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Well-Known Author
Nov 7, 2019

Well-Known Author
Joined: Nov 7, 2019
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I'm just a writer trying to sharpen my skill and use what little I have to do something that I love and share it because sometimes, other people like it too.

Tblew · Author · Nov 21, 2022

I'm having some issues with scribblehub at the moment. clear.png Hopefully it will be resolved soon. Sorry guys.

Sacredriver · Dec 22, 2022


Venusaur26 · Dec 27, 2022

What issues are those?

Tblew · Author · Nov 19, 2022

TEVR will be updated either today or tomorrow. clear.png

Sacredriver · Nov 19, 2022


Tblew · Author · Nov 1, 2022

Chapter 73 of TEVR has been posted!

🎃Happy Halloween!! 🎃

Sacredriver · Nov 1, 2022

clear.png Happy Halloween! Welcome back!

Tblew · Author · Sep 14, 2022

October. :)

vic20 · Sep 15, 2022


Sacredriver · Sep 15, 2022


Chicktorias · Sep 23, 2022


BobMoss · Nov 1, 2022

it be the spooky day

Tblew · Author · Aug 2, 2022

Hello. I am alive! 

I'm so sorry for the long unexpected break. I have been dealing with personal stuff for some months now. However, I am finally in a place were I can continue writing again. I will not give any dates, but TEVR is off its unofficial hiatus from this point on. 

Again, I am so sorry for the long wait!

gadgaurd · Aug 3, 2022

All I can say is "Thank the gods". Always get concerned when an author just goes radio silent. Glad you're doing okay.

Can't wait to keep reading it. I assume you'll be updating on Royal Road as well?

Sacredriver · Aug 3, 2022

She's alive! Thank you for the update! I was legit worried we'd never hear from you again clear.png

MFLWMLS · May 28, 2022

Author pls don't follow the light até  end of the tunnel!! It's a trap!! Come back to us!!

Tblew · Author · Aug 2, 2022


Sacredriver · May 1, 2022

If you're alive please give us a sign clear.png

Tblew · Author · Aug 2, 2022


Sacredriver · Apr 10, 2022

Hope you're doing well. We haven't heard from you in a while. 

Tblew · Author · Aug 2, 2022

Thank you, I am now. 

Tblew · Author · Feb 24, 2022

I am currently writing and editing chapters of TEVR for Patreon early access. Once I am done, I will resume posting regularly every week on Saturday and Patreon should have up to 6 chapters to read early. 

Sorry for the delay, but hopefully it will be worth it. clear.png

Tblew · Author · Feb 17, 2022

Sorry for not being able to update in the way that I had hoped. clear.pngclear.png

I don't know when I will get the next chapter out for TEVR, but it will likely not be this week. In the meantime, I have completed one character card (Amaya) and have started on the next one (Beth). 

I'll post them on Patreon when I get it up and running again.

Tblew · Author · Feb 13, 2022

Ch.73 will be pushed back until tomorrow. clear.png

Ch.74 will be posted next Thursday. 

MFLWMLS · Feb 17, 2022


Tblew · Author · Feb 7, 2022

TEVR Ch.72 has been posted!

Tblew · Author · Feb 5, 2022

Chapter 72 of TEVR will be posted on Monday next week and Chapter 73 will be posted on Saturday. clear.pngclear.png

Sacredriver · Feb 5, 2022


Tblew · Author · Jan 23, 2022

clear.pngclear.pngTEVR Vol.3 Ch.1 has been posted. clear.pngclear.png

Diabolin2018 · Jan 23, 2022


Sacredriver · Jan 23, 2022


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    I'm just a writer trying to sharpen my skill and use what little I have to do something that I love and share it because sometimes, other people like it too.

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