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Nov 19, 2019

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Vaerama · Author · Oct 30, 2020

Just a few days, and I'll have my workroom again. Just a few more days. Just a few more days.

So I've been telling myself for about a month now, and it's reflected in my writing: progress has been *slow* when compared to my normal. Shouts traded back and forth behind a person really don't do good for focus clear.png Soooooon now, though. Then my eyes, my arms, and my ears will all be back to blessed normalcy, and my writing speed won't be so weaksauce anymore!

Vaerama · Author · Oct 29, 2020 It's up! Oh my goodness it's actually up. ^__^ 

Vaerama · Author · Oct 29, 2020

Unrelated, but I want to have a mobile dark mode 😭💜👩🏼‍💻

Vaerama · Author · Oct 27, 2020

Fate Of The Revenant is due for a Halloween-ish release ^__^ Please look forward to it!

I’ll update Falling Petals with a link to it once it’s up, as it is the re-release :) I’m very excited ^__^

Vaerama · Author · May 15, 2020

Chapter 22, why are you so scary? clear.png Whew, thank goodness Sunday ends with 23 O___O

Vaerama · Author · May 13, 2020

Yeah alright, so I'm taking the opportunity with this ridiculous 10K monstrosity and moving to a schedule instead. Friday, Saturday, and Sunday all dropped in Alaska time (-9 from GMT) across the hours of 0500, 6, 7, 8, and 0900 (will eventually settle on one of these in all likelihood). Predictable is good, and I can definitely write ahead of myself at that rate, so even in fishing season the rate should keep steady.

Vaerama · Author · May 13, 2020

I really liked the feeling of releasing those last three 'in a row' of sorts. I'm a creature of habit, and doing that every weekend just sounds really fun to me. ^__^ I suppose technically I could drop three all on one day, but then I wouldn't get so many wonderful comments that keep me super excited! TT__TT It also means I won't feel badly for the few days I don't release it for anyone who's as excited as I am (withholding for a 'next day' release is anathema to the soul)

Fiston · Jun 27, 2020

Kind of late but you deserve a headpat *pat* *pat*

Vaerama · Author · May 13, 2020

It seems I’ve done it again. >___> Again I went right past a perfectly acceptable chapter, and on to make two chapters😅 Well, that means I’m definitely dropping the next one in ‘a few’ hours.

Vaerama · Author · May 13, 2020

Or it means that I’m making the separated chapter as long as the conjoined one 😅 Thought i’d be throwing some bits away in the morning... it seems I was wrong. Well, I’m almost out of battery on my computer, so I’ll have to wait a few hours to finish polishing it still.

Vaerama · Author · May 13, 2020

Well, this chapter is written, but I need to go back over it again tomorrow with fresh eyes to be quite sure of it. 6500 will probably be like 5500 or something when I look it over tomorrow. Alternately, tomorrow I may just be going through seeing what needs adding, and the next thing you know I'll have another monster chapter.

Vaerama · Author · May 13, 2020

Got my first 0.5 on RRL today. Not really sure why, since it isn't as if they left a comment. But, ehh... these things: they happen ^__^ Maybe they wouldn't hate it if they knew that chapter 21 comes very near to smut? >__> Psychological/emotional/interpersonal relationship... and yet it is still kinda 'woah'.

Vaerama · Author · May 11, 2020

Today I got my first ‘lower’ rating (on RRL), 3.5. Wouldn’t have bothered me if it were a new rating, but it used to be a 4. Stings a bit not to know why someone felt compelled to downgrade it (and in such a small increment), but all I can do is write 21 and 22 and hope that they bring it back up.

Vaerama · Author · May 11, 2020

Or more likely: hope that someone else really liked those chapters and gives me more 5s :)

Vaerama · Author · May 11, 2020

Tylenol PM was a good decision last night. Slept real soundly and everything, and the pain bits went away ^__^ Much better than the last time I took sleeping drugs: that was a paralyzed nightmare for breathing (felt like involuntary breathing was gone, so I was afraid to fall asleep).

Husband cleverly didn’t clarify which Tylenol he’d given me until I was feeling super happily loopy 💜

Vaerama · Author · May 9, 2020

Chapter 19: wherein lies officially the darkest things *I've* ever written. I'm actually feeling a bit sick, so I'm gonna go take a break at 2K in. Holy shit, fuck, wow, damn. DAMN. Hopefully it's just the effect of having to run Mira's perspective in direct emulation, because if everybody has to read it like I wrote it: I'm not sure they can read it.

Sure, I've *read* worse... can't remember when, but I'm sure I must've. Still: that's so intense that I dropped a few tears.

Vaerama · Author · May 8, 2020

Well, maybe I’ll schedule everything 1 per 3 days (probably every other day once August is over). It’s just really hard to know how much time I’ll have during fishing season/season prep.

Well, we’ll just have to see :)

Vaerama · Author · May 6, 2020

There I was yesterday morning, with about 3500 words, and I said ‘well, a bit slow for me, and a bit boring, but it’s alright. This can just be a mundane chapter, I’ve got interesting ones coming.

Then I said, wait, why does it have to be mundane? Then I was like, ‘okay unruly mob, what would your reaction to this be?’

Vaerama · Author · May 6, 2020

And now I’m a few days late on release with about 5K. No idea when I’ll get it done tomorrow. I’ll try to start a proper routine after summer is over, and I’m less busy. Until then, I don’t really have any other hobbies I enjoy quite like writing Falling Petals ^__^

Vaerama · Author · May 2, 2020

Coffee is online. O____________________________________O

Vaerama launch detected.

ohko · May 2, 2020


Vaerama · Author · May 2, 2020

Coffee + Music way louder than she should be? 500 words in the last fifteen minutes. Either I'm going to 8K in the next 5 hours, or I'm dropping a 3.5K and popping her up before I can stop myself :D

Worked through the problem I had with the chapter, so she's writing herself. But in the process, saw a mistake on chapter 8: okay must be alright. It's Mira talking. Character language markers matter.

Vaerama · Author · Apr 19, 2020

Oh my goodness. I'm so tired. Up at 2 in the morning, all because I used the new whiteboard in the bed, and apparently its back side had metal shavings falling off of it, no idea why, but now I'm super super super tired. Just wanna close my eyes XD It's gonna wreak havoc on my writing tomorrow for sure, I just know it. 

Still should be able to put it out, if not, then most of the way there. I suppose we'll have to see tomorrow. Probably put it out late tomorrow, like chapter 12. 

Vaerama · Author · Apr 16, 2020

I put up a twitter and facebook thing, no idea what I'm doing with them other than 'using' them, but I figured that I should do something at least.

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