maid not atm, need to force myself to do leae first, then dooc

DschingisKhan · May 23, 2022

Hope you're safe and well! I keep rereading Careless, it's become comfort food of a sort.clear.png

LazyFloof · Author · May 23, 2022

oh yes, one of my favourites, currently progressing through dungeon level 4/5 on leae

HaimaUrt · Apr 29, 2022

Will there be a sequel to at least one of the novels?

LazyFloof · Author · Apr 29, 2022

replied in dm, since can't sequel unfinished things

LazyFloof · Author · Apr 4, 2022

Working on leae

Here a little smth to tide you over

FoxxieFox · Apr 4, 2022


Arslein · Apr 4, 2022


GigaDotti · Apr 4, 2022


OphisDxD · Mar 4, 2022

I have a question for you... are you trying to make me follow every story you have you EVIL AUTHOR! Why do you have so many good ideeas that interest me starting from the very title?

LazyFloof · Author · Mar 4, 2022

I blame too many ideas.

easier if you just use the google drive link avalable on discord

LazyFloof · Author · Mar 2, 2022

Short posted that came to mind after too much isekai

GigaDotti · Mar 3, 2022

Another!? well it is Zaria after all. clear.pngclear.pngclear.png

LazyFloof · Author · Mar 3, 2022

not really another, I had the start of it made up quite some time ago after all

waka-sama · Feb 18, 2022

Been waiting for Zaria as the maid to updated re-read it 4 times bit I'll keep waiting  the author will update it in the future, right?

LazyFloof · Author · Feb 18, 2022

I think I have breakfast written, but atm maid is on the backburner. I had too much fun with careless.

someone was so nice and made me a nice dungeon to explore for leae

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