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Nov 9, 2019

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Well-Known Author
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Joined: Nov 9, 2019
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I like to watch movies.

Thedude3445 · Author · Sep 27, 2023

The final Systemless Volume 3 releases on October 3rd!

Thedude3445 · Author · Jul 24, 2023

Systemless Volume 2 is ready for preorder! I'm really hoping you'll buy a copy for yourself and your four best friends.

It releases August 1st.
Thedude3445 · Author · Jun 12, 2023

LAST CHANCE - Volume 1 of Systemless (Up to Chapter 70) will be moving to Kindle Unlimited this week. Read the story while you can.

And preorder the ebook please: Every single preorder makes a genuinely huge impact on the site algorithms. So if you want to support my writing, this is the absolute best way to do it. Just $2.99 USD or 1.99 GBP, or even less if you happen to live in Brazil for some reason.

Thedude3445 · Author · May 21, 2023

REBORN ON A SYSTEMLESS EARTH... WITH A SYSTEM's first ebook is releasing on 6/18!

It'll be joining the Kindle Unlimited program, which means the first 70 or so chapters will be removed from Scribble Hub. You've got until early June to catch up on this frankly kinda awesome series, so good luck! If you're a fan of the series already, please preorder and support my endeavors of becoming a professional author!
Thedude3445 · Author · Apr 21, 2023

My next book is coming out! It's a collection of essays all about everyone's favorite pink-haired hero anime (not Systemless)... Madoka Magica!

Please preorder it. It comes out 4/27, and I'm really excited to see what people think of it. This is a totally new thing for me, making a nonfiction book, so I want to know how it goes.
Thedude3445 · Author · Apr 15, 2023

I'm posting on Tumblr now with my project progress to keep myself accountable. You can follow the posts here:

Thedude3445 · Author · Mar 29, 2023

I'm going to write and finish and post the rest of this story during the Royal Road Writeathon (from April 1st to about May 5th) as a personal challenge. I've been completely out of the fiction writing game for the last year and a half, and I need to get back in. Real life's whooped my ass, but I'm about to whoop it right back.

Thedude3445 · Author · Sep 23, 2022

It just came to my attention that I forgot to upload the rest of Systemless so far to Scribble Hub. Whoops!!! I will fix that very soon. There's a bunch of chapters left.

Modality · Sep 23, 2022


Thedude3445 · Author · Mar 29, 2023

Real life absolutely kicked my ass these last 6 months. Gonna be better soon though

Thedude3445 · Author · Jun 19, 2022

It's been a really long time, everyone! I was completely creatively burned out for a few months in the end of 2021 and beginning of 2022, and now just as I'm getting more into it, I have to do moving and job searching.

It'll probably be a while longer before Golemancer or Systemless continue, or any new projects. Money will be really tight, so I may have to focus on different projects temporarily. We'll see how it plays out... But I hope I can finish both these stories very soon!
Ilikewaterkusa · Jun 19, 2022


Thedude3445 · Author · Aug 10, 2022

Venayarhenfy, That's gonna be the name of my next BL protagonist

lexcia · Aug 23, 2022

Taking care of yourself is important :)

Thedude3445 · Author · Feb 1, 2022

It's the beginning of February, which means Valentine's Day is right around the corner. Love is in the air, and so are metafictional comedies about gay bootleggers and flappers. Listen to THE GAY GATSBY audiobook this month!

Yairy · Feb 1, 2022

WHO ARE YOU?!!!!! 

Hello Mario badguy guy.

Ilikewaterkusa · Jun 19, 2022


Thedude3445 · Author · Nov 6, 2021

Hands Held in the Snow is featured on the front page of Tapas again! :)

Yairy · Oct 16, 2021

Congrats on trending!

Thedude3445 · Author · Oct 16, 2021

Whaaaaa Trending on Systemless?! What a strange happening, I have no idea how this occurred

Yairy · Oct 16, 2021

I think you might hit trending. Here's to good luck!

Thedude3445 · Author · Oct 7, 2021

Thanks for everyone who has filled out the Bowsette Reader Survey. It's going to help me a lot. Anyone who has read The Glory of Bowsette but still hasn't seen the survey, please take a couple minutes and fill it out:

Sheramine · Sep 23, 2021

Hey, I was wondering if you have an epub or doc of The Glory of Bowsette, since I wanted to reread it on my kindle.

Thedude3445 · Author · Sep 24, 2021

I'll PM it to you

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