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Nov 8, 2019

Joined: Nov 8, 2019
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A lonely writer(I'm too tired for this Shit) that spends most his time reading or thinking about when his favorite stories get put of hiatus.
Friendly, but lonely.

steiner001 · Nov 30, 2020

Hello friend,

I am new to Scribblehub, and have just started serializing my novel. I would like competent readers to read and enjoy the story. Can you also give a go to my novel? If you don't mind, would you also give me your assistance in getting more people to see my novel? Of course, if you can't, I still don't mind.  
Booper150 · Aug 13, 2020

Don't be lonely! Why don't you hang out with my group? It'll be fun!

Booper150 · Aug 21, 2020 If you want to join and harass me for writing a bad story then here!

Also, I'm rewriting the story, so tell me tips to improve :D

Tsuru · Jan 13, 2020

Dad writer is only good if you want a fluffy/relaxing series. Daughter is kinda written a little realisticly but still mostly perfect as it is often done in dad series genre. Beside some criticizing of some people, MC doesn't encounter big problems. There are a lot of moments in it that made me smile.

Maybe it's too soon for you. Maybe you will understand it's charm when you want to heal your heart after reading a series full of drama/tragedy or a series full of faceslapping every 3 chapter.

Touya · Jan 13, 2020

Hey! You just described my life there! 

Tsuru · Jan 12, 2020

Hey ! You too like Golden fox series ? =D

I am happy that you comment too, especially under my own comments but it's too bad that i can't (for now) continue reading the series. I stopped at ch104.
It's just that lately i became too engrossed in MTL (machine translation) urban chinese web novels. There are ton of chinese series available for free.
Tsuru · Jan 13, 2020

He also needs to modifies some details in stories as Earth =/= Blue sea ball (name of the planet in MC's dimension) but of course author won't bother himself to invent the differerences and just says they exist and not detail.
In short, author try to imply that MC is not really independant of the system and can still remember and write stories from memory.

Touya · Jan 13, 2020

I'll read it.... Maybe... 

Tsuru · Jan 13, 2020

The main appreciation point of this series is that you can learn and get the summaries of some popular series of Earth. Like the books of the famous Agatha Christie = Hercule Poirot series. Or the recent TV series End of Childhood about aliens with demon looks. Right now i waited/read 300 chapters until i can finally read the "Ender's game" chapter (discovered the title when i was 300 chapters before it =/= Ender's game is the 300th chapter).

Touya · Jan 13, 2020

Thanks for the suggestion (and the spoilers)! I'll read it later!


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    A lonely writer(I'm too tired for this Shit) that spends most his time reading or thinking about when his favorite stories get put of hiatus.
    Friendly, but lonely.

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