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Oct 24, 2019

Joined: Oct 24, 2019
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Agentt · Mar 15, 2021

There was one heart warming ark, and you missed it all.

Agentt · Mar 15, 2021

So, heres my revenge



I took the cookie from you.

Starlight_of_Life · Mar 15, 2021

How could you! Noja! Evil being BEGONE! Na Noja!! 

Tsuru · Jan 12, 2020

Hey ! You too like Golden fox series ? =D

I am happy that you comment too, especially under my own comments but it's too bad that i can't (for now) continue reading the series. I stopped at ch104.

It's just that lately i became too engrossed in MTL (machine translation) urban chinese web novels. There are ton of chinese series available for free.

Starlight_of_Life · Jan 12, 2020

Well I'm at Ch116 yeah and I need a little break or I'm gonna become bored of it and stop reading which I don't want as such a lighthearted series is good once in a while.

F8ofThe3World · Nov 4, 2019

Thx starlight, glad to know I have another fan. Plus, if the Witch let him die, it would be problematic for her, wouldn’t it? XD

Starlight_of_Life · Nov 4, 2019

True XD

F8ofThe3World · Nov 4, 2019

Thanks for commenting on chapter 1, it's good to hear feedback on how ridiculously weird it is that a baby can crawl on the day it's been born(no that isn't sarcasm). It is quite inconsistent, but keep in mind that he's a reincarnator with a magic journal, past life knowledge, and the world has a stats system. It might be wise of me to make a comparison to the people of Earth though.

Starlight_of_Life · Nov 4, 2019

Yeah but he still is a babies that's a few hour old and then babys cant even see properly not to mention move their heads as their heads are too big and heavy for their neck and their brain don't have proper motor neurons to even move properly.

Oh yeah btw he would have died in his birth because he has the sticky substance in his lungs from still being in the womb so crying when being born forces all the sticky stuff inside the lungs to get removed and cought it all out.

Starlight_of_Life · Nov 4, 2019

+ Once you ignore all common sense at the start and think of him being about 6 to 7 months old in terms of development because of privileges of being reincarnated. Then it all makes sense, but I like the idea of how the witch thinks of him and have high hopes for the continuation of the story as I like it a lot so far.

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